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Tuesday, December 28, 2004


I have been playing with it. You know that thing only my Mother could love. I have been playing with my face in conjunction with my new Canon ip 4000 printer.

Janus - two heads with one mind.I have never run 2 snaps side by side.  Not sure how it is going to work out.  But the magick is always in the doing.


It takes me awhile to warm up to new things. For the last few weeks the 4000 has just been hanging out on the floor, but this morning I woke up bright and early craving a little strange and put the bitch through her moves. No doubt about it, the girl puts out pretty. But the first time is never my best time, it is still going to take me a while to hit the sweet spot.

The digital hype makes it sound so easy. Buy a digital camera, put some batteries and a media card in it, press all the buttons and take some snaps, and then print. If your printed snaps just don’t make you drool then you are a bonehead.

The reality of snapping out is that it is a trinity, a trinity, we want a trinity, a three part process, each associated with a learning curve.

First there is the actually snapping, taking the picture. Unless you are into shit in/shit out, it will take you some time to learn what your camera is capable of and how to tweak all the buttons and knobs to adjust to varying environmental conditions. If this is your first time snapping, plan on spending six months to a year to achieve an acceptable level of competence.

Next there is the mysteries of the digital darkroom or post processing. You can spend the rest of your life here, but at least give yourself a couple of months to get the hang of a good digital processing program like Photoshop Elements.

Lastly, there is the easiest of the three, but something that at least takes a little consideration, printing. Because your computer monitor and printer render colors differently, it may be a bitch if not impossible to get an exact match of your printed snap in comparison to the image you post processed on your monitor.

Now I am not trying to dissuade anyone from the realm of the digital, but I do want to make you aware that if your first couple of snaps don’t come out perfect, it is not the equipment it is you. Things take time and that is how it should be. We don’t want any asshole with a few bucks to buy a little gear and all of a sudden be a wonder to the world.

But do know this, with energy, focus, and persistence, you will get better at all you do and the magick is always in the doing.

So get your slacker ass in gear and create something the world has never seen before. And even if it is all fucked up, at least you can say, “Hey man look what I did all by myself.”

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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Up With A Little Holiday Happy

It was the night before Christmas. No wait, that’s not right. It was a few days before Christmas but already it was big and beating, already his heart was beating big like a holiday drum, and like Lucifer he was very proud. His heart was full with Holiday spirit and his soul was soaring. Big, again like Lu, big wings beating, and yes he flew high, high into the blues and whites, and then into the special places were there are no colors.

And she was waiting, the bitch with big cold tits, the bitch with witch’s tits. Like Mogul hordes, incessant, cold Northern winds on the prowl, beating all into submission, beating down. The chimes outside continuously clanged, singing their happy songs in the burr, singing life is good.

But he was safe, he was sheltered from the Dylan storm, he was inside cozy and warm. And as he was wont to do, he was scratching, holiday red and raw, scratching that holiday itch.

He was drinking, he was drinking coffee, decaf for his big beating, holiday red rushing, heart. And in his left hand as he penned with his right was a bad boy cigarette. On the floor in front of him to the left was a glass, he liked glass, a glass of slowly getting cooler coffee. On his right was a yucky ashtray full of ands and butts.

And right there before him, taking all his abuse, like his favorite bitch, was a yellow legal pad. And he was playing happily with paper and pen as he sat on the floor near the back door listening to the incessant chimes and the doings of the wind, with coffee on the left and an ashtray on the right, sitting on the floor in his robe with the contentment of a demon possessed.

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Saturday, December 18, 2004

Scratch Records

Scratch Records is getting ready to rip for the Holidays. At Scratch, actually it's Scratch and Sniff Records, we are gearing up to put the burn to a few of my favs.

Consider yourself lucky if someone hits you up with Talk is Cheap - Keith Richards and Steve Jordan.

Here is where Keith does the rough and ready.

Keith Don't Go

If you want to get stoned try some layed back Joss Stone - The Soul Sessions. I know I am a bit behind the curve but Dashboard Confessional is just so Emo.

This is a snap of the strange little chick that turned me on to Dash.

Charlotte Helen Nancy

And you have to respect Rod "Hot Legs" Stewart, not only does he still have all the moves but now on As Time Goes By he is a crooner. Rounding it off will be the best sound track from a movie ever - Stealing Beauty.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Dorothy Day

Hurray, hurray, today is Dorothy Day. Today 12/15 is my Mom's birthday. She has been around the sun many times and is very wise and good and cute. Plum and I are going out to my sister's this evening for a Birthday Extravaganza. Flat out my Mom is the best.

Love you always Mom.

Happy Dorothy Day.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Faceless Angel

High above the kingdom, where the stars danced in still circles and spread their joy below, a red faceless angel and a snowman watched their dreams unfold on the shiny face of a golden orb.

Ah,distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December; and each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor.

Snowman With Faceless Angel

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Saturday, December 04, 2004

It’s Getting To Be A Lot Like Christmas

I finally got about 92% of my Christmas decorations up and I am pleased, everything just fell into place. Must have something to do with the magick is in the doing, once started projects take on a will of their own.

One of the things that people overlook with The Stones is how good the bottom is, drums and bass.  Charlie Watts could pound that skin.

Drummer Boy

Finally hit on Big Lots for the first time and the store is certainly worth checking out every now and then. I got a 6’ artificial tree there for $10 and several 100 bulb strings of blinking red lights for $1.74 a box. Who gnu?

The tree looks a lot better at night.  Hopefully I can figure out the trick to taking good night shots.

Tree Xmass 2004

Another Christmas shopping tip, almost whatever it is, if they carry it, you can get it cheaper at This is especially applicable to big ticket items, since not only is the actual price cheaper, but does not charge sales tax. Wish I had remembered that when I bought my camera and computer. Such is my life.

I have about 8 wooden santas that I spread around the house at Christmas time.  The little angel is new.  It is one of two that Plum bought this year.

Santa With Angel

I was playing around with some of the exposure settings on my camera and sort of, how do you say it in English, fucked up. Still I hope these snaps put you in the mood.

I'd guess that this little elf is 45 years old.


All this and heaven too and I love it.

It's the stocking again.  The snap of the stocking int the previous blog was from a prior Christmas.


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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

The Stockings Were Hung

My Xmas stocking is over 40 years old. It is one of my oldest possessions. Every year I hang my stocking up near the fireplace. I don't get much in it anymore. I guess it is because I have been bad. But bad boys need presents too.

I have had this Christmas Stocking for over 40 years.  It is a fav.  This entry first manifest on 12/8/2002.

Hope You Have Been Good?

Wait, wait. That's not right. Santa has always been very good to me. It's just that the presents I get now a days are way too large for my little stocking.

So kick back and relax. Even if you have been bad you are still going to get lots of stuff. Enjoy it all, hearth and home. Enjoy the Holidays.

And if you do hear the tinkle, tinkle, tinkle, of The Salvation Army Volunteer, give a little.

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