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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Google's Chrome is Bad

Few serious individuals use Microsoft Explorer as their web browser. Why? Just like everything else that Microsoft foists on the public, ME is bloated code that runs slow.

Firefox, the open source web browser, has been the browser of choice for The Kindred. Now, this is being challenged big time by Chrome, an offering from our good buddies at Google.

Snap of me during the late '90's.

Just Say No To Chrome

The skinny on Google is that it has become way to big and commercialized. The bean counters are now running the show at Google. A flood of rumors support that Google is doing all kinds of things with our search data. This will only get worse with Chrome –

“Privacy. Chrome's taken a lot of heat for its monitoring and collection of user data, some of which happens before you even hit enter.” Browser Battle: Firefox 3.1 vs. Chrome vs. IE 8 - 9/09/08.

Recently, I have had personal experience with Google’s approach to how we should all use the web. Several You Tube links that I used on Frêsh Fish were made inaccessible within the last few weeks. This coincided with Google’s 10/28/09 launch of Google Music Search.

Try the link for Bob Dylan’s – Maggie’s Farm to get a feel for the new Google. This is not the only You Tube offering that has been pulled.

I was really happy with my music searches before Google’s new and improved. Now searching for “MY” music is not as satisfying.

“Are you experienced? Get experienced.” – Jimi Hendrix - 1967

Google is no longer your friend.

Obiter dictum - (Oh no! He is Oding on us now.) I realize that the above is hypocritical, given that I am using Blogger, that is owned by Google. So be it.

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas - 2009

Christmas is a celebration of Life. It is an individual testimony of each that Life is Good.

Begotten not Made.

Blessed Be - Forever and Always

How precious and wondrous. All of us Blessed who share in this adventure.

Jefferson Starship - Grace Slick et. al.

Do get some Slick.

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Thursday, December 24, 2009


This is my 1,001 entry.

In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.

Hail Holy Light

My first entry was entitled excessively feckless. It is dated Friday, January 11, 2002 – 10:38 pm. I have been blogging for almost 8 years.

This first entry is classic. To the more discerning, everything is there.

Feck if it is and feck if it isn’t. The title excessively feckless is rivaled only by Moby Dick as an arbiter elegantiae.

I no longer recollect where I came across the word feckless but it was and has been an enchantment. There is a feckless but no feck, and then to discern that feckless means useless is icing on the cake. Excessively feckless takes the concept over the top. Akin to – “You have such a masterful grasp of the obvious.”

My first entry was actually an email that I sent to a graduate student in California. At the time I was trying to come up with a URL for my blog and was disappointed that someone had already beaten me to feckless on blogspot. I emailed him excessively feckless to see what type of response I would get. I got no response. To fully appreciate my diddy you have to know that Hal R. Varian was this graduate student’s dissertation advisor.

excessively feckless is a glyph of the entire Blog. It reveals in some detail the nature of the spirit that dwells behind the veil and portends of many quaint and curious tales of forgotten lore to come.

I have received comment that –

1. The Search This Blog function does not work.
2. The archive link is inoperative.
3. The email address for ain’t got mail is no longer valid.
4. There is no comment function for Frêsh Fish.

Tant pis.

Although this Blog is part of the public domain and for a short interval of time each entry is accessible by all, this Corpus is intended for only a very, very, few. There are several path to the interior where many quaint and curious tales of forgotten lore dwell but only for The Kindred.

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