Frêsh Fish

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Guess Who Came to Lunch?

Heidi Fleiss came over for lunch the other day.

Actually this is a snap of my sister.  She was over for lunch at my Mom's place doing lunch and celebrating my brother's birthday.

Madam I'm Adam

She’s 40 years old now and isn’t in the game as deep as she use to be, but her cell phone rang five times while we were dining.

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When the Bees are Busy

Down to bump and slow, tick, tick, tick, tock, ticking into sweet slumber.

Fall has furtively snuck in and all around us are the signs that tomorrow will be different from today.

Fuck I used snuck.  Who gnu?  Is 'snuck', as the past tense of 'sneak', a real word?  How this form arose is itself uncertain--there are no other

Eek, Uck, Fall Has Snuck

And the bees are busy, working, working, working, for what I am not sure?

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