Frêsh Fish

Thursday, December 14, 2006


And as if by magic, out of the darkness into the light, many and more. But nay, no magic such. Each and every willed and bent to serve, serving the will of its master.

And all came to me thus

Reaching Further

At first just the colors of the season, red and green, with a blur in the background.

Example of depth of field.

Red and Green

But with will and focus something more wondrous, angelic in all its aspects, winged to wander, but now to stay, to stay a while with me.

And to dwell with me with the morn

Comforted by an Angel

And together thus we, tick, tock, tick, tock, it is almost 6 o’clock,

The tock is ticking.

Ticking Tock

talked of this and that and things.

And just when you have had enough you get hit with more stuff


So what exactly is going on here?

I woke up this morning around 5:30 am and decided to play around with taking digital snaps in low light. I took some of the snaps with the onboard flash, which really isn’t that bad if you, something I haven’t done enough of, take the time to figure out how it works, and some au naturale. The problem with snapping out in low light without flash, au naturale, is that you have to use a very slow shutter speed. If you are not using a tripod the probability of camera shake and blur is very high.

The first snap is a picture of my hand. It is not by magic but by me and others that all the things around me appear.

If you focus on the thumb, the opposable thumb, you will notice a fleck of orange on the lower part of the nail and also, if I knew I would have cleaned up, the under nail is dirty. I had pizza for dinner and planted the last of my bulbs this morning.

And I am reaching perhaps for one of my many vices. Either some coffee or a cigarette.

The next two snaps are of a new christmas cactus Plum just got to celebrate the season and one of the many angels that haunt our abode. The first snap is with the catus in focus and the angel blurred. The blur here is not due to camera shake but to shallow depth of field. I actually got the second snap, with the angel in focus and the catus blurred by accident. In low light it is sometimes difficult to determine what the camera is focusing on.

The fourth snap was taken without flash. Low light indoor snaps without flash will usually have an orange glow. I suspect I have white balance set to automatic here. But even if I had set white balance manually, with that opposable thumb, to incandescent light, without flash there would probably still be a glow.

The last snap is a picture of some of my stuff. You have to have stuff and lots and lots of it. And did all this stuff appear as if by magic?

No. I with my opposable thumbs went out into the darkness and brought them all into the light.

And then we have this blog. Did this entry appear as if by magic? No. I with my opposable thumbs went out into the darkness and brought all that which appears into the light.

I think they call all of the above making the subjective, objective, ,i.e. magic.

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