Frêsh Fish

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Frêsh Fish

I recently came across a reference to the moniker Frêsh Fish and I was not ecstatic about the find. My discovery was that in some circles FF stands for new inductees into the slammer.

My actual intend for Frêsh Fish was something different. I had hoped to convey with Frêsh Fish a combination of new and spirited with the added bonus being that everyone knows that fish is best frêsh. The icing on the cake was that my mother’s, mother, Lena, always told her and she me, that fish was brain food. So with Frêsh Fish we have spirited and new food for thought, ideas, that ain’t got no stink.

It is getting harder and harder to find. I thought perhaps it was just me, but I am beginning to hear it everywhere. It is getting harder to the find the good stuff. It is getting harder to find it frêsh. Dammit! It is getting harder and harder to find frêsh fish.

Everything has that couple of day’s funk to it. It has all been outsourced. You pay good money and you get tainted goods. It has all been screened and tested. It’s all so aseptic. All the life has been squeezed out of it. It has all been commercialized, homogenized, it is all the hobgoblin of little minds, teeny, tiny.

In the spirit of Frêsh Fish, I came across Cinema Bizarre and thought I would share. The group is not The Gunners but everyone seems to be having a good time.

Remix Lovesongs with Blowsight - Cinema Bizarre Berlin - Fritz Club

Here is Lovesong done with a little more Y by just Blowsight.

Blowsight - Lovesongs @ Berlin

Here is Cinema Bizaare's latest big hit - I Came 2 Party. The video is lacking but the tune is catchy.

Cinema Bizarre & Space Cowboy - I Came 2 Party

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lots & Lots

Been hitting on all six ( strings on a guitar or cylinders in a car) and doing lots and lots.

Snap of me during the late '90's.

Banishing The Distractions

Been doing research on The Origin of Life and human genetics.

-The debate is not that Life evolved from common stuff but how this evolution took place.

With respect to Path I find the concept in the large to be uninteresting. However, the area of great interest is the timing of the Path. Has there been enough time for this or that trait to have emerged via random mutation, et. al. ?

Behe, “The Edge of Evolution” – (2007) – develops an ingenious example using P. falciparum. He uses historical data to determine the probability of just 2 amino acids, in P. falciparum of mutating via random selection. He comes up with a very large number for the wait time - 100,000,000,000 years.

Behe’s study is countered by “Waiting for Two Mutations: With Applications to Regulatory Sequence Evolution and the Limits of Darwinian Evolution” – Rick Durrett and Deena Schmidt (mathematics needed here)- (2008). Under different assumptions this study comes up with a shorter wait time of – 216,000,000 years.

Behe counters with – “Waiting Longer for Two Mutations” – (2009).

Who’s right? For what comes next it doesn’t make any difference, both studies yield large numbers.

Evolutionary theory contends that Man diverged from chimpanzees 6 million years ago. I am contesting neither of these assertions. Biology states that chimpanzees and Man are very similar. I am not contesting this. But regardless of how similar, the difference in chimpanzees and Man is a lot more than just 2 proteins.

Predictive Experiment –

1. Determine the difference in the proteins in chimpanzees and Man.
2. Determine the chance of this happening by random mutation, et. al.
3. Compare to the 6 million year divergence estimate.


It is acknowledged that no matter how large the probability of an event occurring, it can still happen on the first trial. However, for this to have to happen many. many, times in a row casts some suspicion on the process. –

Even ventured onto the Special & General Relativity – Physics Forum.

-Space is the bete noir of relativity theoretics.

1. The physical characteristics of actual space are never well defined.
2. All references to relativity space are abstractions, i.e. imaginary geometries.
3. To conceal this fundamental flaw in the corpus of relativity theoretics, a sleight of hand, spacetime is used exclusively.
4. Mass/energy/gravity are trivial without a well articulated definition of actual space. –

Also backed upped all my My Documents files (1999 – 2009) (older documents on CD and documents on hard drive C:) on DVD. From 1999 – 2009 I only have 32.7 MB of pen to paper put.

Here is something I started on 3/11/99



There came into my possession a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore. Actually it appeared to be a journal. It was a 91/2 x 6, blue, single subject notebook. On the first page in pencil, several different topics were introduced. Towards the top left was a triplet – knot, not, naught. I had encountered trips before. A trip is a group of words that is spelt three different ways. There aren’t that many in the English language and this was my first exposure to this triplet. More towards the middle and about two thirds of the way up was the moniker of a group – 7 Sisters. I was only familiar with the name numcupatively. In the late 70’s there was a confederacy of occult scholars that plied their craft in and about Athens, Georgia. When they gathered collectively it was called a working of The Seven Sisters. It was speculated that the name had some astrological significance. Underneath this and a bit off center and to the left was the word – Rapture. The only association made here was of biblical significance. Beneath and to the right were several crescent moon and five point star diagrams. With the bottom center one joining points of the moon and star with a continuous line. The points were haphazardly numbered from 1 to 7. It was innocent enough but still a sensitive soul would be wary. – 3/11/1999 – 11:36 PM

I have also been working on my picture files. A picture is worth a 1,000 words. Probably a lot more because on just my C: drive alone I have about 50 GB of pictures. Then I have picture CD’s that I backed up from in the beginning that probably contain another 10-20 GB of picture file data. File by file, snap by snap, picture by picture, I have been culling my pictures with impunity.

Here is an example of a picture that will not make the final cut. I think I took it last year to illustrate that it was, burr, time for the heaters to come out.

Jeff is a bonehead.


The above is just the very surface of what my mind has been into. Like I said, I have been doing lots and lots and then some more.

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