Frêsh Fish

Thursday, October 31, 2002

Happy Halloween

Hope everyone is out there getting a little, getting a little phun.  Blessed Be.

Dancing, dancing, dancing so pretty.

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Wednesday, October 30, 2002

JD ing

In the embrace of my familiars, in the fashion of my ways. We are all like planets rotating round, with our routines, with our penchants, with our peccadilloes. Today my orbit was different, I circled around a different star. The simplest things were surreal and enchanting. Today I was JD ing. Today I was JD ing downtown. Today I had, kill them all and let God decide, jury duty.

This is my only work of art.  I call it The Egocentric Theory of the Universe.  Along with The Daymare, it is framed and hanging on my living room wall.  I love it.

The Egocentric Theory of the Universe

My normal routine is up at 8:30 AM, contemplating my navel from 9-10 AM, out the door by 10:30 AM, logging in by 11 AM. But not so this morning.

I had taken a few shots at the gaggle last night, still by the grace of God I awoke at 6:15 AM, without the assistance of my white Sony, I don't often, Dream Machine. I was at the train station by 7:15 AM. I was downtown by 8 AM. I was on the 7th floor of the Fulton County Courthouse, right on time, by 8:15 AM.

At 8:30 AM we watched a movie on the responsibilities of being a juror. Next a judge got us fired up about the honor and adventure of being a juror. And then we waited for the moon to rise. We waited because that is the process. We waited for whatever.

Finally at 10:30 AM, we reported to courtroom 4D. I was juror #3. I wore a white sticky tag that said Bad To The Bone.

Bad to the Bone.

Down By Law

It was a drug trial. It was a trial about the word so ingrained into our psyche by advertising. You know, the real thing, Coke - 26 grams at least 10% pure.

Jury selection, like a work of God, is a very time consuming process. We started out with 48 jurors and that number had to be whittled down to 13, plus one alternate.

Most of the jury pool was middle class. This is because jury summons are selected via voter registration records. All 48 of us, one by one, had to stand up and answer a list of questions. Occupation, marital status, age of kids, residence, convicted of a crime, been a victim of crime, and on & on? It was interesting. Everyone had a story to tell.

Then in smaller groups, we sat in the jurors' booth and were asked more detail questions by the attorneys for both sides. Since I was juror #3, I was in the first group to get questioned by the attorneys. It took about an hour for our group to finish. We were released at 12:30 PM and told to report back at 3:30 PM.

The Fulton County Courthouse is downtown, near Georgia State University, Underground Atlanta, Centennial Park, and The World of Coke. Since I don't do downtown Atlanta much anymore, I got a little rush wandering, somewhat in a this is all new and I am lost daze, among the tall buildings and the hustle and bustle of the city.

Actually this snap is of the last time I was downtown, for Music Midtown.

Above I Saw The Wonder

I wandered up about 3 blocks to the Georgia State University area and took in the meanderings of the hatchlings and the lemmings. Had lunch at Krystal. Found a nice bench outside Underground Atlanta and wrote some of this on a yellow legal pad for about 30 mins. Did a bit more wandering.

I am sitting now at a round outside concrete table that is part of The State of Georgia Education Center. It's a beautiful day. After 2 weeks of almost constant gloom, today like my orbit is different. The sky is a perfect blue, with pristine billows and wisps of white, scurrying to and fro.

Around 4:00 PM all of the juror candidates were gathered in the courtroom. The selection had finally been made. 1,2, I love you God, 5. I didn't make the cut.

Actually if you get to be on a juror it is an honor. You get to experience how the process works. Everyone should, are you experienced, get experienced, do it once. But I have already been a juror once. Actually I was the jury foreman. And Thursday is one of my days off and well…

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I've got JD today. More later. Got to nur.

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Monday, October 28, 2002

Pumping Up For The Fall

I got my sorry ass to the gym today. If Snaps can pump, you can do it to. Do I feel good? You bet.

Talking about betting. I wish I would have dropped a few bennies on my Angels. But I don't have a bookie and have never bet big on a sporting event. The odds of The Angels winning The World Series were probably $5 would get you $10 at the start of the series , and after game 5 the odds of The Angels winning were probably even lower.

You have to love the new World Champion Anaheim Angels. In the sixth game, trailing in the series 3-2, they came from behind to overcome a 4 run deficit and win 6-5. Last night, Anaheim spanked The San Francisco Giants to win The World Series 4-3. It was baseball at its best and the best team did win.

And talking about a fall, Fall has finally started in Atlanta. Here and there and everywhere, the girls are changing their dresses from the greens of Summer and Spring, to the lush yellow, reds, and oranges of Fall.

It has been raining or overcast in Atlanta for the last two weeks. I do hope soon we will have some sparkle plenty so I can snap out the girls in all their pretty colors.

Try and do something good today. Try and do something phun. Hey, why not both? You could try whistling or jumping high or throwing a rock. Oh, and if you could I would really appreciate it if you would smile.

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Sunday, October 27, 2002

Feet Have Never Smelt So Sweet

Last week, a private collector, released for evaluation, an 8 x 11 paint by numbers oil. It has since been authenticated to be a painting by Van Gogh when he was 8 years old. The work is being called Daymare and depicts a bewildered young colt against a field of verdant greens.

Daymare was actually done by my brother, aka The Bean.  I had the painting framed and it hangs in my living room.


Independently, both The Institute of Cubism and The Gogenheim, have issued statements that Van Gogh's Daymare is au pied. Au pied means that Van Gogh used his feet, not his hands, to paint Daymare.

This au pied conclusion was reached based upon anticipated swirl analysis. When one holds the brush in hand, one approaches the canvas from above and down. When the brush is held by the foot, the swirl pattern has to come up to meet the canvas.

If offered at auction, Daymare is anticipated to fetch somewhere in the $100 million range.

For other interesting abnormalities check this site out.

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Friday, October 25, 2002


As soon as I entered feck into my word processor, I started getting error messages.

"You have committed a non sequitur."

"All further discourse is suspect due to the string syntax."

"Variable chosen is non linear in the beta's."

Wow! I was being real bad. But what the feck. I smugly hit OK every time one of these error messages popped up because I knew the secret. I was fly on the skinny.

One of my favorite words is feckless. Its easy to pronounce. Few people know what it means. Look it up because the magick is in the ing. And its definition lends itself to a variety of uses. You can feckless this and that with impunity. And whenever you whip out the big gun, excessively feckless, everyone ducks for cover.

But what the feck? While there is feckless there is no feck.

I actually stumbled upon blogger via feckless. About 3 years ago I was trying to come up with a URL for a website and tried Of course someone had beaten me to it. But at the time on this blog, there were all these entries about blogging and how Pyra was having trouble and questions about where other people where thinking of blogging if Pyra closed it doors. I was clueless.

Being rather puckish, I emailed the feck guy. To fully appreciate the missive you need to know that Hal R Varian was the feck guy's academic advisor.

My query proved feckless because I got no response.

Since there is no definition for feck, it can mean whatever you want, feck is up for grabs. So you can feck in or feck out, or be fecked about it, or just feck you, and smugly know you are cutting the skinny.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2002

And That Just Goes To Show

Just got finished watching Game IV of The World Series. Boo! My Angels, A 2, lost, 4-3, to that other team.

Had a good time though. Did a Digiorno's and a couple shots of what was on hand. If you haven't tried Grey Goose or Vox, give them a good to go.

And that just goes to show that things are not what they seem.  I have been cheating lately.  I have been buying rot gut vodka and using it to fill up the Grey Goose and Vox bottles.  After a little time in the freezer it is hard to tell.

Goose & Vox

I am hanging out with the gaggle now.

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Monday, October 21, 2002

Full Moon for the Kindred

It is Her time. It is my time. It is our time. It is the full moon.

I thought you might like to see the original draft of Full Moon for the Kindred.  If you have ever written anything you know that if doesn't come out all at once.  There are always crossing throughs and changing of position and such.  I was pleased that it only took me 20 mins to draft.  As a rule, things that manifest quickly are usually good, at least in writing.

For She and Eye are Kindred

For the last nine month, every full moon, I have published a full moon poem on this blog. They are scattered among the ruins of the blog in the archives. If you look around the date of each of the last 32 full moons, you will find one of my full moon offerings. I know I am suppose to make it easy for everyone and provide links and such, but that is not my way.

If you are interested, you will put forth the time and energy and journey into the enchanted. If not, like the magick nazi, no magick for you. For the magick is in the doing.

I didn't think I had another new full moon poem in me. I was going to offer my first poem - Glastonbury Fey. But on the way home, I looked up into the darkness of the sky, and there She was, a Lady not to be disappointed and I Her ever faithful scribe. Little this's and that’s began to dance about in my head, and by the time I got home I knew I had yet another full moon poem.

From 8:55 PM EST until 9:15 PM EST, I worked on my offering. It is not great, but I think it good, and it is all I have.

Full Moon for the Kindred

She always glides
from east to west,
like a schooner
with a big white sail.
All the sky
Her ocean still,
and in her wake
the dreams.

Some waste their dreams on long ago,
the dreams of others spent on tomorrow.
But I dream of my precious pearl,
strung along in Newton's orb,
beckoning me far away,
far to the now and here.

And all the voice in my head
acquiesce to Her still sailings.
And in this silence of Her serene,
it slowly, slowly, comes to me.
She and eye will always share,
for She and eye are kindred.

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Sunday, October 20, 2002

The Dirty Little Secrets of Digital Photography

1. It will cost you $500 to get into digital photography, $350 for a digital camera and $150 for stuff.

2. Digital photography will eat up a lot of your time. You have to transfer, name, store, and process every snap you take.

3. Digital cameras do poorly in bad light and the flashes on digital cameras are weak.

4. There is about a 30 second delay between when you release the shutter button and the pix is finally transferred over to the storage media.

5. I have never taken a digital snap that I did not have to tweak.

I have been taking digital snaps for about 9 months. I have snapped out and processed about 1,000 images. Even though a digital camera isn't the right tool for any and all situations, I love digital photography.

The greatest aspect of going dijii, taking digital snaps, is the immediacy of the media. You have an idea or see something that strikes your fancy, with digital photography, thinking, doing, done, only takes a matter of minutes.

Legendary gonzo digital photographer robert d snaps.  The man who put the Y in quirky.

"d" snaps

Right up there with fast, is the "Oh wow! Look! I did this all by myself." rush that you get every time a snap comes out good.

In truth you have to be somewhat organized and like to tinker and tweak for digital photography to work for you. But if you are willing to invest a little time and energy into having phun, digital photography delivers.

For those about to rock, we salute you.


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Saturday, October 19, 2002

On the 7th Day

He was a big guy and He was beat. For the last 6 days, He had been making all kinds of things - shapes, and colors, and places for things to unfold in.

And on the 7th day, the big guy stood before the swirling firmament, "Dammit! All I wanted was some Frêsh Fish."

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Well Hung Revisited

She's done a lot of gigs. She has done it about 52,000,000,007 times, and she is getting ready to do it again. It is a big display and lots of people are going to be watching. But there is no dress rehearsal for this kind of thing. She just puts it out and lets it hang.

Monday, October 21st, the Moon will be full.

Current theory holds that the Moon was once part of the Earth. I got the 52,000,000,007, in the above, by assuming that this separation occurred a bit less than 4 1/2 billion years ago and then add seven for phun.

Tomorrow, in Her honor, I will be offering up one of my first poems, Gastonbury Fey. I hope She will be pleased.

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SF vs. A2

I am watching Game I of The World Series. I'm pulling for The Angels. I am a sucker for 2's.

I hadn't watched a baseball game all year but somehow got sucked into Game I of the Playoffs, where The Angels played the cock sure Yankees. I loved the way Anaheim beat the shit out of New York. The Angels are a very scrappy team, with a lot of fight.

Right now it is SF2 A21, in the bottom of the fourth.

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Friday, October 18, 2002

Sally Can't Dance

Sally Can't Dance is an inside joke. You will either get it, or you won't.

It's fallish. When I start to think of fall, i start to think of sweaters, and flannel, and burr, and nip, and almost time for the snaps and crackles of the fireplace, and pulling her closer, and phun, and hats.

Yes hats dammit. One of the major problems today is that not enough people wear hats. I will tell you the truth. When I check somebody out and they don't have a hat on, they look weak. I know they are mine because I can do a hat and they can't. When a man doesn't occasionly have a hat on, it is sad, because hats are just phun. But when a woman doesn't even try, knows nothing about the allure and mystique of a bonnet upon her brow, she gets what she deserves.

Sally Can't Dance is a song by Lou Reed.  If you just can't seemed to get there on your own, Lou is there to help.  Check out Sally Can't Dance.  It's a nine.

My sister made the afghan for me. It is one of my favorite things. If I am ever down, I just put it around me and I feel safe and frisky. When I die it goes with me.

Hope you like the chapeau. I have one, and my brother has one, and my Dad has one. If you every see two hats at the same place, beware. Don't fuck with the hats, the boys are rather proud.

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It's fallish.
Lurking in the nooks and crannies
Starting to stealth in like a big, black cat.

Hallowed to fallowed
A turning in the grave.
Down to dormant dust
The ashes of the burning leaves.

Soon the verdant ladies
Will sashay in their new rainbow frocks
Oranges, reds, and sun kissed goldens.

And then the weenie tricks
Ghosts, and goblins, and fools.

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Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Nasty Finger

I have been playing guitar. I did well. I broke the sixth string, the little one, the little e.

Nasty Finger

Nasty Finger

The pixs is of the nasty finger. I use this one to do most of the dirty work, this and the pinky are the bad boys. When I go all the way these are the two fingers that do most of the work. Can you see the callus on the bad boy? Working so hard.

Boo!! Didn't realize my nails where that dirty. They look worse in the snap but still.

Can I tell you a little secret? I want to have my nails done, especially my toes. Do my feet bitch and paint them pretty.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Bulls and the Bears

Swing traders will be selling a portion of their holdings into today's rally.  They will sell shares today so they can buy them back in the future at a cheaper price.

Buy Low. Sell High.

The stock market is set to explode higher on the open. It will be like a rocket taking off. Today will be a good day for stocks. But whatever you do, don't being buying equities here. If you caught my recent blog on The 2002 Bear Market, all the swingers will be selling into this rally.

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Red Dragon

Red Dragon remains all the rage, for the second straight weekend it was number 1 at the box offices throughout the US. The skinny is that Red Dragon should have been the sequel to, you covet what you see, Silence of the Lambs. Hannibal, the second flick in the trilogy, was so bad that I was apprehensive about Red Dragon. But after two weeks Red Dragon still has wings, so I suspect I will check it out. Actually, Red Dragon, is a remake of Manhunter, which was the first movie adaptation of the book, Red Dragon. Manhunter was good to go and when I finally get the RD video, I am also going to do Manhunter again.

Trick or Treat?  I have always wondered why I can't have both?

Bite Me

And you better be getting your slacker ass in gear. There are only 16 more days left until Halloween and you don't even have a costume yet. There is going to be a lot of good stuff out there this year and by God you better get your fair share.

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Sunday, October 13, 2002

Jumella & Aclima

Everyone has a nodding acquaintance with Cain & Abel. Cain was the first issue of Adam and Eve, and shortly after the birth of Cain, let's say, nine months after the birth of Cain, Abel was born. Cain and Abel grow up. Cain becomes a tiller of the soil, a farmer. Abel herds sheep. Cain and Abel offer the fruits of their labor up to God in sacrifice. For reasons that are never very satisfying, the all mighty and merciful God, likes Abel's offering but finds Cain's fruit unsatisfactory. Cain gets pissed off and kills Abel with a rock.

The reasons given, for why God in His infinite wisdom preferred Abel's offering to Cain's, are at best obscure. Biblical scholars try to skirt over this issue by asserting that God just didn't like Cain's attitude. And wow, Abel wins and ends up dead. You just have to be a little suspicious that something is missing here?

There is another verison that is much more satisfying. According to the received doctrine of this tradition, both Cain & Abel had twin sisters. Jumella was Cain's twin sister. Aclima was Abel's twin sister.

Around the time that the children were about ten or twelve, God again, in His infinite wisdom, decreed that Cain should marry Abel's twin sister, Aclima, and that Abel should marry Cain's twin sister Jumella. By this Cain could not abide. He found his twin sister, Jumella, to be the fairer of the two girls, and had very strong ties to Jumella in other ways.

Adam suggests to the boys that they make a sacrifice to God and endeavor His council. Both make sacrificial offering. God stands by his original decree and finds in favor of Abel. Cain kills Abel with a rock and marries his twin sister, Jumella.

In the beginning, as is now, and ever shall be.

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Bitches' Day in Paradise

And when Adam returned from his daily travails in the garden, he was shocked to see both Lilith and Eve, together, waiting for him. All of his cunning and wit for not, they had found each other. He was instantly at the ready, for another Bitches' Day in Paradise.

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On the 7th Day

He was a big guy and He was beat. For the last 6 days, He had been making all kinds of things - shapes, and colors, and places for things to unfold in.

And on the 7th day, the big guy stood before the swirling firmament, "Dammit! All I wanted was some Frêsh Fish."

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Foucault's Pendulum

FP by Umberto Eco is worth the time. It is a good read. It helps if you have some exposure to the occult, but it is really about anything, anywhere, anytime. It's just how it is.

I had need of Eco's offering yesterday. I needed to check the spelling of a term i was using elsewhere. Inside the front cover, on white copy paper, in a hand very familiar was the following :"And if you do not find it here you have never known, for it is not hidden but revealed. All who have known will now remember. The third eye of Shiva. Heard but not seen. Listening to the light."

Also on the inside flap i had written down these page numbers : p.121/p. 264/p. 282/p. 317/p. 380. i must have been following a thread that i found of some interest. but since i am into d&s(dumb & stupid) and so memento, sometimes i forget.

I took a peek/peak/pique at page 121 of Foucault's Pendulum. I guess it makes a difference that i am referencing the 1988 hard cover edition. "I want to tell the world what I know, hoping that there may be somebody out there who can fit the rest of the puzzle together - somebody who might read the book and come forward."

The Templars get a lot of play in this story. It is an interesting story. There is a definitive key to the Templar's story. I first came across it in a rather obscure work by Rene Descartes - the x y guy. In some length he describes an organization practicing a transgenerational ritual. So there is no misunderstanding, Descartes documented an eugenics experiment of the highest order.

"And we shall be as Gods. All we need is time." The Meditation of Master Phat vol 6 chap 2 p. 25

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Saturday, October 12, 2002

One of the Old Ones

I still have about 75 actual records. They all have to be about 20 years old, but most are still good friends and they all put out.

About 2 or 3 months ago the needle on my JVC turntable went bent. Being the slacker that I am, it took me awhile to finally call JVC and inquire about getting a replacement.

I got a very nice lady on the phone. I think her name was Betty. I gave Betty the model number of my turntable and told her I needed a new stylus. What luck. Betty informed me that they no longer carried the stylus but that the stylus for my turntable used to go for $175.

Boo!!! No more records. I figured that I would probably need some special JVC only type of stylus and even if I found one it would cost mega bucks.

Black and Blue has a few of my favorite Stones' songs on it.  Hand of Faith is a straight up rocker.  Memory Hotel is a great slow ballad type of song - She drove a pickup truck painted green and blue.  And Melody on the flip side is the best ever in High Vamp - She took my trailer home.  She took my Sunday boots.

She took my trailer home. She took my Sunday boots.

But sometimes it's good to have a woman around. I told Plum I was a little sad and why. One of her sons used to scratch, so she said she would check with him and see what he could do.

God loves me. Last week Plum brought over a generic stylus that was good to go.

Crank up the guitar and beat on that drum. I think the boy wants a little phun.

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To Blog or Not To Blog, That Is The Question?


Not is a trip. I collect triplets. A triplet is a word spelled three different ways, with each of the 3 spellings being pronounced the same. I call these freaks - trips.

The second member of the not triplet is easy, knot. The third member is perhaps naught so obvious.

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Friday, October 11, 2002


If your man brings you flowers at 10 AM, you go girl. You did daddy proud.

White panties with yellow mums.

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Thursday, October 10, 2002


I am getting ready to put some really interesting stuff on the blog. It's whispering in my ear now. It is almost here. I am a bit reluctant to do it all on the blog because it is very fresh. I suspect I will drop a few clues here and there and leave the rest up to tu.

Actually, I have been leaving clues all along, but not everyone has been following this blog, and well some of you are slackers.

More of this we know, and more of this we will tell, but first we ask that you stay awhile and with us for sometime dwell.

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Teeny Tiny

"Can I help you sir?"
"I'm starting an endeavor and need something very small."
"How small?"
"As small as you can make it, and then smaller."
"You mean you need something teeny tiny?"

I am not that good at conjuring up the very small. I have to approach small in steps. I do it like this.

I look at something. Then I say, "This is composed of atoms." Then I say, "Atoms are composed of electrons, neutrons, and protons." Then I say, "Of the three components of the atom the swirling electrons are the smallest." Then I say, "I have forgotten but the electron is composed of particles even smaller." Here I stop and say, "This is my smallest." Then I take out a hammer and smash it and make it smaller still.

In the beginning there was not much. It was so teeny, tiny.

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1. Hard evidence - None.

You don't clandestinely spend $50 - $100 billion a year, using the most sophisticated eavesdropping (spelling here is interesting) equipment in the galaxy, and not come up with one snap, one document, one anything that would support your case. Based on the evidence, if that is what you want to call it, presented so far, the case against Iraq would be thrown out by any Grand Jury in the country.

2. Top Secret.

The NSA, using two Cray X1 TM supercomputers, ran a Big Moby psychological profile assessment on Suddam Hussein. According to this top secret report, the assessment revealed that Suddam Hussein is an anagram for AM SAD INSANE.

3. Darken the sky.

So we don't have any hard evidence, but we had so much fun kicking Iraq's ass before, we want to do it again. Fine. Go for it. Just do it.

Don't ask for anyone's permission. Fuck world opinion. Don't take months to get in place. Don't tell everyone in the world what you are going to do. Just do it and let God decide.

Darken the sky. Figure out approximately where Saddam is. On a Sunday, just before dawn, darken the sky with planes and level everything within a 5 mile radius of where Saddam is suppose to be.

4. Forget Saddam, go after the oil.

The only reason Iraq is any threat at all is because of its oil revenues. Without those petro bucks Iraq doesn't have squat. The annililation of 15 or 20 strategic oil sites would completely cripple Iraq's oil producing capabilities and put a dramatic and sudden halt to its petro bucks.

5. Please don't tell.

It is a known fact that Iraq does have biological and chemical weapons. The utility and effectiveness of these weapons of "mass destruction" are probably overrated. But the reason we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Iraq has these capabilities is because the U.S. gave Iraq tens of millions of dollars worth of these types of weapons when Iraq was at war with Iran.

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Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Weenie Tricks

October 31st is, trick or treat, Halloween. It used to be an evening just for the children, but over the years it has evolved into a romp for adults as well. I am not sure of the etiology of this transformation. I suspect it has something to do with our cultural mania of overindulging the child, the child in us all.

I tried to go back, way back in time, to when I was 3, or 4, or 5, and so forth, to recollect what costumes I wore for Halloween? For shame, all that would come at my beckonings were vague faint shadows of perhaps this or perhaps that? I am sure I was the usual things, a ghost, or a pirate, or a fool.

With some effort, I did recall the tinge of excitement I felt as twilight approached, and me putting on the best costume in the world, plotting how I would rape and plunder, with a grocery sack or an old pillow case in hand, going out into the night in search of adventure.

There were always others about, giggling and laughing, with "Trick or Treats" everywhere. Doors opened by giants, more "Trick or Treats" and "What are you suppose to be's?", and plunder, and going "Wow!" or "Boo!", instantaneously calculating, like only a child can, who was giving out the best stuff.

When do you stop? I don't have a good grasp of that, but like anything else that is phun, you are doing it for awhile and then pow, you're not. Eventually, I would head home quite confident that I had enough candy and goodies to last forever.

So get your slacker ass in gear. There are only 22 more days left until Halloween and you don't even have a costume yet. There is going to be a lot of good stuff out there this year and by God you better get your fair share.

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Monday, October 07, 2002

White Goddess*

I have always
and not without some skill
played The Fool.

T'was never my intent
nor even my desire
to come too close
to that which I

T'was always best
to pay homage from

To be aware is good.
To know is better.
To believe is best.

She is always with us

So celebrate her ways and often.

So celebrate her ways and often.

and takes delight in our ways.

This is so because
in the awe of her beauty
we give thanks
for that which She is.

But what is it
of witch is spoken?

T'is delight of
sound, scent, sight,
& touch.

The swirling vortex
of atom and orb
manifest to hold us
in Her sway.

She is not
where delight is not taken.
Sadness & a withering
portend that She is

So celebrate Her ways
and often.
She comes stirring of the blood
& a quickening of the heart.

Know her best by thine eyes.
Sparkle plenty, shimmer dance,
all a swirling
atom - orb.

© 2002 big box industries

Sunday, October 06, 2002

David Copperfield

I am giving some thought to re-reading, for the third time, David Copperfield by Charles Dickens (1812-1870). I am somewhat reluctant to embark upon this journey because it is not like I don't already have a million unfinished things to do, and DC runs some 800 rather small fonted pages, divided into 64 Chapters. Yes, Charlie could go the distance. Just imagine if Dickie blogged!

I was born with a caul, which was advertised for sale, in the newspaper, at the low price of fifteen guineas.

Warning - Very Dickensian

I am further hesitant to peruse DC for the third time because it really isn't one of my favorite reads - no sex, no violence, no white punks on dope, no identity crisis’s, no aliens, no threat of nuclear war, no computer viruses, no stuff. No one is bored, everyone seems to have something to do, and no one has trouble sleeping at night. David Copperfield is too perfect. I just can't relate.

It took me a while to yatzee some of the yellow legal pad notes I took the last time I read David Copperfield.

“ July 1, 1992 - After 133 pages the three outstanding characteristics of the story are:

1. The names of the characters.
2. The occult references.
3. The bond between David and his mother – replaced later by Agnes and then Dora.”

I remember nothing about (2.) or (3.), but Dickens certainly had a way with names - Trotwood, Peggotty, Chillip, Badgers, Grummidge, Barkis, Traddles, Fibbitson, Creakle, Sheffield, Quinion, Steerford. And of course how can one forget Murdstone or Micawber? Come on you can do it. Let's have a little phun. With the stress on the first syllable, take Muurrdstone for a spin.

Am I going to take the plunge? I've found that I already have. I went out on Google and Alta Vista and did a few DC's. For shame, now you see it and now you don't, you get David Copperfield the magician first, but afterwards there follows an extensive corpus on Dickens and David Copperfield. There are even several online versions of David Copperfield, neatly divided into 64 chapters.

Although I have only read part of the first Chapter, I already know I was way wrong. There is sex, and violence, and jealousy, and envy, and insecurity, and cunning stunts, and wiles, and everything that makes us human, easily found throughout this quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore.

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Saturday, October 05, 2002

I Have Rainbow Crystals

The future, (t+1), is a supersaturated solution, much like a crystal waiting to take shape. The supersaturated solution is waiting for a seed to form around. The future is always impatient to be born because more will tomorrow than today.

At any given time, (t), there are groups or coalitions willing certain future outcomes. These emotionally charged mental images are in part used to seed the future. Unfortunately, this seeding of the supersaturated future is not a democratic process. The will of some entities is much more powerful that the will of others.

"We take before it is given. In this fashion we remain true." The Meditations of Master Phat - Vol. II Chapter 9 p.18

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Friday, October 04, 2002

Dorothy Day - December 15th

On Wednesday, I went out to visit the known terrorists, my folks, who are thought to be armed and extremely dangerous. It was time to make some preparations for Dorothy Day, December 15 th.

Dorothy Day, December 15th, is the day that 3rd circle AD, in the southeastern part of the United States, plant bulbs that are expected to bloom in the Spring.

The Magick is in the Doing

Dorothy Day, December 15th, is a little known neopagan, planting/fertility ritual, that is practiced by 3rd circle AD adepts.

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Helter Skelter

We go there not directly but (proceed) in a helter skelter way. Too much, too soon, so often causes one to go astray. And it is our intention for you not to lose your way. Nay, it is our intention for you to come and then to stay. Stay awhile or longer and may this serve you well. Stay awhile or longer but promise not to tell. That once while you were traveling in a land most far but near, you heard the twinkling of the light, a sound so very dear. More of this we know, and more of this we will tell, but first we ask that you stay awhile and with us for sometime dwell.

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Stones Tour 2002

The Rolling Stones are out there doing it again. God bless the boys, the best of the best. Yeah, they are far past their prime, and probably all their love is in vain/vein/vane, but respect must be given. Some of the best songs ever, have been done by The Stones. The best one, two punch in all of rock is the Rolling Stones on Let it Bleed - Gimmie Shelter - Love in Vain. But if you really want The Stones you have to do it live. Best live album ever - 'Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out!' All the songs on Ya-Ya are great, but Midnight Rambler has the best slow down in all of rock.

A lot of people are taking cheap shots at Keith Richards, the best blues rocker ever. Two words - Fuck You! I have tried to play guitar for over 30 years.

This is one of my favorite pixs.  It's called Blond with red demon.

Blond With Red Demon

Keith Richards is one of the world's top ten blues/rock guitarists. No one does it as proud as Keith. There is an obscure song by Nils Lofgren - Nils Lofgren - Keith Don't Go (Ode to The Glimmer Twin) - that says it all. "Keith don't go. Don't take my phun."

So you sneer and snicker, but to anyone who knows anything about music, Keith is and will always be a God. Mick found out. Without Richards, Jagger is just a hyper little fuck boy with pouty lips.

Forever and always. God bless Keith. Big heart. Big soul. Forever and always. God bless The Stones.

Thursday, October 03, 2002

Known terrorists. Armed and extremely dangerous

Known terrorist.  Armed and extremely dangerous.Known terrorist.  Armed and extremely dangerous.
The distinguished gentleman to the left is my Dad. The refined and sophisticated lady to the right is my Mom. My Dad is 78 years old. My Mom is 75 years old.

Last month, my folks went on an Alaskan cruise. While waiting for their departing flight, leaving Atlanta to Salt Lake, my folks, the identified terrorists, were subject to a full pat down and complete luggage search. If this is what Homeland Security is all about - Bite Me.

Government has always used times of crisis to enact legislation that usurps the rights, liberties, and freedoms, of its citizens. The usurping of individual rights is a reoccurring pattern of all governments. Temporary emergency powers are granted a bureaucratic body and once these powers are obtained they are never relinquished. Note that in any and all Homeland Security legislation, there is no delineation of when or upon what conditions, these powers would be voided.

It is the nature of The Beast, it is the nature of The Leviathan, that once manifest, it can not be banished. Those that beckon are forever doomed to grovel in the belly of The Beast.

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Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Stock Market Forecast - 10/02 - 4/04

After Tuesday's, beginning of the fourth quarter, pyrotechnic display, with the DOW closing up about 350 points and every other index making similarly impressive gains, some of you were probably thinking - Snaps is shot out. Bear Market? What Bear Market? The upswing is here again and it's time to ride.

What me worry?  I always use a percentage approach and buy low and sell high.
What Me Worry?

Some of that euphoria probably wore off today, with the market giving back about half of Tuesday's gains. I suspect that tomorrow will be another down day. After 4:00 PM EST, the market close, ADM (Advanced Micro Devices) announced that things in the chip market sucked. In after hours trading, ADM was down about , ouch, 20%.

Over the next 12 months there will be up days and there will be down days, but we are still and will remain for some time in the slow squeezing clutches of a Bear Market hug.

Up front, know this, most of us will never see another Bull like the stock market of the '90's. The '90's stock market was jacked, it was pumped, it was razzle dazzle. It was the long con at its best. The stock market of the '90's was the mother load, it was a gusher, is was like Old Faithful, it just kept going up and up and up. It was a Nantucket, all you had to do is ride. The stock market of the '90's was a black hole, sucking in all you had to give, sucking in all your money. But like any scheme, where you put your money in now and get it back later, the stock market was and is a pyramid scheme, and eventually the smoke and mirrors, the illusion, the mass hysteria, succumbed to the gravitational force of reality.

So what does all this mean? Does it mean that you should avoid the stock market at all cost and be content with the pittances offered by money market funds or for the more daring bonds? No. But it does mean that the days of a very passive, buy and hold strategy, are over. The only way to get out of the stock market alive, over the next few years, will be to swing trade. It's the old buy low and sell high.

Buy low and sell high sounds great, but how do you know when a stock has hit its high or low? The way to win here is to not adopt an all or none strategy, selling all your holdings at once or investing all your reserves in one fail swoop. The way to win is to use a percentage approach. With a percentage approach you gradually enter or exit the market. You are not going to hit home runs with this approach but a percentage strategy will certainly absorb a lot of the shock caused by wild market gyrations.

Let's say you have a 1,000 shares of a stock. Further assume that over the last week the stock has risen 15%. With a percentage approach, you would sell a certain percentage of your holdings to realize the gain. Let's assume that you have picked a number out of a hat and decided on 10%. So when your stock goes up x%, I just picked 15% but the percentage can be higher or lower, you would sell 10% of your holdings, or 100 shares. This would leave you with 900 shares still invested and some money on the side lines for future consideration. If the market continues to go up, you continue to sell a certain percentage of your holdings. If the market suddenly starts to go down, you commit a certain percentage of your reserves to buying back more shares at a cheaper price.

I have just completed an extended stock market forecast. For the next month or so the market will bounce around, some days up and some days down. Mid November through late December will be bad for the market. Over this interval the market will probably hit new lows. This extensive decline will be followed by a slight end of the year rally.

The market's up and down pattern will continue into 2003. March through June 2003 will be favorable for equity investors but from July through September 2003 once again the Bear will growl. Finally, in late Sept 2003 at least through April 2004, the market will offer investors and opportunity to participate in a sustained rally.

So what is behind this forecast? What will bring about a sustained rally from late September 2003 through April 2004? All rallies are based on hype. The problem now and for the near term is that there isn't anything to hype. But by late next year something new and dramatically improved will have finally arrived. Thank you God may I have another. By/buy/bye late next year everyone will be high fiving again. By late next year 25 will be all the rage. By late next year 64 bit computing on the desk top will finally hit the consumer market.

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Everything Revisited

He looked up at the wolf calendar neatly tacked to the wall near the shadeless lamp on his night stand - October 2002 - feral yet not foe - a wolf. It was Wednesday - the 2, 9, 16, 22, 30 - the 1st Wednesday - the second - October 2, 2002.

Everything Revised comes around the first week of every month.  I use it to show off my wolf calendar and indicated that, wow! tempis fugit, time flies.

He looked to the right and squinted a bit to decipher the time on the white Sony dream machine on the dresser up against the wall opposite the bed - 11:32. night stand - bed, let's go with 11:32 pm.

Brandon was doing it again. Brandon was writing about nothing and having a good time of it. Brandon was having such a good time writing about nothing because in the back of his quirky little brain lurked a secret.

Sure he was writing about nothing but then things can change. Things can undergo a transformation, like the one-to-one correspondence mapping of fish into not fish. And Brandon knew that the one-to-one correspondence mapping of nothing into not nothing was everything.

So on October 2, 2002, a bit before midnight, watched over by a wolf, Brandon wrote about everything. As he wrote though, he wondered that if he was really writing about everything, how come he was leaving so much out?

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