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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Carolina Wrens

I have critters about at my house – squirrels, a chipmunk or two, deer every now and then, and birds. When it comes to birds, with the exception of my hawks that hang high, I have a fondness for the little ones. The little ones seem to have the sweetest songs and they are always here, there, and everywhere, chirping, chirping, chirping.

Of the little birds my favs are the Carolina Wrens. For whatever reason they like people and are always in your business. The CW’s like to be under your car or in the garage or close to your house hopping about. It is also said of the Carolina Wrens that they are one of the most prolific when it comes to song with a repertoire of over a hundred different tunes.

If like me you leave your entrance doors open a lot or have open windows without screens you are eventually going to get a Carolina Wren in your house. This has happened to me a few times. Once at my old apartment and several times at the house. Once inside the wrens usually like to hang out near the indoor plants but once they discover that they are not alone they make it out the same way they came in.

Yesterday morning was one of the more dramatic entrances made by the C Wrens. I use the plural because instead of one, for a short instances I had two Wrens in my house.

It was about 9 am and Plum and I were hanging out in bed. I was up but not up. I was just hanging in bed somewhere between dreamland and getting stuff done when for some reason I looked up toward the open screenless bedroom window and was a tad startled to see two Carolina Wrens just busting in.

I’m not sure exactly what I did then but whatever commotion I made scared one of the two back out the window. The other however made it into the master bathroom.

Here is Plum in the bathtub trying to get out little friend  to veer to the right were the open screenless bathroom window is.

Morning Guest

It took Plum and I awhile to get our house guest outside again. Plum was actually braver than me and was the one, with broom in hand, that actually scooted the little one out the small master bathroom window.

Our little guest is a little disappointed that there is no water in the bird bath.

Bird Bath?

It is said that it is good luck for your house to have a Carolina Wren visit every now and then. And with two wrens it must mean that God loves us a lot.

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