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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Adventures of the Black Hoodie

I had a hotel room downtown, 22nd floor.

I was able to get my room to shine like this using a sb 600 inside.


I was getting ready to do a little stepping out.

Getting ready to do the down.

Coz Every Girl Crazy Bout A

The night was beckoned with all its wonder and mischief.

I think this is a snap of Atlanta just after the sun set or it could be early morning before the rise.

Waiting for My Touch

I was getting ready to do the ATL thing.

Spent a little money and had a little phun.

Hope This is a Good Clue

Next morning on CNN they reported that last night in Atlanta there had been numerous sightings of the infamous Black Hoodie.

CNN - 24x7


The Black Hoodie was out and about doing the -

I actually hate Hip Hop but hanging out in the black hoodie was phun.


All he wanted was just a little more pi.


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Saturday, February 24, 2007


And after the spirit had been fed and had its share of folly it turned its abilities to more ethereal endeavors. Playing with this and that, phantoms inside the head, it eventually came to the most perfect of shapes the circle.

All he wanted was just a little more pi.

Created Not Made

π= circumference divide by the diameter

The area of a circle A = πr2

π is an irrational number, extending into infinity with no discernable pattern.

Hence when we go to determine the area of something it will always be just a little off, a very, very, small part will be missing. This empyreal space is called by some Angelica – a place where the angels soar and fairies romp.

Into far darkness gone in search of she...

Still My Wings To Beating Faster

As an aside 3/14 is π Day. Apple, cherry, it is all kind of relative.

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Friday, February 23, 2007

Cones and Rods

The colors are coming, the colors are coming. They are springing up everywhere. Purples and yellows and inbetween. The colors are all getting ready to put out their best.

Planted a lot of pansies in the Fall but had problems with silly rabbits and deer.  Oh well you know what they say - you got to eat.

Perfect Purples and Yellows

How wondrous to sleep and then to awake all dewy and fresh.

Example of an interesting PE tool.

Polar Coordinates

And how is it they know that now is the time to push their way up, up , out of the darkness and into the light.

Small but enchanting.

Much Like the Sun

A time for each in all their glory and then to rest and wait again.

The hummers will not be here until May.

Rattle and

Some now and some later.

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

More Phun

I was doing a little study in low light photography. I tried some shots with flash and some without. Even with a diffuser on my flash, I opted for the non flash snap.

And all came to me thus

Low Light Non Flash

At first, when you see the low light non flash offering above you might say yuck. But you have to have a little faith in magic and Photoshop Elements. With just one touch of the auto color correct option in PE I got a much more acceptable photograph.

It is amazing what you can do with just the click of a mouse.

Auto Color Correct

One of the problems with PE though is that one never knows when to stop. I next took the more acceptable snap with color correct and applied a bit of the Impressionist Brush.

Not sure which snap I like best, with or without the brush?

Impressionist Brush

With low light one is always going to get a relatively long shutter speed and hence the potential for blur cause by camera shake. To compensate for this a tripod is recommended.

Things are always cooler with a tripod.

Cooler with a Tripod

The magic is always in the doing.

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