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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Hail Holy Light Revisited

The above title opens Book Three of Milton’s Paradise Lost. Paradise Lost is often quoted, it’s the book they are talking about in the movie, Animal House, but I suspect little read.

Everyone is suppose to give it a go in college. Back then my mind just wasn’t ready. I finally went back to Paradise Lost 15 years ago or so and did something few do. I read Paradise Lost just for fun. It is a bit long and drawn out and like just about anything I read there are many parts that could be better or just plain left out, but when Milton hits his stride he gives us the sine quo non of The English Language – the best that has been done.

In one of my many fantasies I am a man of letters, an erudite scholar. I always have some books about me. I am not as pretentious as some though. I do not have hundreds of books on display in some musty library with the inference being that I have and remain intimate with them all. Through the years I have repeatedly culled my collection. But no matter how few books I have left in my collection there are still many times when I can find everything but what I am looking for.

This just happened as I was looking for my copy of Paradise Lost.

Yahtzee. It was on the top shelf of my right bookcase under another erudite tomb – The Rolling Stones – A Pictorial History.

I know I am getting carried away with posterization but I just can't help myself.

Paradise Lost

And I went out last Monday night around 9 PM. I looked up in the sky and wow.

Should have used a tripod but I am such a slacker.


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