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Thursday, January 27, 2005


And the Almight stood before them. And in a voice like thunder He proclaimed, "I come before ye to quell the welter." "I come before ye to answer the many whys." "Bring before Me a pristine slate - clean."

The high priestess complied with the request of her beckonings. She brought forth a marble tablet, white as the waves and new fallen snow.

And then the earth trembled and the sky was a blaze with whirling lights and roars.

And then there was a calm, a stillness, a hush.

The many rushed to the white marble tablet. With just a look they knew the work of their creator.

Upon what was once virginal was written - "Something is always better than nothing."

These words gave the tribe comfort and became their way. Now when they questioned with many whys the answer was always the same - "Something is always better than nothing."

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Monday, January 24, 2005

Pecker Wood

Pecker Wood used to be a euphemism for cock. Then it became a derogatory expression applied to Southern country folk. Today pecker wood has found its way into prison parlance and applies to someone who is self reliant and can take care of themselves. I think there is also a loose confederacy of inmates call the Peckerwoods.

This is a snap of Red at the Chinese bird feeder.  It was taken about 20 feet away through dirty glass.

Pecker Wood

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Friday, January 21, 2005

The House of Usher

And he used to sit outside on the porch on a green felt recliner and watch the world go by.

And of all he knew there was only one adage he held to be true - Drink More Water.

After The Fall

There were cars by day, and bright stars twinkling in the spacious sky at night, and sometimes he would just sit and let the rhythms of the rain pounding on the tin roof overhead drive him insane. There were several knarly oaks to the right of the green recliner that he used to sit in out on the porch. In the spring and especially in the swelter of summer these old friends were flush with green but in the fall and winter some of their overhanging bare branches would scratch and hiss on the old tin roof overhead.

I have made the switch to Foxfire.  I have switched my internet browser from Explorer to Foxfire and I love it.  The only problem I have encountered so far is that apparently Foxfire does not support alt tag.  Boo!  I like alt tags.  Not because you can see a message if the snap doesn't appear.  I like alt tags because they give you the opportunity to leave secret little message.  Such is my life.

Pitter Patter A Cleansing Of My Soul

“Who’s there?”
“Ah it is only the house or something in my head.”

In its day, his castle was considered quite the thing, with its 6 rooms, and 3 chimneys, shinny new tin roof, magnificent knarly oaks to one side, and an extra little cottage in the back. It even had electricity.

Do you do the story and then find the snaps or do you take the snaps and then do the story?

Coarsing Through My Veins No More

In the spring the birds played in the budding trees and there were flowers blooming here and there.

They are widening the road were this house sits.  I suspect very soon it will be no more.

Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust

In the summer the leaves of the knarly oaks would often dance in the breeze, especially around sunset as the heat of day started to ease and the winds kicked up their heels a bit. In the fall, yes there were lots of leaves, brown leaves falling, but the evening skies brought their surcease with thousands of nighttime stars beckoning him to come hither. And in the winter with fires all a glow, pure white smoke lazily rose from the house’s 3 chimneys.

But now all to fallow ground must go, renouncing light and dewy morn. A sweet still hush coaxs down those that try to rise again. A banishment into the pit, a dark penance to be paid. The price of being born again and whipping round the sun.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

A Good Whole Is Hard To Find

The above was one of the adages of the Night Hags – 3rd circle inner order. It was a reductionism of a philosophical treatise on π and the circle.

This is a snap of a sewer hole of some new construction near my house.

Portal To The Dank & Deep

Today wasn't her best day. Today was the day that stick girl got stuck. She could whistle. She could jump high. And she was adept at going round and round in circles. First she would go - tick, tock - clockwise - and then - tock, tick - windershin. She always executed the - tick, tock - clockwise maneuver flawlessly, but on occasion her windershins were cause for concern.

Same picture as the above but it has been posterised using Photoshop Elements

Where The Colors Swim Beneath The Surface

Of all the forms and shapes, the circle is the most mysterious. It is intuitive that the circle is different from all the other shadows. The circle's lack of pointed edges and its effortless round and round are soothing. Of all the forms and shapes, the circle is the most curious.

Again with Photoshop E some twirl was added.

Where The Colors Begin To Weave Their Web

It was all in color and everything. First i had sex with the coolest chick. She was blond and had the biggest tits and let loose about every 2 mins. She was an old faithful. And wow she even made noise. I liked that part.

And then it started to rain. Purple rain. I thought of prince but what the fuck i'm a king.

And then I went to feed the ducks and every time they ate some of my bread they started to go crazy and like cough up blood. It was real mucky. Blue water with red blood. And the sounds they made. And the wings flapping but nothing happening. I was freaked.

And then next my mom comes in and asks me what I want for lunch? It is like 3 am but via mom time it is time for lunch. I tell her I would like a pizza with lots of gooey cheese. She comes back in about 5 mins. with some kind of fish dish. And yeah the fish still had the head on it. And what really got me was that about every minute one of the dead fish's eyes would wink at me.

And then the fish started to tell me the story of how he got a fish hook stuck in his eye. He said that the fish hook went into his eye real easy but getting it out was a bitch. It was then I noticed the gash. It hadn't healed right and it look nether.

With a little time I could handle all of this. I go here all the time. But then the dream turned meta, metaphysical.

"If 2+2=4, what are all the other digits for?"

This took me out. At the level of logic I had no answer. Squares turned into circles. And I spun around and around and got dizzy with lots of images swirling in my head. I got dizzy swirling round.

And then it stopped. And then it was black. And then I was really freaked because I kept asking myself if this was all there was?

Here I am using the sphere function in PSE.

Twirling Colors Round & Round

And he came upon the hags as they were gathered holding hands in a circle, with their heads tilted up, silently gazing into the above.

"How fare thee crones?"

"We search the sky for God."

"Then you search in vein."

Obiter dictum - The links above are an approach towards an illustration of the meaning of the term 3rd circle. Actually the links illustrate 2nd circle. In the above we have symbols referencing other symbols. However in actually theory and practice there are no highlighted symbols and point and click, the links are covert.

"For God is not to be found in the skies of middle earth or in the heavens. That which is pristine and flesh, taking all within, and from with to be cleansed and forgiven. Denied to none. Always given freely. God does not dwell close to Zeus. God reigns upon an infinite throne in Atlantis. To be near him drink more water. God is not in the sky but in the sea."

But the night hags were oblivious to these elementary diatribes and continued to bay at the moon, waiting for Godot.

Wondo - do now. The magick is in the ing. The magick is in the doing..

Drink more water. Unto thine lips.

Drink more water and receive. Drink more water and again be blessed. Drink more water and come closer to God.

Unto thine lips due press that which is given freely to all.

Drink more water.

Here I used the Unsharpened Mask to make the colors pop a little more

Till From The Pit It Ventures Forth

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Sunday, January 16, 2005


I am not sure if not/naught/knot is a trip or not. But why not?

<Cellar 8 is GTG - good to go.

I deCant Therefore I Am

Last night was a Cellar 8 night. We came, we saw, and then all became a blur. I’m pretty sure I had a good time but then again I am not absolutely certain. Cellar 8 kicks butt.

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Saturday, January 15, 2005


Serenely and sweet, with the season swirling around her, angelic within her contentment, back and forth she swings from better to best.

Lena was my mother's mother's name.  She is Queen of the Fairies and an angel.

Riding High Again

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Monday, January 10, 2005


I am still getting a little rush off of what I did about 10 minutes ago. I made the switch and I am loving it. For the last 10 minutes I have been surfing the web at lightening speed and encountering no pop ups, no pop ups, no pop ups. I didn’t install a fly swatter or anything like that. This is much, much, better. I switched my internet browser from Microsoft’s Internet Explorer to Mozilla’s Foxfire.

Try Foxfire out. It is easy to install, much more stable and secure than Internet Explorer, has lots of user support, and it is free. And did I mention no pop ups? If you are cool and very metro you’ve got to be on fire. Ride the net in style like a fox on the prowl.

Just do it. Install Foxfire today. You will still have access to Internet Explorer if for some twisted reason after trying Foxfire you still prefer that buggy, bloated, piece of shit put out by Microsoft.

Try it and then spread the word. All your associates will owe you.

And did I mention no pop ups?

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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Cinderella With Shit on Her Shoe

Cindy hadn't really lost her slipper, she left it behind in the garden on purpose. Better that, then to muck up the pumpkin. But now there was this handsome prince, incessantly searching, for the foot that fit the shoe with shit.

How could this be?

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The Bobs and The AntiBobs

And before each battle, the Bobs would gather to hear the words of their high priests - "All that hear the word of Bob are saved. All that hear the word of Bob are saved from the welter. All that hear the word of Bob are saved from confusion. All that hear the word of Bob are grateful. All that hear the word of Bob are content. All that hear the word of Bob know peace."

And before each battle, the antiBobs would gather to hear the words of their high priests - "And in the beginning there were many gods and now there are none. There is no truth only lies. Like a snake hissing in a pit, words spoken are like venom to the mind. Shield yourself from falsehoods and lies. Fight for the light and the darkness so that all may be free."

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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Magic Sliders

Every now and then you come across a little widget or something that just blows your mind, the gadget exceeds your expectations, it works as advertised and then some. The other day I bought a pack of four Magic Sliders at Wal-Mart and they are flat out fly. With as the package claims, “over 100 million sold”, how come I have never come across these little suckers before? Well I have finally found them now and I am big time hooked.

Magic Sliders are thin little puck shaped things that you put under furniture and such that enable you to almost effortless slide solid based things across wood floors, vinyl, ceramic tile, and carpeting. The advertising on the package says” slide everything as if it had wheels”, but actually it is even better than having wheels because the sliders have a smooth solid convex surface that gives you instant access to 360 degree movement.

I first used Magic Sliders with a new ottoman I got a couple of weeks ago to go with my big easy chair. Since the two tone brown leather ottoman was over carpet and didn’t have wheels, every time I wanted to move the thing I had to bend over and either push hard to overcome the inertia of the carpet or actually pick it up and reposition it. With the Magic Sliders under each of the four wooden legs on the ottoman, just a little nudge with my foot repositions it wherever I want. When I sat it the big easy chair with the new ottoman to prop my feet up on I felt special, but now with the Magic Sliders on the ottoman, when seated I feel like a once and future king.

Being a new convert to Magic Sliders I was anxious to see what else they could do. In front of the easy chair with the new Magic Slider ottoman I have a large marble coffee table. Most of the time the marble coffee table is just not positioned exactly right but it is a bitch to move. But now with four little Magic Sliders under each of the legs on the heavy marble coffee table just a slight push perfectly positions it.

A clue – The Magic Slider package says that you can permanently affix the sliders with the adhesive strips provided or even use extra glue but if we are talking about a rather heavy item like my ottoman or coffee table, the weight of the object seems to provide enough stick, so initially glue or the strip is not recommended.

The skinny here is that life is too short for you not to be Sliding with a little Magic. You might be put off at first because a pack of four of these little suckers costs about $6, but if you want to feel like a once and future king, effortlessly moving things here and there and everywhere, consider the price of Magic Sliders the bargain of the month.

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Friday, January 07, 2005


I can feel the tension in the air, I can feel it everywhere, there is just too much – wires. We are all, as in my last blog, hooked and tethered, with a hundred million wires and cables. I suspect in the next 5 to 10 years all this clutter will surcease ( I have only encountered surcease in The Raven, but it has always been a fav and now I have extended its utility.)

Tethers and hooks, strung, hooked up.

Well Plum and I have taken the plunge. Yesterday I set up a wireless network in the house and yes I do, I love it. It wasn’t a slam dunk, I did have to call Bangalore, technical support, because for reasons only known by the Gods, and yes there are many, my router, out of the box had to be reconfigured, but it was still rather painless.

I am looking at it now. A little blue box with flashing green lights and two little antennas, like little ears, like the horns of the Devil, sticking up into nether, propagating, undulating, little waves all throughout the house.

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Thursday, January 06, 2005


I have been throwing bits and pieces of myself away, never again to light of day. It’s hard, it’s hard to overcome the tenacity of existence, each clinging with the hope of a little longer. It is especially hard to thrown out things that have been with you for a while. It is as if in some way unexplained they have been tethered to you and to abandon them to the void and nether you must, with each, wince and quickly pull out the hook. And then after to wonder if you have done the right thing.

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Saturday, January 01, 2005

Winged Sandals

And he walked in the unforgiving desert for 33 days and 33 nights. He walked barefoot in the blistering heat. For 33 days and 33 nights he walked with blistering sores and agonizing cracks on his bare feet across the floor of hell. He walked the floor of hell barefoot because he had lost his sandals. No, not lost, his sandals had just disappeared.

But on the 34th day of his journey there was a great rejoicing. His heart sang some of the old songs it remembered from long ago, flowers opened wider, and the air was a perfect cool. Unassisted, bells began ringing in gothic towers. Everyone, everywhere, stopped what they were doing for they knew that something holy had occurred. The venerable scribe had found his sandals.

In order to discover where his sandals had been hiding the scribe performed a most sacred of rituals. He performed the ritual of the star. He performed the ritual that all have dreamed of more than once. He performed the ritual with a special crown. He performed the ritual of becoming king.

But the crown was not upon his head. The crown was around his head. The crown was a special way of doing -prism,spectrum,frequency – color. The crown was the sign that one was indeed a king.

And a man with blistered feet found his salvation by becoming king.

But I bet some of you are still wondering, how did the scribe actually find his sandals by becoming king?

It seems that the scribe was preparing his sanctuary for a very special occasion. Many things had to be put out of the way. One of the sacred items of the scribe that he put away with great care was his sandals. So great was the care that the scribe didn’t remember where he had put them. The scribe was sure he had put the sandals somewhere, but that somewhere was proving very illusive.

The scribe searched everywhere, in cabinets, behind furniture, on the floor, under the bed, in drawers, on closet racks, in boxes – no where. It was as if the sandals had grown wings and just flown away, or so it seemed to the scribe.

But then on the 34th day, after great fasting and preparation, the scribe remembered. He remembered that he was a king. Upon remembering, he noticed that he was naked, well not actually naked but dressed incorrectly. A king should have not only have a crown, a king should also have a robe.

He went forth to claim the 100% cotton, made in turkey, blue and green, robe of the king. As the scribe reach for the blue and green robe of the king, he noticed a rack. There on the rack were his winged sandals.

And for 7 days and 7 nights, all the people of Naboo rejoiced. For 7 days and 7 nights, the people of Naboo gave thanks. They all gave thanks that the scribe would no longer have to walk the floor of hell. Well at least they thought, he will not have to walk the floor of hell alone, for he would be a king and he would have his sandals.

Thus spoke Zarathustra.

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