Frêsh Fish

Saturday, November 27, 2004


What am I listening to?

"I'll be true,
I'll be useful.
I'll be cavalier..."

A bit late but I am liking it.

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Thursday, November 25, 2004

To The Bone

I woke up with only one sock on. That is always a good thing. With wind and wonder it rained all last night, -

The general is about and all the troops are very proud. The wind lashes and the leaves are on the rise. -

but now although the wind is still slamming doors and such, the sun is very proud in a sea blue sky and I am very thankful.

I woke up just a little while ago and now the buzz of the day is all about in my head, this, that, and whatever. I have a million things to do and the wonder is that yes I will do them all and more.

All this and heaven too and I love it.

Blessed Be

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004


I know I have got it but I am not exactly sure how it is going to come out. But it is there waiting, waiting on each tick of the second hand of the the circular clock that I have hanging on the wall to my right, waiting on each tick, tock, of the wall clock with the dying battery, waiting on the wall clock that is running slow.

Time is relative.  It depends on which clock you are looking at.

Greens and Blues are the Colors I Choose

Many things could manifest, a story, a picture, a song, a poem. Or maybe I will just use it to go through my papers, and organize things, and throw away this and that, and put things back where they belong, or maybe I will just use it to clean up the study. The study with the tick, tock, tick, wall clock that has a dying battery, and a bit like me is running slow.

In low light you have to play around with the white balance.  Also you might think that the two snaps are altered copies of the same picture.  Not so.  Check out the time in each.  There is a difference of several hours.

Tick Tock

I have always been interested in the creative process, how the subjective, that on the inside, becomes objective, an inside out kind of thing. The other day, and of course I now forget where, I was reading about how an author wrote. He mentioned how every, now and then, there were special, tick, tock, times where he could just feel, or sense, or know, that there was something good that wanted to come out and meet the many. All he had to do was begin and he just knew that something good would manifest.

The description of how the magick works is always a bit vague, in this article reference was being made to situations in which the author ex ante just knew that something good was waiting, something good was waiting to become objective, something good was waiting to come out. And during these magick moments one does not know ahead of time exactly what shape or form this energy will take, but one is certain that the potential is there for good and all. All that one must do is start for the magick is always in the doing.

Genius = the genes in us.

We are all genii, like manna from heaven we all from tick to tock have access to the potential, access to the special energy. But the characteristic that separates the common from the exceptional, is that the true genius has developed and established ahead of time, methods for processing the energy.

This special energy is a fleeting phenomenon, it is only there for brief periods of time. The exceptional pounces on the moment and with his established methodologies, ways of processing the special energy, begins immediately to shape and craft something durable, something lasting. The common fumbles and frets and by the time they are finally ready to begin the moments of magick have passed.

K Bear is the Best

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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Christmas Cactus

I have had this cactus for over 12 years. It was given to me by a cleaning lady of a building I used to work in at night all those years ago. We had talked each evening as she came through and she had discovered that even then I had a penchant for plants.

Master Phat had no need of calendars or watches.  She always told him when it was time.  And thus he waited patiently for her beckoning.

The Meditation of Master Phat

One evening she gave me two little stalks with the bottoms wrapped in aluminum fold and told me to soak the roots for awhile until they got going and then to put the stalks in some dirt. I diligently followed her instructions and since then have never been disappointed by my little one. Each year around the holiday season she has always faithfully put out a wondrous display for me. It is her way, her only way, of thanking me for the time and care I have put in on her behalf.

If a woman had a penis, it might look something like this.  I was going to entitle this snap Bitch in Heat but passed on it.

Wondrous Display

She is a good friend and I am glad she is with me.

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Friday, November 12, 2004

Eve Without Her Atom

I have not made up my mind about cloning, but in the end no matter what conclusion I reach, cloning is good or cloning is bad, I do know that cloning will continue.

Since cloning will be done, somewhere, somehow, I much rather it be done in the light than in the dark. Rather than reject cloning, I would much rather the research be conducted at the best facilities with the most competent personnel. If we are going to do it anyway, let's do it right.

Silver Fox on the prowl.

Old Bean

There are two main reasons for rejecting cloning, religious and legal, the church and the law.

Although not well articulated by the church, it is part of the received doctrine, whispered but not written, that at the moment of conception, something mystical happens. A union is brought forth by a divine spark. A union is brought forth by the touch of God. In the nuclear transfer method of cloning, a cell from the donor and an altered egg from another are joined. An important part of the nuclear transfer method of cloning is the use of electricity to help the union of these two cells. In cloning are we replacing the touch of God with electricity? And if we are, what difference does this make??

The eyes have it.

With Just a Glint of Spirit

The legal issues against cloning are less emotional than the religious, cloning muddies up the water. Cloning makes the concept of identity and ownership and inheritance and such, messy. Who's who?

I did this one for Evan.  And yes I had to tilt my head completely vertical to get this snap.

The Snapper

To me, however, the most interesting aspect of the cloning controversy is found in individual reflection. Would I want to create others identical to myself? No. One always creates in hopes of making something better. And although cloning should not be confused with immortality, the thought always occurs, would I want to live forever? No. I have already made too many mistakes, mistakes that still always haunt me. Best to enjoy while I can and then ask for forgiveness and forget.

And from far away I heard the hush of a thought emerging

8th Cranial Nerve

Actually I am against cloning, not the concept but the desire. I am against cloning for metaphysical reasons. In the earlier days of this blog, I made several references to a metaphysical doctrine, Lemma i. After discovering that there were no wolves in this forest, I toned it down a bit, and went in search of other prey.

This baby blows and sucks.

Smells Like Frêsh Fish

The fundamental tenet of Lemma i is -


And what does this portend? What does this mean? Whatever you like, for no two are ever the same, be it atom - moon or inbetween.

Cut & Paste

What's new?
cut and paste
not much
the cloning of mediocrity
cut and paste
it's not mine
it's ours
cut and paste.

I've been cut
and I have been pasted
and now I am stuck
upon a lifeless sea
with no gentle breeze
my only sail
the white clouds above
no sirens calling
rudderless in the abyss.

And after many days of such
I remembered the secret
and the secret was -
the secret was a lie.

"And this shall be my covenant with you
forever and always and then again;
you will always be special
for no two things will be the same."

But now I knew
my god had lied
for I've been cut
and I have been pasted
and now I am stuck
without a god
upon a lifeless sea.

Unto his lips he did press that which made him happy.

All This and Heaven Too

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Thursday, November 11, 2004

A Good Hole is Hard to Find

The last two days have been planting days. So far I have put to earth 125 tulip bulbs, 50 daffodil bulbs, and about 75 pansies. I am not the greatest gardener in the world but plants like me. I think the reason that plants usually do well for me is that I know a little planting secret. The secret I know is that plants want to put out, plants want to do well. If you start them out with a decent hole and water them good several times the first week or so, plants will do their best to put on a show for you.

Plants are Natures most erotic creatures.

Yellow & Red

Can't wait for Spring.

All This & Heaven Too

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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Saint Ignatius

He had grown weary of the dizzy and the spin, going round and round to nowhere only to find that tomorrow was like yesterday. He now took his solace in the bliss of Nature, she always put out, and all he need do is seek. He was content within her colors and ways but still his soul was antsy, and thus he waited amongst the bliss for his Nantucket, for something to ride, for his vision.

This is a snap of a statue I have in the backyard with one of my pretty, pretties, a orange cosmos swaying overhead.

Waiting for a Vision

You think it is all over but it keeps going. The vibrations are +8 on the Richter scale. That's just the foreshock. Your conception of here and now becomes tenuous and vague. Then it shifts exponentially. You learn to pray really fast here and there is absolutely no doubt in your mind that the Gods exist.

This is a pix of The Space Claus - and he transversed the nether distributing presents.  Actually, it is a snap of me at the computer.  Unfortunately, I was playing around with all the buttons and knobs and forgot exactly how I got the pix to be the way it is.
Non Omnis Moriar

and then the calm -

Nantucket Sleigh Ride

I am pure like snow
for in the whiteness
of the light
I remember nothing.
But still I sense,
bathed in bubbled glory.
And when again
I am such,
t'is but a babe
before the awe.

A Nantucket sleigh ride is a Moby Dickish kind of thing. It is the sensation that one experiences riding in a small craft after harpooning a whale.

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Friday, November 05, 2004

Annabel Lee

"And neither the angels in Heaven above
Nor the demons down under the sea
Can ever dissever my soul form the soul
Of the beauiful Annabel Lee."

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Sorry for the Shit

Depending on how new your computer is and the graphics card you have many of the snaps on this blog may look like shit. Mea Culpa.

On my new computer at home everything looks great, but when I do it up at work my snaps look like shit. I do apologize. My problem is that with a new computer and a good graphics card I can’t tell the difference from home. It is a bitch and I hate it. I will have to work a little bit harder to insure that you are getting the good stuff. And I will work on it.

Still there is a clue here. If my snaps look like shit you need a new computer.

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Plum and I hooked up with the notorious Wild Bill aka Sweet William yesterday afternoon for Pho at the Saigon Café.

Our good friend Evan treated Plum & I to pho at The Saigon Cafe and it was GTG.

Pho 4 You

While there Plum lucked out and got an actually snap of the world’s best one-eyed gonzo digital photographer – Dr. Robert D. Snaps – enjoying himself. Snaps is very metro but maintains a low informational profile and is rarely ever caught in the act.

Plum took this snap by accident.  There was part of me on the right and part of Evan on the left with some stuff in the middle of the table.  I cleaned in up in PSE and now I am liking it.  The magick is in the doing.

Snaps Getting A Little of the Good Stuff

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Thursday, November 04, 2004

Nils Lofgren

Yesterday was a Nils Lofren day. Not too many of you have probably heard of Nils. He did his thing in the mid 70’s. If you get a chance check him out. Even after all these years he is still good.

My favorite song by Nils is a tribute to Keith Richards called Ode to the Glimmer Twins.

Spin Dizzy

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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Vote for Bob

Got up a bit late this morning and I was feeling about half past dead. Still I got my slacker ass in gear and voted. I might even be the mayor or something tomorrow.

In the area were I live there were lots of offices for which candidates were running unopposed. For each of these unopposed offices I selected the write in option and fingered in my name.

Tomorrow I could be the mayor, or maybe a King, or even the next wild, wild, thing.

Vote for Bob, the good candidate.

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Monday, November 01, 2004

To Bee or not To Bee

And he was having a time, a big time, hitting on the cosmos.

One of these days I will get around to using a tripod.

Hitting on the Cosmos

Everything was exactly the way it was suppose to be. Sure he knew she was a slut, putting out for everybody, but she really knew how to bring it to you.

Getting lost in the nether, deeper still he entered.

Entrance to the Void

“Grab on tight big boy we are going to ride high with the wind.”

Further than he meant to go.  Lost in a twirl of colors

Riding High Again

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