Frêsh Fish

Monday, September 20, 2010

Angelic in All Her Aspects Thus

In almost every case documented, in which a human claims the intervention of the angelic, it is a time of crisis. The angelic is called upon for assistance. Of utmost importance in these narratives is not what the angel does, but how the presence of the angelic influences the mood of the human involved.

Still among us.

Les Autres

Angels and humans are different. In order to establish communication, either humans must become more like angels or angels must become more like humans. Success is enhanced if humans at least make an effort to become more angelic.

The main descriptive trait made by humans in the presence of an angel is contentment. Humans describe their encounters using the descriptive phrases - unconditional love, peace, reassurance - these are all characteristic of an entity that has established peace within - contentment.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mordecai on The Prowl

Fast talking, slow walking, but The Dude can bust a move.

I was a bit startled this morning to look down as I was doing the day on the patio and see Mordecai strutting his stuff on his annual journey to Erehwon.

Oranges yes - Apples no.

Juiced Up & Sloppy

I usually see him in the Spring and in the Fall.

In the past I have tempted Mordecai with watermelon, a big fav, and apple, not a winner. This morning I first tried chopped up banana. Mordecai was intrigued by the aroma but found the fare lacking.

I have a quirky, quick, mind and it was telling me The Dude needed some juice. So I dashed in the kitchen and chopped up some orange bits.

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Night Watch

It was many and many a year ago. In a kingdom, yet not by the sea, but nonetheless…

An admirable characteristic of blogging, since we are all so memento, is that it helps you to establish historical continuity and doctrinal consistency. It gives one a keener appreciation of how the past influences the present and also in many aspects how little changed one is from one time to the next. Always in some respect fighting the same demons.

The first snap is where I dwelt for much time in 2001, on The Night Watch, the nether, were the rhombus and the trapezoid rule.

Two computers ago.

The Night Watch

The second an abstract of The Watch. Just today I have decided to make a print of it and put it on display. Who would know from which it came hither?

How to make a bad snap, good.

Different Yet The Same

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Hail Holy Light

There is good. There is bad.

In the beginning there were equal amounts of bad and good. The amounts of good and bad were so equal that it was hard to tell the difference between this and that. Everything was the same.

Look around you now. Search high. Search low.

No matter where man looks, large or small, the message is the same.

There is more good than bad.

Another Angel among us.

Angelic In All Her Aspects Thus

All this and heaven too and I love it!