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Sunday, June 24, 2007


Long ago I vaguely remember reading a book on plants that was dedicated to the concept that plants have a consciousness and a will. One of the chapters was devoted to the ability of vines to find a way to climb. If you have a climbing plant and you place some supporting structure nearby, the plant will find it even if it has to start growing in the opposite direction. Who gnu ([Gnu/new/knew] is part of a trip, a set of three words that are spelled differently but pronounced the same way. I have been collecting trips for about 10 years and have a collection of about 50.)?

We now have a climbing species in our garden. I had to look it up. They’re Thunbergia alata (Black-Eyed Susan Vine) [not sure of the plural in Latin].

They're everywhere, they're everywhere.

Up and Near the Nether

These guys can really boogie. Starting with just one plant last year we have a cornucopia of them this year doing their thing all around where last years plant was.

I love stuff that reseeds and comes back.

And the One become Many

I have put up some support structures for them and as if by magic many are on their way, up, up, into the sky, to frolic, and frime (I thought I was making this word up but it turns out that it is a French word and means to show off. Couldn’t ask for a better word.), and folly.

They're everywhere, they're everywhere.

Bless the Blooms

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