Frêsh Fish

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Opus One

Once a bonehead, always a bonehead.

My brother had dinner out while he was down in Florida last week. For whatever reason, he decided to play it big and ordered the most expensive bottle of wine in the house, a 2001 Opus One. Retail the Big One goes for about $175 a pop, figure in a restaurant it goes for > $250.

Ok, so my brother, dba – Bean, faux pased. You don’t shoot your wad on the Big One at a restaurant. But then to take everything over the top, he decided that he wanted to purchase another bottle to take home with him. Once a bonehead, always a bonehead.

Fuck the California Cabs.  I am getting ready to purchase some hot French Red to lay down.

Opus 7

Anyway, we had shrimp and fish and the Big One over at my brother’s last Thursday. No blondes with big tits in this bottle, I’d give it a 7.

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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Summer in Argentina

I took this snap last year when it snowed.  And no I didn't really pee in the pool.

Can you tell it snowed and I peed in the pool?

Thank God that most of the time my brain, that's not a brain it's a tumor, whatever, is bigger than my balls. If the reverse was true I would never have made it to the pool today. And I was so glad I did.

Hey I just didn't go out into the sparkle and shine and get all greased up and lie around like a lizard on a rock, pretending to be so cool and lethargic. I took the plunge and put down 20.

Actually this is the second time this year that I have parted the waters. Plum and I did the inaugural last Friday. It's rather remarkable that after almost a year I still remember how to one, two, three, four, tilt, breathe, honk, quack, swim like a fish. And yes it was frêsh.

The moral of this ditty is get your slacker ass out there and do something different. Hit the pool, the tennis court, racket ball, hoops, go somewhere you have never gone before, take some snaps, walk up to a stranger and ask them where they bought their shoes, go to Wyoming, charge about $6,000 worth of stuff and then take it all back, tell the sommelier that the wine tastes like rat piss, walk around with your left eye closed, skip, whistle, listen to some classical music, play chess, let someone do your tarot cards, eat tofu, paint every nail on your left hand a different color, wear mismatched socks, be an asshole. But please no ennui.

The magick is in the doing.

Coming soon - soft tail, opus one, and maybe but probably not - puke.

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Thursday, June 16, 2005


The perfect refreshment. Tingle on skin after working hard, hot then cold. Lost in the pool like a fish. Water, wonderful water. And yes it floats as a solid.

This is a snap of a glass of water with ice that Plum had out on the front entrance way.


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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Flower Fetish

This is a snap of a small part of my backyard - The Garden of Saint Sebastian.  Throughout the year there is always something of wonder there.

The Temptations of Saint Sebastian

I have said no more snaps of flowers but I don’t seem to be able to stop. They are there, putting out with radiant splendor, and the thing that really scratches the itch is that they are mine, they are part of The Kingdom. I for them and they for me, together with rejoice.

These are my first clementis to do well.  I actually have three plants, two in the back and one in the front.  They were given to me as a gift.  I am not that fond of the coloring, but who is to say what is pleasing to God.

Back Again

These beauties were given to me by my Mom as a potted plant.  I replanted them and they are very gratetful.

Why is a Pumpkin more Orange than an Orange?

All this and heaven too and I love it.

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Monday, June 06, 2005

Puckish in Pink

I know I said no more flowers, everyone does flowers, but fuck it. They are out there begging me to do it and I have a bad flower fetish.

Plants are the most erotic creatures.

Pink Lily

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