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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Saint Ignatuis

My sister gave me the saint statue.

Saint Ignatuis

This is a snap I took from my bathroom window early this morning just as the sun was rising.

Early Morning Snow

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And There Were Angels Everywhere

Together we both sat angelic in our nature, it was beautiful and wondrous and when our wings beat they beat in time.

My Mom gave us these angels for Easter.

South of Eden

Spring is hitting hard now with delicate delights and dazzling colors. How everything in its own way is so perfect. And once again they come just for the joy of being.

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Monday, March 21, 2005

First Day of Spring

Too Ha Ha is enjoying himself in the warm sun.

Altered States

The star magnolia is really putting out.

Star Magnolia Revisited

Howard hanging about 25 feet up.


These red tulips were the first to pop.


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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Into the Darkness Into the Light

This is a snap of one of the lights in my breakfast nook.

White Heat, White Light

They think it's easy. It ain't no easy. It ain't no easy when all you love is in vain/vein/vane.

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Cut and Paste

what's new?
cut and paste
not much
the cloning of mediocrity
cut and paste
it's not mine
it's ours
cut and paste

I've been cut
and I have been pasted
and now I am stuck
upon a lifeless sea
with no gentle breeze
my only sail
the white clouds above
no sirens calling
rudderless in the abyss.

and after many days of such
I remembered the secret
and the secret was -
the secret was a lie.

"and this shall be my covenant with you
forever and always and then again;
you will always be special
for no two things will be the same."

but now I knew
my god had lied
for I've been cut
and I have been pasted
and now I am stuck
without a god
upon a lifeless sea.

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Sprang Has Springed

And like yesterday, we find tomorrow, with the sweet stink of the popcorn white pear tree blossoms , and the perfect showy yellows of the forsythias, and the caws of the hawks as they soar and mate.

With a harangue of verdant greens and Mandlebrot's galore, and then of course - to the ice cream - to the screaming colors. Nothing forgotten, all the highs and lows, across the spectrum she does shine.

This is a rendition of a star magnolina that Plum bought and planted.  It is already making us content.

Star Magnolia

And with just a touch only her colors will dew. All the others but a monkey's cut and paste.

Soon she shall be with us and her kingdom awakens.

And no matter how you say your prayers, she has never cared. For she knows that as her kingdom makes ready, you too in your heart will make a place for her. Together you will make colors and feel alive.

Aroint and anon.

All hail!!

Spring has sprung!!!

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Happy Saint Patrick's Day

The blood, red blood on fields of green, shed, of Shawn, Kevin, Eileen, and Kathie too. They have all broken my heart. So proud. So Irish.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Only The Chosen know the bliss of being Irish.

Fee, Fi, Foe, Fum. I Smell the Blood of an Irishman. Need a little WD 10-40 here, my myth and folklore are a little rusty. If hard pressed I would conjure that the ditty above is from Jack and the Bean Stalk. All that education and he doesn't know Jack. It is of some interest to observe that the fees and the fums are an attempt to help the young tyke master his vowels.

And then we have the blood of Shawn, Kevin, Eileen, and Katie. Forgive me Father for I have sinned. I confess that I know little of the conflict between Ireland and England. But this I do know. There is lots of talk of the evils of tyrant and dictators and oppression throughout the world, and how this is wrong. But still in Ireland we have a large group of kindred souls who for hundreds of years have yearn for self rule and who have been, with a stain of red, denied.

I really don't know the history of the English suppression of the Irish Catholics, but I really don't care. It would all be fee, fi, foe, fum. My heart and soul have already decided. My blood sings the songs of Shawn, Kevin, Eileen, and Katie.

Ted Kennedy you are a disgrace to your clan. The shame your ancestors must now feel and have to endure. The Irish Catholics have always forgiven you all your indiscretions, the ways of all flesh, and now to find you turned but still hopeful of salvation. At least in my heart you have been banished and to The Pit with your soul.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Comment Left for Paul S. Blood

Like the verdant and the bud, like Persephone, he is back.

And there is a swell to the audience, they are all on their feet, erect, yelling and screaming, and delirious. He has bludgeoned them with his use of proper nouns and then seduced them all with his 3D, three standard deviations from the mean, attention to detail.

This is a comment I made on Fuck Art, Let's Dance.  For literary content this is the best blog out there.

Things to do While Cooking Breakfast

Written while making toast and coffee and waiting for, this is your mind, 2 eggs to fry.

And after his first sip of coffee he blessed himself. He was thankful. All this and heaven too and he loved it.

Obiter dictum - For frêsh literary content Fuck Art, Let's Dance is the definitive blog. The Halifax Trine are facile princeps. (It helps to "some dance to remember, some dance to forget" that c's are pronounced as k's in Latin.)

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Monday, March 14, 2005

The Gugg
Red under Blue Shawn Mckasen 1989

The east wing of the Guggenhein is different. The east wing of the Gugg is where the experimental offerings are displayed - novel expressions of energy for the curious. In the east wing is where you will find Shawn Mckasen's - Red under Blue - 1989.

This 8 feet wide by 10 foot tall oil was obtained by the Gugg, in 1994, from a Korean collector for $32,500. Red under Blue is said to possess a spell. Under your gaze Blue under Red continually changes.

Although Red under Blue has its own merits, it is the method by which the work was crafted that adds to its cache. Mckasen experimented with different modes of expression. Shawn was looking for expressions pleasing to God. Mckasen asserted that modes of expression pleasing to God were marked by their beauty.

It is rumored that Shawn painted Red under Blue while being blindfolded. He was also loosely cuffed at the wrists, but not tight enough to prevent him from painting, an awkward but perhaps inspired way to paint.

It is said that when Mckasen was finished with Red under Blue he begged for the removal of his blindfold so he could see if his efforts had been pleasing to god.

Shawn Mckasen died on March 14, 2000 of unknown causes.

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The Day Stick Girl Got Stuck

She could whistle. She could jump high. And she was adept at going round and round in circles. First she would go - tick, tock - clockwise - and then - tock, tick - windershin. She always executed the - tick, tock - clockwise maneuver flawlessly, but on occasion her windershins were cause for concern.

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Friday, March 11, 2005

Broken Spirit

I don’t remember everything about yesterday evening, but I do recollect having a fire, and making spaghetti, and opening a bottle of wine, and dancing in the kitchen…I must have had a pretty good time though because it was all waiting there for me this morning when I got up – the mess. It’s rather ironic that a mess is indicative of having a good time.

This blue wine goblet was one of my favorites.  It served me well. Thank God I have another.

Swirling Blue

I do also remember breaking one of my favorite wine glasses during the festivities. I don’t remember the exact instant that I lost control, me being a master of time and space and all, but one instant I was reaching up in the cabinet over the stove and the next moment one of my favorite wine goblets with the blue swirls was in a gazillion pieces on the white tiled kitchen floor. Shit happens.

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

All This & Heaven Too

I am not sure if it is a cub and its Mom or a female and her mate?  Regardless I was sad and touched.


I found this snap on the internet. I found this snap very sad. How wondrous the flow of life. How still the forever after. And in the wake of the corpus all those that linger.

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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Howard & Trudy

A strong wing has been blowing in from the North all morning, but rain or shine, sleet or snow, these golden finches go for the bag. It must be a rush for Howard & Trudy as they hang on for dear life and go for the good stuff, go for the thistle.

There was a very strong Nor'easter today and H&T were hanging in the breeze putting on the bag.

The Bag Man and His Woman

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And as he meditated the world around him started to spin much slower and the dint of life hushed down into a soothing hum. Stiff and still but aware.

When I want some idea of how cold it was during the night I just look outside at the blue saucer that is usually on the table on the back patio.

The Day Stick Girl Got Stuck

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Monday, March 07, 2005

Two Lips

And when they mingled the skies turned the color of blood and hot passion, red. Together they were more than two, together they were everything.

This is a snap of the first of my red tulips to bloom this year.

Two Lips with Brush

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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Cold as a Witch’s Tit

White, crystalline and serene
Cold blankets on a cold, cold, night
Much burr with the howlings of the wind
And the”tintinabulations that so musically wells
From the bells, bells, bells, bells
Bells, bells, bells –
From the jingling and the tinkling of the” –

Actually it is not bells but the chimes I have hanging off the gutter on my back roof near my bedroom window. They have been incessant in their sway, but not with the cling clang dint of metal on metal, but with the melodious tones of a savaged Shangri-La.

Just last week in North Georgia we had several days where the temperature flirted with the low 70’s, but now the bitch is back.

This is a snap I took from my bathroom window early this morning just as the sun was rising.

Early Morning Snow

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