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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Valentine's Day

Had a wonderful Valentine's Day. I could tell you in detail all the good stuff but I suspect it would only be of interest to me and My Little One.

Succinctly - bought some ballons, went to the park, absolutely beautiful day, got some great snaps of Little One enjoy her ballons and the park, came home, tied ballons up to the front entrance or so I thought,

It was unfortunate that after the perfect day that evening I had to go to work.  Such is my life.

All This and Heaven Too

ballons escape (they are very good at this), one gets caught in a tree,

I was on the phone outside when I heard a strange sound that at first I thought was something on the roof.

My Heart to Heaven Highter

take more snaps,

Did pretty good here with zoom.

A Moment of Splendor and Then Gone

go to get and show Little One,I Love You ballon gone.

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I did it. I went to the show – 2/8 – Philip’s Arena. I and they both were there, but out agendas were different.

Was it the best night of my life? I came home with a lot less money and the same woman – No.

If you could see the face, this is the perfect glyph for the word impunity.

Papa is a ...

In truth I don’t remember much. Even with tickets that cost $168 each, all I could see were little ants strutting and fretting upon the stage. When you have to share with 20,000 other souls, I could have done a better job of getting there by cranking it up at home. Long gone are the days of intimacy, with venues of at most a thousand or two, when the many became one, became the music and each night created something different.

Still I had a good time. I was here, there, and everywhere, and yes kings and queens did step aside.

Best part of the night – breakfast at Waffle House.

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Saturday, February 04, 2006


For reasons unknown, or at least not known to me, Pandora came to mind. I had a nodding acquaintance with the legend – there was a box, it was opened, bad things inside, but also some form of redemption - but the details, like me without my reading glasses, were all a blur.

So what’s a poor boy to do, except to play in a rocking roll band, and maybe googol on it.

The Legend of Prometheus and Pandora’s Box, Pandora’s Box – The Myth and from wikipedia.

The Story of Pandora is strikingly similar to that of The Story of Adam and Eve, with a male being created first and then a female. There is an existing state of bliss and then the female, attributed to be the weaker of the two, with actually no malice intent but some caprice, acts in such a way as to disrupt this harmony. Both stories end with a falling from grace but with the far off hope of redemption.

Although the male good/female bad dichotomy is of some interest since no well articulated reason is given for why one is different from the other, the real bête noire, or dilemma, is why God or Yeah Gods, would create a state of being which was destined to fail? A feeble argument could be offered that Man was endowed with free will and had the choice to desist, but extra efforts was devoted to creating an entity, Pandora/Eve, that ex ante was designed to disrupt the existing harmony.

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Wednesday, February 01, 2006


I did it again yesterday and after the ritual I had to carry a big stick around with me all day. I got my hair cut yesterday and as always became extremely handsome after the culling.

While being coifed many topics were discussed – The Super Bowl, The Long Con, Vegas, The Stones Concert, Paper People, and S&D.

At first I could not conjure what the letters S&D stood for? I had heard the story many times but not recently. I knew I knew but still I could not make the subjective objective.

I have always found it fascinating to watch the mind at work. The first tenet is that the mind is always willing to please. Assign it a task and it will, bless its heart, do its best to please. At first it or I brought forth Hercules but I knew immediately that that was incorrect. True there was something about being very strong that was associated with the conjuring but Hercules was lacking.

Exactly how it came to me will never be known, but come it did.


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