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Monday, April 26, 2004

Easy Pickens

Wow! They even have a list with names and addresses and amounts.

What makes anyone think that if Social Security and Medicare go under that you will ever be able to get your hands on your 401K funds? Wake up. It is a pyramid scheme. 401k's are the long con.

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I am still reading about Ellsworth M. Toohey and Dominique Francon and Gail Wynand, and of course Howard Roark. I am still slowly reading, The Fountainhead - Ayn Rand - 1943.

Some will like the book and some will not. I first encountered The Fountainhead and also Atlas Shrugged in the mid 1960's. I liked the books then and I am thoroughly enjoying The Fountainhead now. It is the only book in a long time, actually one of the only books ever, that as soon as I am finished with it, I may read it again.

"It was a contest without time, a struggle of two abstractions, the thing that had created the building against the things that made the play possible - two forces, suddenly naked to her in their simple statement - two forces that had fought since the world began - and every religion had known of them - and there had always been a God and a Devil - only men had been so mistaken about the shapes of their Devil - he was not single and big, he was many and smutty and small."

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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Outsourcing - Get Less - Pay More

There is a massive exodus of good paying jobs going overseas, primarily to India. These are primarily computer programming and customer service jobs. In the past few years millions of good jobs have snuck out of the United States leaving lots and lots of descent people without employment. In the past few years, with stealth and cunning, millions of good jobs have snuck out of the United States, ruining the lives of lots and lots of hard working Americans.

Unfortunately, in the foreseeable future, this trend is expected to accelerate. If you are ever unfortunate enough to have a problem with your Dell computer or a printer from HP or a rebate from Maytag or your online service with Comcast or software from Macrohard or…chances are good that you will eventually encounter a very frustrating experience with someone who doesn't quite understand what your problem is, who is religiously following a script regardless of your situation, who resides in India.

What should take 10-15 mins. to handle, will take you hours of back and forth phone calls, and disconnects, and you doing things you really don't need to do. It is almost like dealing with a Turning machine. You will have to strain to understand what the person in India is trying to say and even if you do it does not efficiently address your situation. The hidden cost, the cost that you don't consider when you are making your buying decision, the free lunch for corporate America, is the cost of the frustration and additional personal time you have to waste to get your situation resolved.

The argument being offered by corporate America is that if they can get the same person in India for 1/5 the cost, that in order to be competitive they need to outsource. The flaw here is that the assumption is being made that a customer service representative in India is equal to a customer service representative in the United States. A myriad of frustrated America consumers suggest otherwise.

Corporate America is trying to commoditize customer service. Perhaps a widget made in India is indistinguishable from a widget made in the United States, but a conversation with someone in India will never be the same as a conversation with someone in your home country. A conversation with someone in the United States who has been a customer service representative for 15 years will never be the same as a conversation with someone in India who has been in customer service for 6 weeks. A conversation with someone for which English is a second language will never be the same as a conversation with someone for which English is their mother tongue. A conversation with someone who thinks America is weak and in decline and someday India with its billions of people will rule the world will never be the same as a conversation with someone born and bred in the USA.

If a customer service representative in India is just as good as a customer service representative in the United States, why is the outsourcing of these jobs being done so furtively? Why no fanfare and hoopla? Why isn't the America consumer being told upfront that if they should ever have any questions and concerns their customer service issues will be handled by an agent in India?

Outsourcing customer service jobs is suppose to be good for the America economy. If you can get the same thing, cheaper, then it is good to outsource. Well we already know we are not getting the same thing and if you consider the hidden cost of the frustration and extra time spend trying to resolve a problem with an inferior customer service agent in India it actually turns out that outsourcing costs the America economy tens of billions of dollars each year. Get less - Pay more.

This annual outsourcing cost of tens of billions of dollars, does not even capture the cost of the millions of Americas out of work, or the lost social security and Medicare taxes, or the money that was once spent in the United States now being spent in India.

Get less - Pay more. Is this good? No.

Perhaps the Indians are right. Maybe Americans are weak and our country is in decline. If we do nothing now the situation will only get worse. Now is the time to bitch.

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Wondo (Do Now)

I am getting ready to dew. I am getting ready to do it again. I am due and ready. Actually I am done.

A trinity, a trinity, we wanted and got a trinity. And then I had warmed up pizza and a coffee. Not coffee the way I really like it though because I still have to go to work this afternoon.

It is very windy now. Earlier on the news they mentioned winds of up to 25 mph. As I watch the trees dance, sashay and sway, I can believe it. Too bad I don't have a kite.

I am not really sure I understand where the wind comes from and where it goes. I know it has something to do with differences in temperature between layers of air but that is about it.

Got to get ready, brush teeth, shave, and shower. Then it is socks before pants. Make lunch/dinner. Get gas on the way to work. And then amaze the world.

All this and heaven too! I love it!

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Sunday, April 11, 2004

Silly Rabbit

What's the difference in a rabbit and a hare?  Has something to do with eyes wide open.  Who gnu?

Happy Easter

You have to be kind of suspicious of a story that has rabbits laying eggs?

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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Will & Won't

"Don't worry. They're all against me. But I have one advantage: they don't know what they want. I do."

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By Running

I am running, running very fast.

Wait, me running, hardly.

I think it does start with the letter r though.

Perhaps I am reading, reading very slowly.

Ellsworth Toohey/Dominique Francon.

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Sunday, April 04, 2004

Who Gnu?

Since 1973, the Lovenstein Institute ( ) has published its research on each new president, which includes the famous "IQ" report that uses criteria such as:

1. scholarly achievements
2. writings that they produced without aid of staff
3. their ability to speak with clarity, and
4. several other psychological factors which were then scored using the Swanson/Crain system of intelligence ranking.

In IQ order:

182 - William Jefferson Clinton
175 - James Earle Carter
174 - John Fitzgerald Kennedy
155 - Richard Milhous Nixon
147 - Franklin Delano Roosevelt
132 - Harry S Truman
126 - Lyndon Baines Johnson
122 - Dwight David Eisenhower
121 - Gerald R. Ford
105 - Ronald Wilson Reagan
098 - George Herbert Walker Bush
091 - George Walker Bush

The six Republican presidents of the past 50 years had an average IQ of 115.5, with President Nixon having the highest at 155.

President George W. Bush rated the lowest of all the Republicans with an IQ of 91.

The six Democrat presidents had IQs with an average of 156, with President Clinton having the highest IQ, at 182.

President Lyndon B. Johnson was rated the lowest of all the Democrats with an IQ of 126. No president other than Carter [D] has released his actual IQ 176.

Among comments made concerning the specific testing of President G. W. Bush, his low ratings are due to his apparently difficult command of the English language in public statements, his limited use of vocabulary [6,500 words for Bush versus an average of 11,000 words for other presidents], his lack of scholarly achievements other than a basic MBA, and an absence of any body of work which could be studied on an intellectual basis. The complete report documents the methods and procedures used to arrive at these ratings, including depth of sentence structure and voice stress confidence analysis.

All the Presidents prior to George W. Bush had at least one book under their belt, and most had written several white papers.

"When mediocrity is legitimized, rats will scurry over the ruins of the righteous."

Obiter Dictum - (new/knew/gnu)

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