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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Serendipitous Vulpes Vulpes

I have mentioned it many times, it is so hard to catch the essence of the moment because there is always so much competing background noise, less significant thoughts clamoring for attention, yearning for the light. And then too with time there is always the slow tick, tock of decay, that which once was, disappearing and all the more pronounced with the ephemeral, the realm of cabbages and kings and ideas and such. But if done with any sense of finesse and attention to detail, there is always the adventure, The Questing Beast, and so what can a poor boy do but try.

It was around 10:30 PM last night 07/26/06. Like I had done a hundred times before I was outside sitting at the back patio table enjoying the nuances of the eve, a firefly, the twinkle of my stars, and every now and then the sachet of the leaves as they caught the slightest of breezes. While meditating on the day, out of the corner of my eye to the right I caught the slinking of something on the prowl. For an instant I thought it was a big cat, but the next instant told me that it was too big to be a cat, and then the next instant told me it was a red fox - Vulpes vulpes.

I do have a wooded backyard with no neighbors behind me, lots of space for Mother Nature’s brood. I have seen deer, and a rabbit or two, and of course squirrels and chipmunks, and a menagerie of birds, but never a red fox in my backyard.

And here the serendipity – a fortunate occurrence created by unanticipated luck. The last and only other time I had ever seen a red fox was several years ago during the afternoon as Plum and I were walking in a park off of Roswell Road. I was fortunate to have my camera with me at the time but unfortunate enough to have it not quite handy. I did get off a few errant shots but alas none with the elusive Vulpes vulpes.

Well yes, so you had seen a red fox once before and now you have seen one again?

For me seeing the red fox last night in my backyard would have been special enough. I consider it a blessing when the Earth Mother shares here children with me. My hummingbirds and finches and such are signs from the Earth Mother that she is pleased. And then to catch a red fox that is usually nocturnal and shy is one of her greatest gifts, a special blessing. But there is a bit more.

I have two computers. The newer is internet activated and is the one that I use day to day. I have another that is up and buzzing but is rarely accessed. I keep meaning, days, weeks, months, to download all the documents and pictures I have on the hard drive of this unit but…

Yesterday afternoon on a whim, I pulled up Photoshop Elements on my old computer and randomly selected a main folder - snap 11. Within snap 11 were several folders – burningleavesatthefolks – dinner at beans – t day – thanksgiving02 – and fall red fox. That afternoon, before the serendipitous Vulpes vulpes, I had selected the fall red fox folder and from that folder I had selected a snap of my futile attempt to capture the elusive red fox. Yesterday evening, after The Blessing, it was still being displayed on my older computer screen.

Pangram - A sentence that contains all the letters of the alphabet

The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over the Lazy Dog

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Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Magic Is In The Doing

It is ill advised to kiss and tell but I thought just this once I would share a little of the magic with you.

It certainly isn't the best snap but hey we know a little magic.

Orange Zinnia Before

Here we have a before and after.

Dross into AU in about 10 mins.

Orange Zinnia After

How exactly was it done? This has already been forgotten. Now all that remains is the shadows of the bliss.

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