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Tuesday, January 29, 2002


gayla, sabrina, & tom,

I am returning 2 64 mb smart media chips. they were too large for my olympus d 620l. please credit my credit card for the amount due me.

I am on my way to vegas tomorrow and hope - my 8 16 mb cards are waiting for me at caesar's palace and the olympus guy was right and my 620l can handle 16 mb cards.

my dijii handle is robert d snaps. does the "d" stand for dangerous? well I guess it could but it stands for digital. within the next month I should have a digital photography web site up - cool digital snaps. when it is up, sterling gets a link because I think you guys are the best.

smile...robert "d"

i am getting ready, making preparations for, robert "d" does v. i am going to be doing a lot of snapping. "there ain't no way to delay. out there snapping everyday." i have 2 8mb smart media cards and until recently that has been plenty. but about a week ago for some undefined reason i made shq de facto. my 620l maxs out at 1.3 mega pixs but when i shot big i only get 8 snaps a card. this just wouldn't do for vegas. i probably got carried away ordering 8 16 meg cards but - "vegas beware. robert "d" is going to snap you out."

obiter dictum about 3 years ago the olympus 620l made people drool - 3x optical zoom, 1.3 mega pixs, pop up flash, all in a flawless gray titanium casing (on christmas eve 2001, i actually dropped her getting out of my car. not a scratch.) today the only redeeming features of the 620l is that it looks cool as shit and has a great feel. the olympus 620l melts in your hand. you connect instantly. you and the camera become one with just a touch.

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Sunday, January 27, 2002

again she comes (1/04/01 – 9:51 p.m.)

many miss the moment
caught in a web
of their own demise

can you hear
the whispers of the moon
as she calls
her children round

it is not so much
a sound
but a feeling
that she is near
and beckons

how slowly she moves
as if she crawls
on hands and knees
towards a place

and against the backdrop
of the darkness and the twinkle
is the hum
of her way
steady and slow
she comes again
comes again to share

we both needing
she my words
and I her touch

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Saturday, January 26, 2002

how to become a millionaire quickly and easily

1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512,1024 - a 2 to the n progression - n = 0,1,2,...i.

i think i will become a millionaire next week. i have always known how to milk the cow but i just haven't gotten around to it yet.

i am going to vegas next week - enhale a little glitter and glitz. it's super bowl weekend and the high rollers will be drifting in. vegas knows her place and she will be putting out. if you are going to be playing let's pretend, vegas will not blow your cover.

but let's get back to becoming a millionaire. if i tell then you are going to have some good clues as to how to pull it off for yourself. the nice part about the hole deal is that it is easy.

now easily becoming a millionaire, and we forgot to mention this happens rather quickly, does require something. to quickly and easily become a millionaire you need to get your hands on $1,000. with bird in hand proceed.

so what is a millionaire? a millionaire is an entity that starting out with $1,000 was able to correctly pick between two mutually exclusive events ten times in a row. mutually exclusive - like heads or tails or black or red. call it right ten times in a row with a 2 for 1 pay out and pow you are a millionaire. see the math above.

actually i am going to try to not do to much gambling in vegas. i get enough excitment playing the stock market. i am a options trader. options - puts and calls - is a very fast paced game were billions of dollars change hands every day. now you see it. now you don't. hey we are talking about your money.

right now i am sweating out a position in seibel software - sebl. i have got 25 sebl 40 feb calls - sgw bh. i have already made 2 mistakes. i missed a 10 contract sebl 40 feb call limit order. my limit was $40 a contract and it only went down to $45. and then on thursday - 1/24 - the day after sebl reported good quarterly earnings - i missed a $170 a contract pop. the market closed friday with the 40 feb calls going for $95 - $105. there is nothing like an options position to stir your creative juices.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2002

it's a dune kind of thing

they are bringing her in - worm whole sigma. they are a rowdy crew. their motto is - we are going to ream this whole out and then split.

they have been working on her for about 2 months. it appears that they know what they are doing. you can tell it is a crew that has done this before and they want to do it again. (never again is what I said the time before.)

it's in the air. they can smell it. sigma is going to hit. there is a swagger in their motions as they make the necessary preparations. it's a done deal.

not that many entities have hit a worm whole. no matter who you are or what you remember, bringing in a whole is a 10.

you think it is all over and it keeps going - the vibrations are +8 on the richter scale. that's just the foreshock. your conception of here and now becomes tenuous and vague. and then it shifts exponentially. you learn to pray really fast here and there is absolutely no doubt in your mind that the gods exist.

and then the calm -

nantucket sleigh ride

I am pure like snow
for in the whiteness
of the light
I remember nothing.
but still I sense
bathed in bubbled glory
and when again
I am such
t'is but a babe
before the awe.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2002

critical mass

It is like the pendulum of an old grandfather’s clock. tick – tock – tick- tock. It swings carefree back and forth. No, that’s the forest for the trees. to much is happening. to much at once. information overload. irritation, stimulus, data, information, knowledge, wisdom. or perhaps it is devolution. wisdom, knowledge, information, data, stimulus, irritation. and in the end it is all an irritation.

one must slow it down to appreciate what is happening, what is transpiring, what is going on. one must start at the beginning. one must start when the orb is at its nadir. one must start when the orb is sagging low. one must start when the pendulum is at a state of rest.

and in the beginning there was the lebinitzian universe. a swirling in force. like a van gogh seen just right. radiant and pulsing. colors imagined or perhaps real. so much, so much, so much for so few. why the colors?? why the swirl??? perhaps things got just a little carried away. and all the king’s horses and all the king’s men, couldn’t put it back together again.

and in the beginning we start off with a infinite number of possibilities. after the first nano second the number of potential states is reduced by a factor of e to the (sigma - lambda). (i have to learn how to do greek notation).

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Sunday, January 20, 2002

oh chii

ohlachii (double ii is pronounced e) and sockohhaachii (it is actually sockka - not sockoh - but for the sake of historical continuity and doctrinal consistence - it was amended.) both terms seem to be of the same tongue. both sharing the terms oh and chii. like 8 in spanish.

ohlachii refers to the ohlachii papers. a haphazard collection of the musings of Master Rephat - he who has been phat and phat again - twice blessed - twice blessed by the light.

there is a lot of dribble and drift in this welter but the olc papers are definitely 3 rd order. the papers are the basement tapes of an adept, who however, is in absentia. the ohlachii papers are a forbidden but very alluring fruit.

more of this we know. and more of this we will tell…

sockkahachii ( note : this is an approximation of how the actual symbols, somewhat greek, are enunciated.) is a beast of a different stripe - completely lacking in prowess and poise. the literal translation of sockkahachii is - may your sock always fit. this phrase was a favorite of master rephat's.

and now we come to the place where the story has some merit - a redeeming social quality - something to make B. F. ( obiter dictum - research topic - what do the initials B. & F. stand for. few of us know but those that do now it well.) Skinner nod.

more of this we know. and more of this we will tell…

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Helter Skelter

we go there not directly but (proceed) in a helter skelter way. too much, too soon, so often causes one to go astray. and it is our intention for you not to lose your way. nay, it is our intention for you to come and then to stay. stay awhile or longer and may this serve you well. stay awhile or longer but promise not to tell. that once while you were traveling in a land most far but near. you heard the twinkling of the light, a sound so very dear. more of this we know and more of this we will tell. but first we ask that you stay awhile and with us for some time dwell.

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Saturday, January 19, 2002

the magic is in the doing!

it is getting its do diligence. like - a trinity - a trinity - we want a trinity. well perhaps not a trinity- but how about a trip? how about a triplet?

a triplet - a trip - is a group of three words, each pronounced the same but spelt differently. is it exempli gratia or id est? i.e dew/do/due. the trip was wired to trigger and provide a key for the diligent.

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Friday, January 18, 2002

excessively feckless

have you ever happened upon a journal of mathematics and after turning a few pages wondered what was going on??? all of the letters of several alphabets and other quaint and curious symbols, arranged in an almost infinite number of ways. hum?? are the participants privy to some secret that only they have access to??? can they really turn straw into gold?? are they laughing at us? do they speak in tongues strange??

perhaps. and then again perhaps not.

I asked hal r. varian about this once.

actually I had two questions.

first I wanted to know what his middle name was. I knew it began with r but that was not quite constraining enough. there were a myriad number of possibilities. he was a bit evasive here. he talked on and on about information theory and one to one correspondences and indirect referencing and ex ante constructions and the minimum amount of information necessary to make a decision and the arbitrary nature of naming conventions and then out of the blue, or maybe desperation, he stated somewhat furtively - " r does not stand for rumplestiltskin.” and then he just stopped. indicating that a sufficient amount of information had been given for one to discern his true identity.

to this I just smiled and replied – “everything they say about you is true hal. you do have a truly masterful grasp of the obvious, it is almost feckless.”

and then my second query. “since you seem to be on a roll maybe you could help me with something I have been working on. do you think whitehead plagiarized godel in an attempt to salvage the sagging structure of principia mathematica?”

I really wasn’t ready for what came next. it was a very involved story that is treated in much more detail elsewhere. something about visiting a r. saposnik(quirk, james(but not t.) & saposnik r. – introduction to general equilibrium theory and welfare economics – 1968) at georgia state university and while there going to a georgia – georgia tech football game at the university of georgia in athens , ga. – and while there doing something he always does – visiting the university library to check on the condition of his books included in the collection and to research the number of times each book had been checked out – and how upon examining a copy of his textbook – microeconomic analysis - 1978 – a most interesting thing happened. amongst the pristine pages of his text (it had only been checked out once) he found a faded sheet of yellow legal pad paper. on this parchment, penned in a very authoritative black india ink, was a chronology of mathematicians. to this group was given a name. to this name was given a function.

so there will be absolutely no question about what is being talked about – hal had come upon the skeleton of an intellectual hierarchy that some would consider extreme. this in itself was disturbing but the purpose of this confederacy was even more upsetting.

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