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Friday, January 09, 2004

Doing It On The Floor

I moved into my new house on Thursday and yes it sure is sweet. All this and heaven too! I love it.

I am over at my old apartment now. Not much here now. Just a lot of dirt and dust where the furniture had been and kitchen stuff and whatever that didn't make the big move.

Yeah I am hanging out on the floor now with my computer and I kind of like being stretched out while I pound the keys. Who gnu?

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Sunday, January 04, 2004

The Temple

And The Temple, stone by stone, with pious care, slowly crumbles. Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust, and soon to be just a faint recollection, soon to be a flicker, soon to be gone. I am sad, The Temple, She, was my sanctuary and She served me well.

I am closing on a house on Monday and I am in the process of packing. We have all been there, big time phun. And it is not really so much the boxing up and stuff, but the dread of knowing that soon the reverse will manifest.

Nonetheless, the process is not without merit. Many things neglected, each with a story, passes through our touch. And every now and then we stop and ponder - where and why and how and when and who?

And like The Phoenix from the ashes, stone by stone, with pious care, another Temple, She will rise, and pull me closer until I feel safe once again.

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Friday, January 02, 2004

2003 Sucked

As far as music was concerned, 2003, was the worst. Nothing, absolutely nothing of merited. It was very sad, all the technology and nothing.

Maybe that is the clue, it has never been the technology, it has always been something else, it has always been the heart and spirit and the soul.

And again I am sad. No heart or spirit or soul, just hype. It was all so homogenized, it was all so plain, it was all so yuck, it was all so pretended.

I am a bit sad. Pretending that it is was good when it was nothing but dross. 2003, with respect to music, was the worst.

2003 will be known as the year of the void. 2003 will be known as the year that the young had nothing new to contribute. 2003 will be known as the year that yesterday was better than tomorrow. 2003 will be known as the year that the young lacked the imagination to do anything different.

2003 sucked.

For those about to rock, I don't think you even know what we are talking about.

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