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Friday, November 24, 2006

The Perfect Sanctuary

And as he thought about it, 3rd circle – inner order adept, it occurred to him (this is wear (were)I am assuming the Mask) that he liked the 2 c’s and 2 r’s), and perhaps, perhaps being one of his

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Working Hard or Hardly Working

I am working hard this morning, with a little help from my friends, and I have a lot of friends.

I am working hard on a website this morning and have posted the following to the dpreview PC Talk Forum Board -

I am using a template that unfortunately names its gallery files Fgallery1-1.jpeg//Fgallery1-2.jpeg//...I am looking for an easy and hopefully free program that will let me rename my existing files in the manner above.

Via this forum I checked out CKRename. It seemed great but I wasn't smart enough to figure out how to get files to rename with the 1-1/1-2/1-3 sequential extensions.

I used Print Screen and then Ctrl + V.  I use this feature about once every 2 years so yeah I had to look up again how it worked.


Can I use CKRename to do the above or is there some other program what I can check out? It would also be nice if I could resize files at the same time but that is not a requirement.

Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful Fall.

Snapping out,


If you are into digital photography the best website bar none is Digital Photography Review. Go to this website. On the Menu drop down on the left select Forums. Then pick the Forum for the type of camera you have, or if it is a PC, printer, or storage question go to one of those forums. There is an incredible amount of information there.

Better yet. Register to become a member. It is a snap and free. Once a member you can post questions on the Forum boards.

No matter what question I have asked, within an hour or so, I always get 4-5 intelligently crafted answers to my query. The time and diligence these people take to help one unknown and sight unseen is touching. Bless them all!

Life is Good. Get you some of the Good Stuff. And the really amazing part is that the Best Stuff is Free.

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Mobbing and a Murder of Crows

The crisp calm of a beautiful Fall day was broken by the mobbing of a red tailed hawk by a murder of crows. Perhaps the hawk was Erasmus.

The first time I viewed this I was a bit taken, a mighty hawk rebuffed by a crow.

The Mighty Rebuffed

I have seen this before several times where a hawk’s sartorial splendor succumbs to the ruckus of a group of rapacious crows.

the crows are defending their nesting area.

Done For Home & Hearth

I Gooed “crow chasing hawk” and came up with mobbing and murder.

As always there is magic in the doing and much wonder.

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Sub Rosa

I am not very good with roses. I try, I try hard, but my roses only stay with me a year or two and then they are gone. Maybe one day I will learn their secrets and have one or some that stay with me forever and a day, but for now I must be content with what I get.

Below is a snap of the last rose – 2006. It is as if she is saying to me – I and yeah still dwell and I shall with all my powers come again, come again just for you. Remember me and I shall share with you in the Spring my best.

Sub rosa is a latin phrase that means in secret.

I Found It By Scent Alone

Know this Little One, I am pleased and as you slumber I will not forget.

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Painty Girl

And while I crafted the last entry below, dated 11/01/06, I thought it would be entertaining to reference a prior blog on Painty Girl. And thus I used the search function in Blogger to search everywhere for a prior blog I knew/new/gnu I had written on Painty Girl. Here, there, and everywhere, a lost lamb to be found.

After an ardent search of many key terms I began to suspect that perhaps, just perhaps, I was in error, and there was no entry for Painty Girl.

But nonetheless I had written something, of this I was certain. I went to my My Documents file on my newer computer and again I was stymied. It existed and yet it did not.

Finally, eureka, on a backup copy of some older My Documents files I found what I had been looking for, Painty Girl.

11:50 AM 4/25/2001

She was out all night and was a bit beat, beat but content. She was splatter with yellow paint. It was everywhere, yellow paint in her long dark hair, and spots of yellow on her sneakers, and a million smudges of yellow on her school girl skirt, and a splish of yellow on her left thigh, and faint freckle speckles on her light blue top, and more speckles and splatters on her sultry face and slender arms. She was a yellow mess but seemed to like it that way.

She looked worn and weary but content. She had been working hard all night. There were so many but she had done them all, she had done them all with the greatest care. It was her work of love, to each her special touch. Amongst the most magnificent purples and the most startling blues and the palest whites she had left her yellow mark, a perfectly centered spot of yellow sunshine for each, she had been out all night painting the pansies.

And in just a bit I to pansies put again.

Delicate and Swooned

Her formal moniker within the kindred was Mehitabel but everyone called her Painty Girl.

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Snaps Does The Day

And into far darkness gone but colors and shapes and such brought me back with joy.

I did a little work with cutouts today

Vote For Snaps The Good Candidate

It was out there, all over, beauty and splendor. Greens and blues are the colors I choose and maybe some reds, and yellows, and in betweens. Painty girl had been everywhere and I loved it.

It was an enchanting Fall day and I felt as if I were everywhere

And Thus with Wing to Soar

A trinity, a trinity, we want a trinity, and to this we answered why not.

Why 1 when more is better.

Who Gnu/Knew/New - A Trip

And I now confess that I am a poor speller. God bless spellcheck and Google and such. While writing the above I was unsure of the spelling of in between. Was it in between with a space or inbetween? So I Gooed.

And while I nodded nearly napping I came across this blog, the space in between, and liked it.

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