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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

She's the Bomb

I think I am one of the only people in the state of Georgia with one, actually probably in the United States. It came this morning around 10:30 am via Fed Ex.

I have been tracking this shipment on the web. On the 20th it was picked up in Oklahoma City. The next day it was in Houston. Yesterday it had hit the distribution hub in Atlanta. This morning at 8:00 am it was on the truck. And right now for the first time I have her in my grubby little hands and it is sweet, this baby puts out on the first date, flat out fly, nuclear, she's the bomb. Right now, Robert "d' Snaps, the world's best one eyed gonzo digital photographer has a Panasonic, Lumix, 12x stabilized optical zoom, 5 meg., DMC-FZ20, in his grubby little hands and I am on a natural high, getting those tingly little rushes all over that you get when you have done good and you are happy. All this and heaven too and I love it.

I have been looking for a new digital camera for several weeks. I did all kinds of surfing on the web. I wanted a camera with some good zoom, zoom. I looked at the Canon and the Fuji zoomers and just couldn't get that excited. And then as if by magick I read a review on the Lumix FZ10.

Wow! It wasn't a fall apart plastic little piece of shit, it was built like a tank. It had 12x optical, whole lot of shaking going on, stabilized zoom. It was a big 4 meg. And on, and on, and on. It was made by Panasonic. Who gnu?

And as I checked it out I discovered that Pan had just come out with a new set of cameras. They were like the FZ10 but better. Thank you God.

I checked out a couple of places to see where I could get my grubby little hands on one. At Amazon you could preorder for Sept. 21st delivery. Fuck that shit, I wanted it now. I hit on Circuit City. And there it was, FZ20 available. I put in my ZIP code to see if it was at any stores near me so I could try it out? No. Couldn't see it, or touch it, or know for sure it was the one. The only way to get it was to order online.

On Aug. 19th I called and ordered my FZ20 online, come to Daddy. The FZ20 was going for $599.95. Done deal.

I tracked the progress of my zoom, zoom on the web. She was due/dew/do and did hit today. I finally got my grubby little hands on her and she is a daddy's bitch, always good to go, boot in.

All this and heaven too. If you go out on the Circuit City web site now the FZ20 is no longer available. They must have had a 100 or so cameras and they are all gone, none. I suspect I am the only one eyed, gonzo, digital photographer in Georgia, that has a sweet ride, that has a FZ20.

Now being the first on the block or the whole state or whatever to have one is good, but it gets better. I am a bit anal compulsive, and I went out again on the Circuit City web site to check out the whatever's on the camera. There was a x through the price of the camera, meaning that the price had dropped. Even though Circuit City didn't have any more FZ20's to sell they were dropping the price, only in America. The new price was $539.94.

I called the web site order number immediately. I got an Indian named, she didn't sound like it, but her name was Mary. I asked it there was a 30 day price guarantee, and Indian Mary said yes. Looks like I am getting a $60 refund for being so good. All this and heaven too and I love it!

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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Jobs for Americans

Jobs for Americans.

Explain it to your kid who graduates from school and can't find a decent job that outsourcing is good for the economy and the country. Explain to the father who has been out of work for 6 months and has to go home and face his family again that in the long run outsourcing is a pareto optimal solution. Explain it to the single family Mom who just lost her job that everyone is outsourcing. Explain it to the future that once The United States was a great power but you know it like outsourced everything.

Jobs for Americans.

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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Sock Fetish

Fresh, like new baby smell, I just took my socks out of the drier and put them in a big pile on my bed. Next will come the game that we have all played and enjoyed, match them up. Match and fold and where the heck did the match to this one go. I have actually remedied the latter with the power sock concept.

As I stand before my pile of socks on my bed, matching and folding, I remembered a time a thousand years ago when I didn’t have a washer and drier in the house and had to go to the laundry mat. Again I was in front of a pile of clean, fresh, like baby smell, socks, matching and folding. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed this other guy watching me like I was turning dross into gold.

“Phun city doing clothes but you always feel better with clean clothes.”

“Yeah. Hey man, how do you do that?”

“What, you mean fold socks?”

“Yeah, how do you make those neat little balls like that?”

I then proceeded to initiate another neophyte into the mysteries of what some refer to as Sockahachi. The stranger was and would perpetually remain, eternally grateful.

I love the new search feature on Blogger that lets you search on your blog for words and phrases. I put in the word “socks” and got about 25 hits. I perused a few and it was like making something out of nothing, turning dross into gold.

And dammit I do have a sock drawer.

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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Never Lost - Jamais Perdu

For most all was lost long ago, all this and heaven too, paradise. All our treasures, wrenched from the infinite, to turn to not but dust. Yet we celebrate today and yearn for tomorrow. A drum beating, randy, tat, greets the sun still low but rising. A parade to start the day, strutting so proud, out upon the plank.

Into oblivion he fell, feeling strange and tumbling. A kind of mixed up happy. And just like many Gods, four dimensions were better than three.

Brandon liked the thought about the dimensions, for surely four is always better than three.

Wait that's not right? Brad suspected there were times, maybe even (n+1) times (n as big as you like), when 3 was preferred to 4. But the dilemma was not 4>3 or 3>4, but how? What criterion to used to determine which was which?

And why are more Gods better than less?

If God is good.
Gods are good.

Brandon found himself swirling into the day. He was already dizzy but could not stop. Around and around, either Brandon, or everything else, or both, swirled and pulsated. It was a sparkle, it was a shine, it was a glitter glow, a rainbow of forgiveness. It was a new day with all its potential. A place where a weary spirit, who was constantly being taunted and teased, could rest. It was like a sanctuary.

Lost in the day before it began, Brandon was ready for, his favorite word, whatever. Actually B was stumbling around in the swirl trying to make big decisions. Big decisions like what socks to wear?

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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Blue Moon - July 2004

Today was a Blue Moon celebration. I did a million and one things and I was proud. It was a good day. And from the day I brought back something that I wanted to share with you. There is more good than bad. Life is good.

And he held her for awhile in his mind, she and a trillion sparkles. And in her embrace he dreamed the dream of his ancestors. It was like a tickle in the blood. And then he felt a need, a need to be thankful, his spirit ached with gladness. How to show the bliss?

My heart is always big when she is proud.

And there was a sadness when he left her, a void, a gone. And then there was a new ache, not in his spirit but in his soul, empty like a hole with no dirt.

Again but never the same. And he was sad because he had enjoyed himself.

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