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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Vow on a Spring Day

And as I get older the fear becomes greater that she will leave me for another.

Spirit leave me not for I have much left undone. Spirit aid me in my quest to leave a Corpus worthy. I who have taken the vow to provide for replacements superior to myself. Weak I have been in this pledge but the urge to create has not yet left me. And for this and this alone I am thankful.

All this and heaven too.

Persephone Returns

The beckoning of one’s Muse, one’s creative spirit, used to be a formal part of any serious endeavor. Today this homage is usually omitted. But still the practice and the pact is kept by all who create in sundry ways.

There is an ebb and flow to the manifestation of things. Certainly things do not happen all at once. There are times, special times, when it is as if one is touch by something more.

And we ask all that come before us, what was Voltaire's first name.

Candide - Francois-Marie Arouet Voltaire

There is a joy when I am free and waltz among the stars and all is there for me to command. Arranging this and that in a special way, in my own fashion. When I am like thus I am happy.

And she in beauty thus does shame us all.

Beauty Encore

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Madder Music & Stronger Wine

I was being bad last week, cavorting with the devil, watching the thing that used to have a V on top, the horns, so we all knew, watching TV.

On the telly was Of Human Bondage.

And while under the sway of the above, my curiosity was piqued by some lines spoken by Norah -

“ I cried for madder music and for stronger wine,
But when the feast is finished and the lamps expire,
Then falls thy shadow, Cynara ! the night is thine;
And I am desolate and sick of an old passion,
Yea, hungry for the lips of my desire:
I have been faithful to thee, Cynara ! in my fashion.”

A Goog of madder music and stronger wine brought up Cynara - Ernest Christopher Dowson - 1896.

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Betty Boop

I’m not a Booper but I have never really had anything against the ersatz sex symbol, Betty Boop. I was in need today and Betty came through so what can I say.

You have got to love it.  Betty with Spring pansies.

Betty With Spring Pansies

I needed a 2008 calendar and I found Betty on sale at Walmart for only $1. I couldn’t resist.

The need for the calendar will be left unspecified but there are enough visual clues for the more astute to grok.

Most people thing that this is a pansy but it is a viola.

Purple Viola

These guys work so hard and then only last a few days.

Striped Crocus

Harbinger of Spring.

Yellow Daffodil

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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Dorothy Does Digital

We have been trying for years to get my Mom a cell phone. Out of the blue yesterday her resolve finally broke. And we all scurried with abandon to get her plugged into The Matrix with dispatch.

Can you tell by the orientation of the subjects that this snap has been flipped.  I had to do it this way to get one of the talking bubbles to point in the opposite direction.

Can You Hear Me Now?

"It was a contest without time, a struggle of two abstractions, the thing that had created the building against the things that made the play possible - two forces, suddenly naked to her in their simple statement - two forces that had fought since the world began - and every religion had known of them - and there had always been a God and a Devil - only men had been so mistaken about the shapes of their Devil - he was not single and big, he was many and smutty and small." – The Fountain Head – Ayn Rand – 1943.

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Who gnu?

Well I certainly didn’t. A gnu is - “Either of two large African antelopes having a drooping mane and beard, a long tufted tail, and curved horns in both sexes. Also called wildebeest.”

Gnu is also a triplet. A triplet is a word spelled three different ways, with each of the 3 spellings being pronounced the same. I call these freaks - trips. I believe my first trip was vain/vein/vane. The next trip was probably something simple like - by/bye/buy or for/four/fore. After that trips kept popping up. It wasn't an everyday kind of thing, but every now and then I would get that little thrill of going, "Oh wow!! I've found another trip.”

I have a collection of 46 trips. My favorite is HORDE HOARD WHORED. Who GNU NEW KNEW?

Everyday we each encounter a hoard of “Who gnus?”. My who gnus from yesterday were rather mundane but still they were mine and new and helped define my day.

Who gnu number 1 was that when you are buying windshield wiper blades, the driver's side blade is usually longer than the passenger's side blade.

Who gnu number 2 was that when you purchase a rifle at Walmart, that a Walmart employee actually carries the boxed rifle out of the store for you. The purchaser does not actually take possession of the boxed rifle until they are off the premises.

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