Frêsh Fish

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

n+1 - Where n = 1,000,000

I have a million and one things to do today. Plum and I leave for Key West early, a bit too early, tomorrow morning, DL4845 Atlanta - Key West.

A good time is almost guaranteed. I'm an old bird dog, put me within 5 miles of some phun and I will find it.

As a precursor and good omen for the trip, the first person I talked to in Key West was a chick named Bang. I had to ask her to spell it because I thought I was getting it wrong. Maybe it is just me, but chicks named Bang just put me in the mood.

Actually, I was calling the hotel to find out what kind of room we had. I had booked the trip through Delta vacations. Vacation packages always sound great, but more times than not the room you get isn't the best. I ended up upgraded to a Jr. Suite. I am a little pissed. I could have gotten a better deal by waiting until the last minute and booking the trip myself. Live and learn.

This is a snap of moi taken last year at Folly Beach in Charleston, S.C.  A fool and his folly are seldom parted.

Neptune Erect

I am also a little concerned about the weather. The forecast for the 4 days we will be doing the Keys calls for scattered thunderstorms. Really want to do some snork, snork, snorkeling, and if I can get my nerve up, parasailing. Hey, but whatever, rain or shine, sleet or snow, the magic is in the doing.

I will be gone for awhile but when I return and recover I should have a few tales to tell. Snaps gets a little Fresh Frêsh.

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Thursday, August 21, 2003

More Fred

If you read the alt tag on the last blog, you know that Fred just didn't disappear. I got him on a yellow legal pad and then quickly out the front door and out into the night for a little phun and adventure. All this and heaven too was once again Fred's. Once again The Garden was his to roam and romp about in. I never thought I would see The Stick Man again. I was wrong.

This morning I went outside to check on my morning glories and there he was, hanging upside down as he was wont to do and still as a stick. I'm not sure if he just liked the pretty color of the flower or if his strategy was to hang by the flower in hopes of its power to attract the less suspecting.

I am pleased that my morning glories are finally starting to put out.

Fred Likes Pretty

After hanging with Fred for awhile I had to go here, there, and everywhere. Upon returning, being ever curious, I checked the spot where I had left Fred last. And there Fred was just hanging, hanging upside down, hanging upside down near the pretty flower, hanging upside down near the pretty flower waiting for the world, hanging upside down near the pretty flower waiting for the world as he was wont to do.

When in doubt remember Fred and hang tough.

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Monday, August 18, 2003

Hanging Out With Fred

Since this morning, I have been hanging out with Fred, aka Fred Astaire, dba The Stick Man.

I hooked up with Fred this morning in the kitchen. I was doing my morning thing, some dishes, coffee, and thinking about doing a banana before they all went mellow yellow, when I caught my first glimpse of Fred. I am not sure if he was up yet, because he was oh so still, but nonetheless he was hanging above my head on the top of one of my kitchen counter doors.

Fred was actually waiting for me when I got home. Today, while I was running around the world, The Amazing Fred had gone from the cabinet door to one of my kitchen counter tops.  I took a few snaps of Fred , which all came out shitty, and then got a yellow legal pad and let Fredrick climb aboard.  He was pretty fast on the legal pad but I was quicker.  I made it to the front door in enough time to get The Stick Man out into the night, and hopefully some phun and adventure.

Take Me To Your Leader

I am a grown man and I am not suppose to tell anyone this, but big bugs are not my favorite, especially if in my heighten sense of awareness I think the intruder can spread its wings and fly. Usually, I would quickly get some Hot Shot and do the sucker in. But Fred was so still and cute, I didn't have the heart.

I thought a few times about Fred while I was at work, hoping he was doing ok. When I got home this evening one of the first things I did was to check out if Fred was still hanging. He wasn't where he was this morning when I left. With all the doors and windows shut, somehow, the amazing Fred must have escaped.

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Thursday, August 14, 2003

The Eyes Have It

This is a snap of one of my eyes. Actually I think it is a picture of my left eye. It was taken over a year ago and I am now clueless as to how I got it to come out the way it did.

Eye is a trip - I,eye,aye - and there is also an aye-aye.


Eyes left too long open in the sun. At least every waking hour, try closing your eyes for a minute or two and letting the hooks out, the hooks that hold you so tight to the here and now. Close your eyes and relax. Close your eyes and drift. Close your eyes and feel the calm. At least every waking hour, try closing your eyes for a minute or two.

"I saw an aye-aye with my eye and cried 'ay carumba!'"

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Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Well Hung

And Braddon was wondering as he was wont to do. Like shooting stars, thoughts streamed in and out of his head. Tenuously touched but quick to ash. Thoughts burned fast in his head. Real now perdu, lost. Perhaps never again to be. With flicks and flitter, his mind was alive with the ash of that which would be forgotten. Was and then gone, the miracle of life.

But way too many hungry children. Only in a dream could each be fed. Each needing a tomorrow and a will. Each needing more. Each needing. Each.

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Monday, August 11, 2003

Today Was Wonderful

Wow! What a nice title. I don't think I have ever encountered a title so inviting. I felt beckoned and did serve.

In truth, I kind of had a good day as well, I wondering who is bluffing?

Evelyn is back. Today was Pat's birthday. I did good shopping. Bless them, everyone seemed to think I was special. Soon by plane I will be elsewhere. And the plums are sweet.

Braddon looked around for a ruler but he couldn't find one. There was something he wanted to tell, get off his hairless chest, confess, there was something Brad wanted to share…

Go further.

I did.

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Saturday, August 09, 2003


I should put the date first. Many moons from now, like tomorrow, I will have forgotten. It will have escaped me how and why and where and, and, and, when. It is a common courtesy to include a date, and the more adept actually include a time.

At around 9, at around 9 PM, at around 9 PM EST, Braddon was outside, looking up, looking up at what the sky had to offer. It was a good show and Brad liked it. The softest and the brightness of the light, slow upon the shine did come. It was big and proud and swaggered with more. Soon she would be phat and she was now proud already.

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Thursday, August 07, 2003

Things to Do

And they succumbed to the shadows, things unreal. Things alive only in the flick flitter of consciousness. Symbols and the surreal seduced. Such a pleasant pitter patter. No holy light only shadows.

1. Wake up
2. Vitamins
3. Wash cars
4. Return fan belt
5. Look for gunk for molding
6. Fix turn signal on car
7. Look at houses
8. Visit folks
9. Get copies of living will
10. Call Bahamas
11. Email Elena
12. Bank
13. Shop for present for Pat - nice shampoo
14. Park
15. Batteries
16. Pen refills
17. Pocket binder

Here anything was possible, no friction, no battle between the light and the dark, sensed not seen, almost but not quite.

And the neglect of the species ran rampant. Pandora out of the box. And all the king's horses and all the king's men were drunk.

All this while God was distracted. All this while God was contemplating big decisions. All this while God opened his top bureau drawer and internally debated which socks to wear.

And there was a good reason that God, well actually my God, was dwelling on his sock drawer while I dwelt on God.

Analysis - There are many little games going on in the above but I will address only two.

The inclusion of the To Due List is a bold stroke. It makes the ephemeral, tangible. There is a drab human being behind the flick and flitter, a drone with thankless tasks.

The God/sock drawer duality is more subtle. This dichotomy is used to highlight my snap of my sock drawer. The claim being that this is the only snap of a sock drawer that has/is/will ever existed on the internet.

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The "B" -O- "B" (complete)

And let Him be of the first letters of my book. And so it came to pass, that between the bosoms of the first consonant, with great care, was placed the breath of life. And from this metaphysic arose a form - the "B" -O- "B"

And He stood before them pristine and proud, and spoke with a voice that seemed to shake the firmaments,"Fear me not unless you have sinned.",and they all shook with fear.

For 2,000 years, they had heard of the vengeance for the weak upon the wicked. They yearned for this with each prayer and penitence. But now to understand that it was they who must atone. And they all shook with fear

And He stood before them pristine and proud, and he spoke in a voice that shook the firmament, "And to all of those that do not believe in Me I will smite thee down with balls of fire. I who have endured the pit so that others may cross, an ever vigilant defender of the abyss of the twain between the darkness and the light. Thou were given all and asked to do only one thing. Thou were given all and asked to do only one thing. Thou shall not flopka."

And a crowd gathered around Him. From the crowd an older woman with a yellow shawl yelled, " There are many who claim to have made the ascension. How do we know that you are the true "B"-O-"B"?"

And the one known to some as Rephat turned to face the woman, "Your question is the answer to all you seek. I am the true "B"-O-"B". For all are either "B" -O- "B" or becoming "B"-O- "B".

From - The Book of Many Lies - How to Pretend and Confuse.

I. If Bob is good
then the anti Bob is good.

Proof -

If Bob is good
then from this goodness
can emanate only goodness.
the antithesis of good
is also good.
good = good
Bob = antiBob.

Proof -

Suppose not.
Then the anti Bob ≠ Bob
but then good ≠ good
Bob = antiBob.


That which is irrefutable
is true
from (1) and (2)
Bob = antiBob

And these words seemed to give the crowd great comfort for they sat down among the olive trees and rejoiced with food and dance. And the old woman with the yellow shawl spoke into the night,""B"-O-"B" is always greater than my needs."

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Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Never Lost - Jamais Perdu

For most all was lost long ago, all this and heaven too, paradise. All our treasures, wrenched from the infinite, to turn to not but dust. Yet we celebrate today and yearn for tomorrow. A drum beating, randy, tat, greets the sun still low but rising. A parade to start the day, strutting so proud, out upon the plank.

Into oblivion he fell, feeling strange and tumbling. A kind of mixed up happy. And just like many Gods, four dimensions were better than three.

Brandon liked the thought about the dimensions, for surely four is always better than three.

Wait that's not right? Brad suspected there were times, maybe even (n+1) times (n as big as you like), when 3 was preferred to 4. But the dilemma was not 4>3 or 3>4, but how? What criterion to used to determine which was which?

And why are more Gods better than less?

If God is good.
Gods are good.

Brandon found himself swirling into the day. He was already dizzy but could not stop. Around and around, either Brandon, or everything else, or both, swirled and pulsated. It was a sparkle, it was a shine, it was a glitter glow, a rainbow of forgiveness. It was a new day with all its potential. A place where a weary spirit, who was constantly being taunted and teased, could rest. It was like a sanctuary.

Lost in the day before it began, Brandon was ready for, his favorite word, whatever. Actually B was stumbling around in the swirl trying to make big decisions. Big decisions like what socks to wear?

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Tuesday, August 05, 2003


If God is Good
Gods are Good

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Saturday, August 02, 2003


Attention span. Ability to go from here to there and remember. Our attention spans keep getting shorter and shorter.

Jamais Perdu

Let them eat cake
And shout and scream like fools.
Let them ride the pony
Fools ride so proud.
Let them forget about tomorrow
I do not remember and I do not forget.
Let them think
Thinking about things never remembered.
Let them think whatever
And I will work my will.

Like leaves blowing in the wind
my mind wanders.
Like leaves blowing in the wind
sometimes I am not there.
Like leaves blowing in the wind
there is no tomorrow.
Like leaves blowing in the wind
I feel forgotten.

And this is the spur
that which drives me.
And this is the spur
that which keeps my pure.
And this is the spur
that talks not about tomorrow.
And this is the spur
that sparks the flame.

And from this flame
comes a joy.
And from this flame
only then am I alive.
And from this flame
you will remember always.
And from this flame
jamais perdu.

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