Frêsh Fish

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Being Bob

All the others are dog dodo. I am watching Being John Malkovich and it is wonderful, it is the High Mass in every aspect. I believe I have seen this offering twice before and thus now, the third time, I can better appreciate each nuance and subtlety. I could never, even in my most deranged state, even approach a Corpus so bent.

Notice the whole in the sock.  The smallest of clues to what it means to be Bob.

With a Whole in Her Stocken and Her Knees Kept a Rocken

If you have viewed John before you must watch it again. If you have never been a Malkovich get you to it now.

The only other movie I can think of that come close is Memento, but Being is so much more sequential, with the most wondorous of logic, each moment reinforcing the moment that came before, that the comparison between Memento and Being is an apples to oranges, with Being winning hands down.

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