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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Barnabas Not

And our imperfections mark us each unique. The universe itself, although wondrous, was brought into existence by the smallest of deviations.

This is not the same black sallow-tail pictured in the previous blog because its top left wing is intact.

I Think I Will Call This One Seymour

This realization is at the heart of all frontier research and is best articulated in the formulation of Lemma i.

Succinctly, the Lemma states that

α ≠ α

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Black Sallow

We go there not directly but in a helter skelter way. That is certainly the way butterflies do their thing. I bet the largest computers in the world couldn’t predict the exact path any one butterfly would take from one flower to another.

I haven't checked yet to see who is out there playing today. Perhaps yellow, or perhaps black, or perhaps naught.

I Think I Will Call This One Barnabas

Along with my, a trinity, a trinity, we want a trinity, 3 yellow tails, I also have a black sallow-tail hanging out on my purple butterfly plant. As you can see from the snap, this one has lost a little bit of its left wing tip. This imperfection making this black guy unique, an individual. If perfect it would be hard for me to tell from one day to the next if what I saw was a friend from the day before or another.

If perfect, a trinity, a trinity, we want a trinity, not-knot-naught.

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Friday, July 22, 2005

Yellow Sallow-Tail

For the last couple of days several, sometimes one, sometimes two, and sometimes three, yellow sallow-tail butterflies have been hanging out on my purple butterfly plant. I also have a white butterfly plant but the flybutters have a strong preference for flitting about only on the purple butterfly plant. It was only last year when I examined the detail of a butterfly plume that I had snapped out that I fully appreciated why butterflies find their namesake so seductive. Each plume on the butterfly plant is a collection of thousands of little pin cushion flowers. Each butterfly plant is a come and get, all you can eat, buffet.

Have you ever watched a butterfly flit here and there and everywhere.  It is quite the challenge to determine where they will end up next.  Certainly very willie nillie, helter skelter.

On the Flit

When I greet my new friends in the morning I wonder where they have spent the night?

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Rose of Sharon

My Roses of Sharon finally bloomed and they are magnificent. I have two plants and both were putting out this morning. Actually I just have two or three blooms on each plant at present, but with what seems like hundreds of buds on each, I am assured a wondrous show for the next couple of weeks.

Tonight is the full moon.  I wonder if that has anything to do with why my Sharons are blooming now.

Angel with Blush

I am somewhat puzzled about how they both decided that now and only now was the time to present the first of their bouquets. Must be some function of temperature and length of day. Another puzzle is that with a myriad of buds why was it that just these bloomed now, with all the others waiting patiently for their time in the sun?

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Monday, July 18, 2005

Colors in July

I wonder if anyone has ever thought of putting secret messages in the alt tags.  Obiter dictum - For some reason that I will have to investigate, Foxfire does not support alt tags.

Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominions, Virtues,Powers, Principalities,Archangels, Angels

And in The Garden she dwelt, dreaming of hot pinks and flybutters. All this and heaven too and she loved it.

And she had on hot pink, pink like a cone flower, panties.

Things That Make a Bee's Heart Flush

But then again perhaps or perhaps not. It mattered very little as the day did her beckoning. Aroint and anon. All hail to the good life.

It took me awhile but I finally know why they call these plants butterfly plants.

Why All the Colors?

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Angelic in all her Aspects

Every now and then they taunt and tease. Forms somewhat like us but with wings, angels and fairies. They visit me more than some because I pay homage to their ways and with this they are pleased.

I have these two in a big bronze pot that I use as a planter.  When I see them they always bring me some serenity.  The cherub I got as a gift.  The garden fairy is a Christmas gift I gave all the women in the family several years ago.

Hail Holy Light

We go there not directly but (proceed) in a helter skelter way. Too much, too soon, so often causes one to go astray. And it is our intention for you not to lose your way. Nay, it is our intention for you to come and then to stay. Stay awhile or longer and may this serve you well. Stay awhile or longer but promise not to tell. That once while you were traveling in a land most far but near. You heard the twinkling of the light, a sound so very dear. More of this we know and more of this we will tell, but first we ask that you stay awhile and with us for some time dwell.

Although actually for outside, we have this angel on a table in the living room.  She likes flowers and we try to abide.  I got her for my little one last Valentine's.

Little One

(Where one listens to the light softly twinkling - with distant roars of darkness banished and empires and kingdoms anew...twinkled and tinkled and churned about...with color and pitch and quiver..some loud, some soft...a symphonic swirling of serenity and rainbow bliss.)

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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Spaced Out

I have been dwelling on space. Einstein et. al., make a big deal out of time. Time is a relatively straight forward concept, but not space. We have the Big Bang and the expanding universe, but what did the universe bang into and exactly what is it expanding into? S. Hawking and all the others, we know just about everything but can't seem to get it to work group, just conveniently assume space. But what is the difference between the area the universe has expanded into and that, that still awaits? Conceptually, this is captured in the Qabalah via - a trinity, a trinity, we want a trinity - Ain Soph Aur, Ain Soph, and Ain. However, the concept of an a prior raw space awaits the touch of another. Perhaps a dimensional collapse would provide more rigor.

Back to the planet. If the universe, that which was once teeny tiny and is now big, is expanding, what is it expanding into?

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Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Bobs and The AntiBobs

And before each battle, the Bobs would gather to hear the words of their high priests - "All that hear the word of Bob are saved. All that hear the word of Bob are saved from the welter. All that hear the word of Bob are saved from confusion. All that hear the word of Bob are grateful. All that hear the word of Bob are content. All that hear the word of Bob know peace."

And before each battle, the antiBobs would gather to hear the words of their high priests - "And in the beginning there were many gods and now there are none. There is no truth only lies. Like a snake hissing in a pit, words spoken are like venom to the mind. Shield yourself from falsehoods and lies. Fight for the light and the darkness so that all may be free."

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Stung with purple passion and hints of yellow hinder. And when the bees are busy my mind to such does go. Away with the buzzing of the thoughts in my head, away to the beckonings of the bliss.

Once upon a time there was a little girl and she was very, how do you say it in English, cute.


And to fly, to soar, like the angels and the fairies, with gossamer wings a far. Here is a place that my heart knows. Here is a place where I am happy.

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