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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Day

I discovered a lot of new things today.

First off, if you arrange things so there is a place for everything and everything is in its place, if you move anything, everything else gets fucked up.

Secondly, to add power steering fluid to a Toyota Camry you do not add power steering fluid. Instead of power steering fluid, Toyotas use transmission fluid. I will repeat this one again. To add power steering fluid to a Toyota Camry, you do not, do not, add power steering fluid. Instead you are suppose to use transmission fluid. Who gnu?

Lastly, I just found out that all my troubles will be over in 2012.

This is what democracy is all about.

Things To Do With An Index Finger in February

I was inspired by this picture of Sarah Palin from the New York Times explaining to an engaged audience exactly what she would like to do with the index finger on her left hand. I was taken back a bit at first , but they really don’t have much to do in Alaska during the winter.

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Historical Continuity & Doctrinal Consistency

It recently snowed where I live. It was a very polite snow. It started yesterday and by this afternoon it had done a wicked witch.

Take this broken wing and learn to fly.

Lena in White

Where have I seen this scene before?

Too Much Blood

Gift From Lena

Note that in both of these blogs the new bean counters at Google/You Tube have asked the owners to remove content that was once available for your listening pleasure. This started happening in 09/09, after Google acquired an online music business.

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Gin and Wine

It’s 6:21 AM. It took me about 15 minutes to get it up but it is hard to keep a good man down. I am a good man.

It snowed starting yesterday afternoon – pristine and white with a crystalline delight. There is still a hushed quiet to the morn after an accumulation of about 3 inches.

Another dimension to play with.

Cumming in Snow

Hurray, hurray, today is tech update day.

Did an experiment comparing internet browsers. Foxfire is much, much, faster at loading pages than the curmudgeon of the internet, Internet Explorer.

Apple’s Safari, the OS they use for their Touches and iPhones still fucks Flash. Pages accessed on the internet using Flash will crash Safari.

Google has gotten into the music business. The downside is that super cool You Tube videos that used to be out there are coming down because of copyright infringements.

Windows 7 is more intrusive than ever before. There is an unheralded feature of Windows 7 that automatically goes in and checks your computer ever month to insure that you are running a genuine (The pronunciation of “genuine” with the last syllable rhyming with “wine” is generally considered less classy than the more common pronunciation in which the last syllable rhymes with “won.” Hicks drink wine from a plastic cup.) version of Windows 7. While Microsoft is anonymously running around inside of your computer it is unsure what else it is snooping on. It does this ever 30 days. Microsoft claims it does this to ensure that users get the genuine Microsoft experience, as if they are really proud of their clunky OS

I am opposed to anything that automatically updates stuff on my computer.

Hanging out in the bunker with my stuff.



This refers to maximum readiness. It is not certain whether this has ever been used, but it is reserved for imminent or ongoing attack on US military forces or US territory by a foreign military power.

May all your snow days be white.

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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Ducky not Cocky

Elliot Jones, alais Elliot Smith, had a problem. He had forgotten his shoe size. With socks it didn't matter much but certain proprieties needed to be observed in the selections of shoes. To make matters worse he had bought a rather large pair of brown shoes and he was certain he preferred black. Perhaps if he put his shoes on first and then his socks, it wouldn't matter much.

I buried treasure in Costa Rica when I was there last week and this snap is a treasure clue.

Robert Louis Stevenson

With "i" before "a" a transformation is induced.

The above is a game played on four levels.

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