Frêsh Fish

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Corpus

At the heart of all that is to come is the concept of “The Corpus”. “The Corpus” is a collection of the offerings of an individual. As such it has interrelated components. These collections depict when an idea first emerged and also how the idea developed over time.

Usually these collections have been edited. Rare is the occasion that one gets to see the actually birthing of an idea. As with all birthings, the emergence of a new idea is messy and many times incomplete.

More To The Picture

Birthings get special attention in the study of who and what we are because they bring into sharper focus The Quest and The Beast.

There is one that seeks and one that answers and yet they are One.

Of the seeker and the sought, the answer is the most mysterious. It is always there and yet one has to wait. It is as if the resolution of one’s quest is a gift wrapped in much paper that must be diligently undone before it can be pawed.

Never Get To Be Cool

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Sure Hard To/Too/Two Handle

Up early this morning. Fired up and ready to take on the day, hitting on all 6. And bless whatever forces call me home. For when I am thus, I still am

Bring On The Day

I caught The Dead once at The Atlanta Municipal Auditorium. They got me good.