Frêsh Fish

Thursday, September 30, 2004


How GOD came into being is the perpetual mystery? All the vastness of stuff, lots and lots, and lots, from naught. But that didn’t worry GOD much. He was and He was having a good time.

Actually his name wasn’t GOD at all. Actually his name was BOB.

“and between the bosoms of the first consonant of The Book was placed the, “O”, breath of life.”

BOB seems innocuous enough, but it wasn’t the simplicity of the first male palindrome that gave the glyph (great word for hangman) its power, the magick in this way of becoming was how it was pronounced. For the vastness of hinder and hither to tremble and shake you don’t combine the letters and then proceed, you pronounce each symbol, letter, separately.

But how fallen from BOB to GOD?

With time, as all things are wont to do, The Symbols of The Book became faint, and the squinting eyes of the faithful scribes more dim, what was once BOB became GOD.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2004


My new word is metro. I acquired the term through association with Plum. I think she hit on it through one of her kids.

You know that you are metro when you are a man and get a pedicure and have your nails done pink, you wear mismatched power socks, you hang out at the noodle shop and do big bowls of pho, you wear cool colored surgical scrubs everywhere, you rip Talk is Cheap – Keith Richards & Steve Jordan for The Bean on your new e box, you worm whole on your blog, and you work weekends and have Wednesday and Thursday off.

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Friday, September 24, 2004


How perfect and soothing the greens and blues and all the other vibrations. There is always a pleasing and a wonder to how this all came about.

Greens & Blues Are the Colors I Choose

And now we too with all the greens and blues, meander down to slow and bump. Finding ways to celebrate. Finding ways to her. And in the hushness of the slow there is a faint, faint, humming. Vibrations of a coming still. The welcome of tomorrow.

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Abecedarian – e

Once you start snapping out on a Pana Z20 at 5 MB a click, you put a strain on any older hard drive. Combine that with having to edit and process multi meg files and it soon becomes evident that if your computer is more than a few years old you need a new box.

So yesterday, knowing that lower holiday prices are coming down the pike, I bit the bullet and got me some of the good stuff, a screaming e Machine. Hey we are talking night and day here. The e is a cheap date but she puts out plenty – 512 MB RAM, 160 gig HD, 8-in-1 front panel media reader, 2 optical DVD/CD drives for burning, ethernet card, and a graphics card that, as if by magick, makes my big 19” look even bigger. Add in that with XP there are a couple of features that make editing digital images a snap, and yes I know I am fickle, but I am in loved again.

The moral of this story is that if you are doing up big time mega you are going to need a box that flies and screams. You can do d or h but I would go with e.

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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

When Shall We Three Meet Again

I live in North Georgia and all day yesterday Frances was stirring the caldron. It wasn’t pounding rains and blustering winds but a very surreal nether kind of billowy dark clouds on the run with leaves scampering all about and the trees and leaves dancing to strange rhythms. It was a very slow beckoning with each passing hour portending of a stronger still. She was coming strong and all yielded before her, but she was coming slow.

After hours and hours of dark skies and murmuring winds, it finally started to rain around 1 am this morning. We needed rain and all were grateful that she had finally succumbed to her nature.

Last night, late, I happened to turn the outside light on to see what was up outdoors.  As luck would have it, I came upon this little creature stuck to one of the window panes on my patio door.


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