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Sunday, February 29, 2004


It snowed early last Thursday morning.  A rare event for Cumming, GA, a little north of Atlanta.

Your Brain

Whose trees these are I think I know?  They're mind.

Your Brain On Drugs

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Monday, February 16, 2004

Master Phat Dreams of Spring

And Master Phat was fast a dreaming. First he dreamt past all the forms with their incessant logic, and then he came to the swirl of all the pretty colors. When Master Phat came to yellow he slowed. His dreaming turned to Spring. This brought Master Phat contentment. He dreamt of the yellow crocus. He wondered if they would be friends again?

A snap without an alt tag is like a pussy without hair.  It just isn't as entertaining as it could be.

A Study In Yellow

And as Master Phat focused on the coming Spring and yellow and his friend the crocus, he needed less and Master Phat became smaller.

I am playing around with using the same image with different width and height attributes.

Many Become One

And as Master Phat became smaller, the many voices in his head became fainter and fainter, until they finally ceased. Here Master Phat was content again. He was the Spring and he would use part of his yellows to be with his friend the crocus.

And while Master Phat dreamt, the crocus to was stirring.  The crocus dreamt of the warmth of the sun and his friend, Master Phat.
The Crocus Too Was Stirring

Smaller still, fading into flicker.

Fading Into Flicker

Further than I meant to go.

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Summa was a bookie. Not the Vegas thing where 5 will get you 10, but a fairy that hung out around ink and parchment and leather bindings. Summa hung out around books.

Sometimes bookies are call library angels, but Summa bristled at this nomenclature. She was always quick to point out the angels were entities that had been very bad, that were now trying to be good. Not so with fairies. Fairies had always favored phun and play and giggle, wiggle, laughing. Why be bad when having phun was so much better?

Summa's full moniker was Summapoeta. Se favored the short sweetest of poems to the dreadgery of wading through the ramblings of fools and their novels. Beauty to Summa was to say much with little.

- and unto my beckoning it did come. a perfect point of celestial splendor. and with this light i can now see. the beauty amougst the shadows. -

To Summa this was a zillion times more beautiful than any novel.

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For the only time in living memory, actually for the only time ever, for this had never happened before, the sirens went off. Everywhere throughout the kingdom were heard the incessant screamings of hell. The collective consciousness of the minions of the kingdom was shattered.

There was bedlam and chaos throughout the kingdom. Like mindless ants who had lost the scent of the trail, the minions of the kingdom scampered about helter skelter, dizzy with confusion. Everywhere throughout the kingdom the same phrase was heard.



But this was impossible, like 2 blue moons in a deep red July sky or rocks that talked and ran, for the minions of the kingdom had devoted much time and energy to insure that there would always be more, that there would always be enough.



The entire kingdom felt the shame, the King was running low on socks. The inventory in the sock drawer was running low.

I am well racked, smartly hung, and I have a sock drawer.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2004


It is already a done deal, down to the nanosecond. A little hard to believe but is it already known exactly what the night sky will look like for all of 2004. Zut alors.

Full Moon

Jan 7
Feb 6
March 6
April 5
May 4
June 3
July 2 & 31 (blue moon)
Aug 29
Sept 28
Oct 27
Nov 26
Dec 26

I have been perusing - The Old Farmer's 2004 Almanac - lots of interesting trivia.

On June 8, 2004, Venus will dance across the face of the Sun, a partial eclipse. Such an occurrence is called a transit, or crossing, and no one alive today has ever seen a transit of Venus. The last time this happened was 121 1/2 years ago on Dec 1882. Mark June 8th on your calendar now and remember you heard it first on Fish.

It is also predicted for 2004 that we will endure temperature extremes, hotter summers and colder winters.

Who gnu?

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Monday, February 09, 2004

Fans Gone Wild

If shit like this is happening to you, you are doing way too much fan.

This is an altered snap of my new fan in the den.  It has a remote control, and dimmer lights, and yes it is the bomb.


This is an altered snap of my new fan in the den.  It has a remote control, and dimmer lights, and yes it is the bomb.


This is an altered snap of my new fan in the den.  It has a remote control, and dimmer lights, and yes it is the bomb.


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Sunday, February 08, 2004

Post Gutenberg and Pre Apocalypse

I am hitting on some Gore Vidal. What mother names her son Gore?

GV is a pithy little prick, and though now he is not flat out fly, for his time, he had been there and done everything, was fish fresh, and had one of my favorite things, a deviant imagination.

I am currently about 1/4 through Myra Breckenridge. Published in 1968, Myra doesn't have as much shock value as it did then but it is still a good read.

Gore actually did a critique of Fresh Fish for The National Review - "If you aren't catching it fresh on Fish, you ain't catching shit."

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Well Racked

Usually when I am over at someone's house for the first time, I engage in some idle chit chat for a bit, but the whole time I am telling them what a neat this or that they have, in the back of my twisted little mind I really only have one objective, that being to discern how well racked they are.

About 10-15 minutes into the pleasantries, I will excuse myself using the standard convention of using the facilities, but what I really do is veer in the direction of the master closet. I usually only have a few seconds unobserved, so quick like a fish, I make to the master closet and check out what kind of shoe racks they have.

I suspect that this is the only snap of a personal shoe rack on the internet, perhaps the only snap of a personal shoe rack on the planet, no the solar system, no the galaxy, no the universe.

Well Racked

Extensive research has led to the conclusion that some are better racked than others.

Who gnu?

Now that you do, double down, and be well racked and smartly hung.

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Monday, February 02, 2004

The Big Cheese

This morning I did my tax returns for last year. At the end of the federal form, where you have to affix your moniker and date it, there is an entry for occupation. For the last four or five years I have always written in - The Big Cheese.

I haven't caught any flak for it. So it is official. I have been recognized by the federal government of the United States of America as, not just The Cheese, but The Big Cheese.

I can't believe how much cash I am getting back. Even without the Blogger deduction the sum is respectable.

Blogger deduction?

Hey, if you Blog on a regular basis and can establish a for profit intent, all of your associated expenses are tax deductible even if you take the standard deduction. It's the law dammit, as established by one of my favorite reads, the Internal Revenue Code of 1954.

Who gnu? Blog and get rich.

All this and heaven too! I love it!

And remember, I am the only entity on the face of the planet acknowledged by the federal government of the United States of America to be The Big Cheese

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