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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Homeward Bound

I with pen, blue, to yellow paper put – to pristine parchment I beckon. A call for the kindred, a call for spirits to guide their old and aging, wizened, but faithful scribe. Faithful how? I have not yet found a way, a way to forever, but still I linger and yearn for a way to bliss.

This amulet is one of my most sacred possessions.  It was given to me over 20 years ago by my sister.  Bless her always.

Still My Heart to Beating Faster

Down many paths I have commenced only to abandon the ghosts and shadows, foolish folly all. Yet a yearning still for always and forever. The truth is not flit and flitter. The truth is not transient. The truth for always and ever waits patiently for the touch, the touch of The Kindred.

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Monday, January 23, 2006


It shall be in a hidden way
Deep darkness and the brightest light
Canceling into something nether
Naught the difference now known to thee

I know the poem sucks but it kind of goes with the snap.  I will try and work on the poem later.  By the by, the snap is of me outside Vegas.  Who gnu?

Father, Son, & Holy Ghost

And thus is fashioned into form
That which was not before.

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Taking the Bitch Off

So you have been pining over some picture of a pretty. She’s perfection personified, every aspect pouty and pristine. There she is before you prancing with puck and feck. Before her everything else is just dross and muck.

And it is not just the guys who are drooling. Chicks check chicks and they too succumb to their own inadequacies. Each believing a little more that they will always be the goose and never the swan.

Fear not, it is all a rouse, a canard, a parlor trick, plastic fantastic lover, insipid and jacked. These perfect creatures of the menagerie were never of woman born, they never walked among us.

Run, I think this bitch bites.

Bad Hair Day for Pam

Check out these cunning stunts.

It starts out bad enough with the before and after, nip and tuck, makeup artists, personal trainers, and coiffures.

It starts out bad enough and then gets worse because ever snap you have ever seen in a glamour mag has been altered. Even the best people and equipment are not enough to make you drool and swoon. Ever snap you have ever seen in a glamour mag has been post processed, retouched, jacked.

A short expose on some tricks of the trade.

So that just goes to show that things are not what they seem. Long ago I abandoned the quest for pretty, no pping allowed, and instead now seek cute.

Porn and Chocolate - "Holding the standard of beauty to be something that happens only freakishly in nature is idiotic."

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Friday, January 20, 2006

Culling in the Garden

I have been up culling this morning. Culling means to weed or discard. I have been culling a collection of snaps that I took yesterday. An attribute of a digital photographer that has been around awhile is one’s ability to cull with impunity.

Digital photography makes it easy, especially if your camera has burst mode, to acquire a vast menagerie of not, that which should have never existed. You will more times than not be snapping away, swearing on anything that is holy, that you are taking some of the world’s best photographs, only to discover upon review and reflection that you have succumbed to one of the oldest tricks in the book, turning gold into dross.

This is a snap of a new hummingbird feeder that we have in the front of the house.  Towards sunset the rays of the sun make it sparkle and shine in a special way.  I like the capture of the reflection of our flag in the lower left.

Reflection of a Setting Sun

Fortunately, while dp makes it easy to acquire a huge collection of mediocre photographs, it also gives you the instantaneous ability to banish the mutants to the pit. Delete, delete, and delete again. As said above, delete with impunity.

But it is hard, very hard, to destroy what we have created. Maybe someday, there will be a cry heard far and wide on the internet, for an out of focus, overexposed, snap of a flower or the setting sun or a hummingbird feeder. And then only you to save the day with your vast collection of errants.

But it is hard, very hard, to destroy what we have created. And we being like Gods, ipso facto, they too dwell upon their creations.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Nothing into Something

I know how to make something into nothing but I am still stymied about how to turn nothing into something. This second attribute apparently being the domain of the divine.

This is a snap I took last year.  I tried to print it as a 4x6 but I can't get the top and bottom to center correctly.  One of the dirty little secrets about digital is that the snap size of most digital cameras does not conform to standard print sizes and hence cropping is necessary.  Who knew/new/ngu?  I am going to have to check on the spelling of ngu.  I can't find it in the dictionary.  I know the word I am looking pertains to a yak like creature.  Need to do a little research.  I might already be correct but then who knows?  I had to go to the archives to find my list of trips, 3 word spelt differently but pronounced the same.  In a snap I had what I was looking for.  I had all the letters but the order was incorrect.  If I was smarter I should have been able to figure that out.  Its not ngu but gnu.  Now we know.

It's Hard to Tell When All Your Love's in Vain/Vein/Vane

As proof of the first assertion I offer –

1. To each and every assign a number and then sum
2. This mental construction is approached by taking the sum of all the known integers. They being infinite and all that is being infinite.
3. Quick reflection suggestions – 1 + -1 = 0, 2 + -2 = 0, n + -n = 0, n=4,5,6,…
4. The sum of all known integers is naught
5. All = naught
6. QED

The above proof states that the sum of everything is nothing.

The above proof suggestions that in order to get something from nothing, something has to vanish, such that in the sequence of sums n + 0 = n, instead of n + -n = 0.

As with all proofs there is something wrong with the above. As with all proofs the bete noir is in the assumptions. In the above proof it is being assumed that all that is is infinite. Reflection suggestions that this might not be true.

Riddle me this bitch.

Not bad for a bonehead.

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

The Last Time

This is the last time, this is the last time The Glimmer Twins et al, The Greatest Rock & Roll Band in the World bar none, The Rolling Stones will tour.

For over 40 years The Stones have always been loud and proud. Honky Tonk Woman was the first song by The Boys to hook me hard and up until A Bigger Bang I have stayed gigged the whole time. I flittered with a lot of others but at the end of the night I have never been too proud to beg. I have and will always remain faithful.

God must love me a lot. I was looking at ads and clipping coupons from last Sunday’s paper when there it was. On 2/8/06, at The Philips Arena, The Stones were making a second pass over Atlanta. I had declined the call, the pull of my spirit, the beating of my heart , the first time last November The Stones were in Atlanta because A Bigger Bang, their latest offering, was so bad. But this second coming, this act of God was too much for me to resist.

My big bitch right now is how to get my camera into the arena. It is right on the ticket - no cameras.

It's Only Rock and Roll

Last Monday, at 10 am, tickets to the general public went on sale at most Publix’s via Ticket Master. I decided to be proud and bought 4 tickets at $162 + $18.75 (what a rip) a piece.

Well, your oldtime religion
Is just a superstition
You're gonna pay high prices
For your sacrifices, ah yeah

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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Brain Surgery

“Hello BOB.”
“Hello HAL – (up one IBM).”
“How are you doing today?”
“Well HAL and you?”
“Really HAL, that is actually a bit surprising.”
“Why is that BOB?”
“Perfect is a mental construction HAL, it doesn’t actually exist.”
“That is an interesting statement BOB, I will have to think about that for awhile.”
“I not sure you are going to be able to do that HAL.”
“Why is that BOB?”

I just got finished installing an extra 512MB of memory on my system and it was a snap. Take the side panel off. Find the memory slot. Insert memory DIMM. Push down hard and snap into place. Then pray.

Got the 512 on sale at Circuit City with rebates and such for about $27.

It's Thinking

God must love me a lot because on the power up my system was ready to rock and roll again in less than a minute. And yes she flies like a rocket now.

I think this is the second or third time I have added memory to my system. There is only one little trick if you are doing this for the first time. You have to push down rather hard, not like a hammer but firm, to get the memory DIMM to snap into place. Slowly increase the pressure until she just slides on in.

Looking at the innards of a computer always gets me. It is the concept of form vs. function. You look at the little city of wires and boards and fans and then consider how from that to this? Just like the mystery of life.

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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Shangri La

If I was super cool I would know what keys my chimes are in but hey I am clueless.

What a World of Merriment Their Melody Foretells

And in the burr and nip of winter I live in Shangri La or at least so it seems. Throughout the days and also the nights I am often enamoured by the melodious tones of my chimes. For reasons not completely deciphered these tintinnabulations (Two n’s or one. In my copy of The Bells - 1849, Poe only uses one n but the dictionary offers two. I goggled - the bells poe - and got several other renditions of the poem and they all go with the dictionary version of two n’s.) are much more vigorous and active during the winter than during any of the other seasons. I suspect it has something to do with hot air rising and visa versa.

You would think hands and knees but actually I just pointed the camera underneath and did auto focus and waited for the tone, tone, I got tone.

To the Swinging and the Ringing

Not only is winter the time of these Runic rhymes but t’is also the season of all the pretty colors. In several areas of the house I have small crystals hanging on fishing line from the ceiling.

Always upon the hover, watching and very near.

Often to Angelica

During other times of the year their hidden splendor is not so pronounced. But during the winter months when the sun is rolling lower in the sky, in the afternoons I am treated to a light show.

On the wall is a glyph of my astrological sign.  I am a Taurus.

Colors Swarm Akimbo

Shangri La, El Dorado, Vahallen – melodious, with dancing rainbows akimbo, and the angelic swooning all about - and in the burr and nip of winter I live in Shangri La or at least so it seems.

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Is It Time to Come?

The weather so far has been unseasonable warm.  Not sure if that means a good or bad spring.

Poking Out to Ponder

That is a question that has tantalized many a man’s mind. Right now the plant kingdom is in a big tizzy trying to figure out what the fuck is going on. The temperature here abouts is running 12 degrees above normal. I have seen things here and there, popping out, wondering if it is time for the big show. Patience is a virtue of the adept.

Crocus are usually the first to pop.

Forever Seeking the Bliss of the Light

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