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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Why Not Doors Instead of Windows?

Soft Parade - The Soft Parade is the fourth studio album by the The Doors, released in 1969.

I’m getting ready for a – this is the trip, this is the best part of the trip – an excursion to San Jose, Costa Rica.

Tomorrow morning at 10 am EST I will be doing a 4 hr. ATL/SJO direct Delta flight. I should hit San Jose about noon.

I am kind of puffed about the trip because I am being met at the airport by my chauffeur and bodyguard, Don Rodrigo.

Wow! This is too much. I just checked online and I have seat 36C with no one sitting next to me or in front of me. Also got the current weather conditions in Costa Rica, think less shorts and more long pants, 77F.

All of Costa Rica is starting to get excited. Don Roberto is coming to Costa Rica and Don Roberto is a very great man.

Playing with old snaps while getting ready for the trip.  From the Nashville Aquarium.


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