Frêsh Fish

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Pretty in Pink

None that walk erect can compare. No blushing bride with pretty and feck can come close. It is their nature to please and they do it so well. Beckoning all to come and take their fill.

I like to have fresh flowers around especially when they are from my garden.

Enchanted Still With Thy Blush

And I remain enchanted and bedazzled as she comes and comes and comes. Now it is with snapdragon, peony, and rose.

Rather fond of the dragons because they come back each year.  Just found out that if you cut them back after they bloom and add some fertilizer that you get another show in the fall.  Who gnu?

Snapping Out with the Dragons

Found out this year that peonies need little black ants on each bud to bloom.

Angelic in Their Aspect Ever

All Hail the Queen.  All Hail Queen Elizabeth.

The Virgin Queen - Elizabeth

All this and heaven too and I, yes I do, I love it.

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