Frêsh Fish

Thursday, April 26, 2007


“I know sometimes its kind of hard to tell but I am still alive and well.”

I thought the lyrics to the song went like this but of course I was wrong. And I thought the above was cool enough, but then I was wrong about that too.

Been there and done that. Just popped my Bahamas’ (the genitive case) Cherry. Did Freeport, GBI, and had a blast. I was hanging with The Smudge Man.

I brought my FZ-20 down and took a few snaps but nothing spectacular. One of the problems of taking all the snaps is, well, there isn’t enough snaps of me.

I took this snap of myself.

Snaps Does B Land

Although not a great snap I like the picture above because of the reflections in the sunglasses. In the right lens you can see me taking a snap of myself and in the left lens you can see some strange character walking down the beach.

The Smudge Man taking a little stroll.

I Wonder Where He Is Going?

There was a little place about 1/4 mile down the beach called The Fish Shack but to our chagrin they had, ain't fresh, no fish. Never got the skinny on why The Shack was fishless (how many times have you been fishless?). Nonetheless we found something to do.

Best I could make out the name of the local beer is pronounced like click.

Click Kalik

Only did one Kalik, and watch out how you pronounce this, some conch fritters. Then we headed out back down the beach to one of the most popular places on the planet, elsewhere.

A clue. Elsewhere is kind of hard to find. You only get there when you are really not trying.

I am working on a collection of people sleeping. They always look so innocent when they are copping 20.

Everyone is Doing the Snooze

Hum? Wonder what The Smudge Man is dreaming of?

Maybe he is searching for gold dubloons.

Water was a little cold at first but once in there was much magic about.

With Treasure Beckoning From Below

Or maybe he has caught the scent of one of those Bahama Mamas.

Snapped this out at about 8x.

There Is More Than One Kind of Treasure

And before you knew it, it was time to do it again.

This was taken a little after 7 am.

Sunrise on the Beach

Wow! Another day with lots to do. Think we will be going shopping.

Madam I am not Adam, but if you are Eve I can change.


"Technically, I'm not allowed to do my own thing on company time but I don't think God really cares, do you?" - Gone p.319

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