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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Happy Halloween

It was a fresh Fall evening and all the trees were singing happy songs. There was a stillness in the air as if the night was waiting. The coolness of the eve tickled his skin and he too sang a happy song with the trees.

High upon the eve she rides

Enchanting Moon

And as his mind wandered he looked up into the sky and there she was happy too, big and bright.

Round she is and round she knows and round and round and round she goes

Beckoning of the Moon

He mumbled the words taught to him by his father, who had learned it from his father, who had learned it from….. And while he chanted he made his wish. He wished for the Halloween Witch. And suddenly there she was with more colors than a rainbow.

Aroint and anon.

Halloween Witch

As in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, The Magick is in the Doing.

Hope everyone is out there getting a little, getting a little phun.  Blessed Be.

Happy Halloween

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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Happy Halloween

Hope everyone is out there getting a little, getting a little phun.  Blessed Be.

Dancing, dancing, dancing so pretty.

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Friday, October 29, 2004


Space was created and out of necessity time, time being the distance between 2 points.

Why are there 60 seconds in a minute and 60 minutes in an hour but only 24 hours in a day? Because outside the realm of human consciousness time is irrelevant, time is man made, time is made up, time is just a trip toy to play with.

This Sunday is Fall back, a time change, and I am rather glad. For the last 6 months the tick, tock, clock, with the pretty chimes in the living room has been an hour behind. After Sunday though it will be hitting on all twelve, right on time.

If you look closely at the reflection in the glass on the clock you will catch a rare glimpse of the world's best one-eyed gonzo digital photographer - Dr. Robert D. Snaps. Chorus - (repeat three times)  And none would deny it.

Bad Clock/Good Clock

Time is relative. It depends on which clock you are looking at. Usually one size fits all but it depends.

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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Lunar Eclipse

She is certainly enjoying herself tonight. And to whip and spur does she go with glee as she rides the pumpkin moon. She is fat and full with folly singing songs of lust.

And they pulled down the shades and made wild love.

Lunar Eclipse

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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The Magick is in The Doing

Although I am Dr. Robert D. Snaps, the world’s best one-eyed gonzo digital photographer, I have only been into photography of any kind for about a year and a half. I still have lots and lots and lots to learn. I have confidence though that one day I will be a decent photographer because I know were the magick is, I know the secret. The secret to doing anything well is to do it often and play with all the buttons and knobs.

I planted cosmos for the first time this year.  I was a little disappointed at first because they grew about 5-7 feet tall but did have one bud on any of them.  Finally within the last 2 weeks they have started to put out and when they do they really put in the boot.

All This & Heaven Too

I was getting myself a little magick this morning. After I finally got my slacker ass out of bed and ate and stuff, I played around with some of the settings on my new digital camera and went outside and snapped off. I didn’t get a Mona Lisa or anything but after playing around with some other buttons and knobs in PhotoShop Elements I came up with something that I am rather pleased with. I certainly didn’t plan to do it this way, but doing seems to have a will of its own.

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I have had my spider plants for about 15 years. They are easy to maintain and travel well. The skinny is that spiddies hang tough.

This is a snap I took of a spiddy in my office at about 2 pm yesterday

Playing With Its Shadow

I have been a spider Dad innumerable times. To start a new plant you just take one of the spiders that are always dingle dangling down, cut the little vine that it is attached to, then put it in some dirt, and water. Spiddies like a little sun but they will probably grow almost anywhere.

Spider plants make great gifts and there is nothing better than giving a friend to a friend.

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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Bag Man

I'm a bag man. Everybody seems to know. Well it is kinda hard to hide.

When I want to get a lot of attention I wear a paper bag over my head. I am partial to Kroger paper sacks. I have tried lots of others but a Kroger paper bag fits just right and has a unique fragrance.

"Paper or plastic? Oh paper. You can see through plastic."

I cheat a little when I go Krogering. I roll up the end of the bag so I can just see the ends of my feet. That way I can slowly get around without causing to much damage. But driving is still a bitch.

I don't have car insurance anymore. Yeah, I have had a few accidents. I thought I had it worked out. Only bag on the expressway. You don't have to worry about turning or lights or anything. You can't bag and listen to music too loud. It helps to roll the windows all the way down. If you hear disparate car horns honking from the left - veer right. If you hear a bewildering sound from the right - try easing to the left. But as I found out last time, if you hear horns everywhere you are fucked.

I'm trying to cut back on bagging, especially the driving part, but it's hard. There's something about the crinkle/crackling of new paper as I bag up that still has a hold on me.

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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Fuck Art, Let’s Dance

I was surfing the web, waiting for a Nantucket, when I came across the above blog. Although the first entry I encountered was a bit bent, it was done in a special way, it was perfect. Not even God could keep me from reading the rest and it was all good.

There is a special gift at work here. It’s hard to tell exactly what it is? I am a bit jealous that this entity is only 21, but I cannot withhold my blessing.

Bookmark the above. Big things are expected here.

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Au Pied

Last week, a private collector, released for evaluation, an 8 x 11 paint by numbers oil. It has since been authenticated to be a painting by Van Gogh when he was 8 years old. The work is being called Daymare and depicts a bewildered young colt against a field of verdant greens.

Daymare was actually done by my brother, aka The Bean.  I had the painting framed and it hangs in my living room.


Independently, both The Institute of Cubism and The Gogenheim, have issued statements that Van Gogh's Daymare is au pied. Au pied means that Van Gogh used his feet, not his hands, to paint Daymare.

This au pied conclusion was reached based upon anticipated swirl analysis. When one holds the brush in hand, one approaches the canvas from above and down. When the brush is held by the foot, the swirl pattern has to come up to meet the canvas.

If offered at auction, Daymare is anticipated to fetch somewhere in the $100 million range.

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Friday, October 22, 2004

Golden Boy

One day while chasing a green lizard deep into the forest, Lin Lu came upon a gnome. With cunning and stealth and a little luck, Lin was able to trap the gnome in a shoe box. The little gnome clamored and bellowed and banged from inside the dark box but to no avail, he was trapped and he was trapped good.

Lin Lu had never captured a gnome before and was very excited. With some slender vines he found nearby he wrapped and wrapped and wrapped the box to make it almost impossible for the prisoner within to escape. Then with a sharp stick he made a few breathing holes in the top of the box, being careful not to shove the sharp stick too far into the box for fear of injuring his little gnome.

All the while the little gnome inside the dark box was making quite a ruckus - fussing and kicking and hollering, “Let me out!! Let me out!! Let me out!! I will die soon if I don’t get out of here. I will do anything. Just get my ass out of this box!”

One of the reasons that Lin Lu was so excited about catching the gnome was that he had heard that it was very good luck to trap a gnome. In order to regain his freedom the trapped gnome was suppose to grant his captor one wish.

Lin Lu grabbed the secured box with the gnome inside and shook it very hard and then proclaimed, “Little one inside, I will only let your slacker ass out of the box if you grant me one wish.”

From inside the box the little gnome said, “Anything, anything, just get me the fuck out of here. How about if I fill this box with gold coins just for you?”

Lin Lu consider the bequeath and then replied, “No. No box of gold coins. I could easily spend a box of gold coins and then what would I do?”

The little voice inside the box countered, “How about if I give you a magick shovel. Every time you dig a hole at least three feet deep you will find gold nuggets?”

“No way.”, said Lin , “Too much work.”

The little gnome was getting more and more anxious, he needed out, out fast, and he finally offered, “Ok. How about if every night between midnight and 1 am, whatever you touch turns to gold.”

Lin Lu should have just wished for a bigger dick.

Sometime after Midnight

This sounded easy enough to Lin Lu and he agreed.

Who gnu/new/knew?

Look But Don't Touch

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Thursday, October 21, 2004


It was a wonderful Fall afternoon, there was a quiet and hush to the air, broken only now and then by the screaming of a falling leaf. Dorothy was enjoying herself in the garden, reading Act V, Scene V, of Macbeth.

First their skins had mutated from green to burnt red and they the awful screaming.

Dorothy in the Garden of Good & Evil

But as she enjoyed the peace and quiet of the garden she could not suppress the anxious feeling that she was being watched. Several times she had stopped her reading and quickly jerked her head to the left or right to see if she could discover who was watching her. But each time there was only the hush and quiet of a wonderful Fall day, broken only now and then by the screaming of a falling leaf.

If she guesses my name this time I think I will have to change my moniker to something more elusive like Bob.


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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Dr. Robert D Snaps

I wasn’t born this way but with time I have changed. It is feckless to dwell on the past, it is best to just stand proud and deliver. “I am Dr. Robert D Snaps, the best one-eyed gonzo digital photographer in the world.”

Chorus : (Repeat 3 times) “ And none would deny it.”

Now the above proclamation takes some explaining. Earlier this year I was bumping into walls and stuff and decided I needed another pair of glasses. I have always thought I was far sighted, so I went to the eye clinic to get a new, insurance paid for, snazzy pair of reading glasses.

I don’t hang out at the eye clinic much so they had to ask me all kinds of questions like what type of medical insurance I had and such. In my mind I was going, “Fuck man, all I want is a pair of reading glasses not brain surgery.”

After sluffing off the barrage of inquires I hung out in the waiting room with all the other bats. Finally some chick called my name and when I came forward had me follow her into one of the examining rooms.

She had me look at this and that, all the while making adjustments to the examining equipment. And of course there was the infamous eye chart. Finally she stopped, looked at me, and declared. “The vision in your right eye is uncorrectable. For all intensive purposes you are a one-eyed man.”

And with time it all became a blur.

Bad Eye

Uncorrectable sounds bad but she meant uncorrectable with glasses. Turns out that I had a cataract on the cornea of my right eye. According to Plum it is at about 5 o’clock, or about 160 degrees, straight on. It is easily correctable with surgery.

Can't wait to see through walls.

Good Eye

Unfortunately, since I am never sick, my current insurance plan was carrying a rather high deductible, almost as high as the entire operation. Who gnu? So I am waiting until the beginning of next year, after I change to a better insurance plan, to let them stick that fish hook in my eye.

“Wow, it was so easy going in but it is kind of a bitch getting this little sucker out.”

I must have the strongest left eye in the world because I only really still need glasses for reading. I am a bit excited about my nip and tuck. The doc told me that after my operation I should be able to see through walls and stuff.

Now some of the stuff in the above proclamation I just made up, like Dr. and Snaps, but why not? The D in the above stands for digital and we are all a little gonzo. So take all of that and trump it with a one-eyed jack, there are only 2 in a deck, I am the jack of hearts, and pow –

“I am Dr. Robert D Snaps, the best one-eyed gonzo digital photographer in the world.”

Chorus : (Repeat 3 times) “ And none would deny it.”

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Monday, October 18, 2004

Teeny Tiny

"Can I help you sir?"
"I'm starting an endeavor and need something very small."
"How small?"
"As small as you can make it, and then smaller."
"You mean you need something teeny tiny?"

I am not that good at conjuring up the very small. I have to approach small in steps. I do it like this.

I look at something. Then I say, "This is composed of atoms." Then I say, "Atoms are composed of electrons, neutrons, and protons." Then I say, "Of the three components of the atom the swirling electrons are the smallest." Then I say, "I have forgotten but the electron is composed of particles even smaller." Here I stop and say, "This is my smallest." Then I take out a hammer and smash it and make it smaller still.

In the beginning there was not much. It was so teeny, tiny.

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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Drawing Outside of The Lines

I offer evidence that I can't draw worth a flip

Subatomic Structure With (n+1) Possibilities

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Saturday, October 16, 2004


"Some people like to go out dancing, other people like us we got to work."

Because I work on Saturdays, I had to get my slacker ass in gear to get to the store and home again and get this stew up so it would be ready when I got home tonight.

I can smell the stew already.

Getting Ready to Get Crocked

Salt and peppered.

Red and Raw and Ready

This red pepper is from my garden and it is fire engine red, burn your panties off, hot.

Red Hot

Can't wait to dig it.


I promise no more food snaps for awhile.

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Stew Jones

It started yesterday, the craving, the itch. I hadn't had some in a long time and I was missing it, missing it bad. And all I would really need is a little, all I would need is just a little taste to remember, just a little taste to remember how good it was. And if I was still remembering right, damn it was good.

I can smell the stew already.

Getting Ready to Get Crocked

Since yesterday Crockpot Stew has been circulating around in my head. I have been thinking about getting the Crockpot out, and then going to the store and with the upmost care selecting all of the secret ingredients. Lots and lots of stew meat, an obscene amount, pounds, several little baby new potatoes, a can or two of Campbell's cream of mushroom soup, and although I already have some, perhaps some fresh carrots, and then of course if you want you can add salt, freshly ground black pepper, garlic, onions and celery.

And last but not least there are the secret ingredients. I have been doing home grown herbs for several years. I have all kinds of little jars with this and that in them. In truth I have long forgotten what are in all the little jars but no one has died yet and it is just phun to put in a little pinch of this and a little pinch of that.

And then to take things over the top, something a little risque, a bit of the strange as they say. I thought I would make the first stew of the year more festive, A Zodiac Crockpot Stew. Who gnu?

I actually found this scorpion dead, near the basement enterance.  It is just a little early for the sign of Scorpio, but feck it.

Something for an 8 Legged Stew

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Feck Revisited

If I told you that I lay in bed this morning, laying in bed for some reason with only one sock on, in the bed with the fresh sheets, in the bed with the burr all about, watching from my large bedroom windows a blustering Fall wind rough up the leaves, watching the wind and the morning lights dance all about, watching and laying and daydreaming of feck, you could accuse me of lying. And in a very conventional sense you would be right.

While there is a word, feckless, which means useless, there is no word, feck. Fack, fick, fock, what the feck is going on here? Feckless but no feck.

But just because they say so need not stop us nay. Feck with abandon and none will deny. You can feck this and feck that and be very fecked about it. While only yesterday I was fecking and having a very good time. One if by land and two if by feck. And then of course you can feck in and feck out and just feck you.

I hope you didn't find the about excessive feckless, but when you are fecked up it's kinda hard to stop.

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Friday, October 15, 2004

The Story of Feck

Come hither with puck and feck the night away, where less is more. A little game, my game. Who would know or suspect? Who gnu? Few, probably less. Yes, yes, I know, feckless.

And this was my first blog and I was rather proud of it, because it was, and will forever be so different.

Get you to some feck and then you will know that yesterday will always be different from tomorrow. And in this difference you will find a way to today.

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Although there are still several outside windows partially opened from overnight, I just turned on the heater for the first time this year. There is that turned on the heater for the first time smell in the air and I am happy.

Wow!! I am already thinking about stews and soups and the snap, crackle, pop, of the fireplace.

All this and heaven too and I love it!!

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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Pappa Lord

I came across this blog and was touched. If you have a kind word for this lost soul it would be appreciated.

Why are there so many of us? The many are here to help.

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Cumming Country Fair & Festival

Cumming is a small town a couple of miles north of the burbs of Atlanta. Each year in the Fall almost anyplace in Georgia that is someplace has a country fair. The Cumming Fair this year was/is from October 7-17. I went Tuesday & Wednesday and on both occasions had a wonderful time.

Giddy up

Giddy Down

On both occasions as Plum and I were heading to the fairgrounds there was a lite drizzle in the air. But on both occasions, as if by magick or because God loves me, by the time we reached the fairgrounds the sky had somewhat cleared and the precipitation had stopped.

Pretty colors everywhere dancing in the darkness

Rainbow Colors to Delight

Each time that Plum and I went to the fair was perfect. There were always plenty of people about but we never had to wait long for anything. Parking was good. Admission was a snap. The live music venues were well attended but not packed. It only took us 10 mins. to get on the big ferries wheel. And there was food and this and that everywhere.

Plum had to have a funnel cake and this lady made Plum's with love.

Funnel Cake Lady

Everyone, each in their own little world, was having a wonderful time enjoying themselves. Each knowing that life was good and it was good to be alive.

Sitting on top of the world and yes loving it.

Riding High Again

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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

My Day

I listened to some music. There was one song that i listened to over and over and over again.

And yes I am one of the old ones.  I still have a snap, crackle, pop, stero, and I love it.

Summer in the Fall

And I got a little hungry and decided to do something on the grill.

I am still working on grilling.  I still can't match a good pan fried, medium rare.  All my grilled steaks cum out well done.  who gnu?


And then I remembered something my Mom told me. You can't just do meat.

It has only been since I have gotten older that I love my vegs.  Again, who gno?

Green is Good

And then I remembered again. I remembered that I was bad and needed, always needed, a good one, a little angel, to watch after my heart, my big heart, and yes it is beating, beating for you now, proud.

Please forgive me for being bad.  I can't seem to help it.  So many good and then me.  I will always need you near me.  I will always need your touch.  I will always need the good when I have been bad.

The Marriage of Good and Bad

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Cum & Gone

Yesterday was a good day. I returned stuff and bought more stuff. I had good things to eat and lots and lots and lots to drink. I played a little pool. I went to the Cumming County Fair & Festival – down home country fun. I pretended I was The Big Cheese and everybody seemed to let me have my way.

I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t take any snaps. It was rainy, yuck, and overcast early in the day and that put me off. I think if I am going to be the world’s greatest one-eyed gonzo digital photographer, that I have to start taking my camera with me more often.

And now yesterday has cum and gone and all I have are my fastly fading memories. Memories that are going, going, gone.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2004


And in the beginning after the crops and such had been harvested and whatever, it was a fertility ritual = Holy Weenie. But in time, perhaps to protect the overindulgent, the moniker was metaed, as in metamorphosis, into Halloween.

They are, and they are very proud. The pumpkins are cumming.

This is a snap near my mailbox, scarecrow and cosmos.


There are only 20 days left until Halloween and you don’t even have a costume yet. And no you can’t go as an Asswhole like you did last year. Get your slacker ass in gear. There is going to be lots and lots of good stuff out there and I want to make sure that you get your fair share.

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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Geopolitical Smack Down

I have watched part of the Presidential and Vice Presidential Debates and as usual I was left a bit limp, not excited about any of the candidates. I have very little faith in big government or politics so I guess it was to be expected.

However, the skinny is if you think things are great and getting better vote for Bush. If you think we should try something different, a vote for Kerry is a vote to at least try to change some things.

One of the primary issues in this election is terrorists, security, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Bush says things are going great. Kerry says things are a mess. Both candidates spout facts and figures to support their case and it can get somewhat confusing.

A quick way to determine what is really going on is to take it to the pit, where the hissing of the serpentine know no political allegiances, take it to the market. If you look at the markets for oil and gold they are both giving us a signal, the same signal. With oil hitting all time highs and gold busting through $400, these barometers of uncertainty are telling us that things are bad and are expected to get worse.

So if you are into bad and worse vote for Bush. If you want to try something different vote for Kerry.

Anyone but Bush

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Friday, October 08, 2004

A Good Thing

And while she slept she dreamt, a special dream, white horse and perfect. And he unsaddled and came her way. She was flush with hope, hoping that his words would not spoil the moment, for she had known so many fools. But not he, he was very proud. He came her way and sang to her heart. His words were special. He only had one thing to say but it was all she needed. When he spoke this is what she heard. "A woman is a good thing."

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The Adventures of Pot Head

He walks and talks and amazes the known universe - Pot Head.

The Adventures of Pot Head.  And yes I am completely nude.

Take Me To Your Leader

There are only 23 days before Halloween and you don't even have a costume yet. Get your slacker ass in gear. There is going to be a lot of free stuff out there and I want to make sure you get your fair share.

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Thursday, October 07, 2004


I am a one-eyed jack. There are only 2 one-eyes in the deck. I love it. Never used one-eyes before. Probably doing it wrong. The Jack of Spades and the Jack of Hearts. Yesterday I was the Jack of Hearts. I was a Jim Morrison, spy, in the house of love.

Actually, I am Dr. Robert D Snaps, the world’s best one-eyed, gonzo, digital, photographer. That is what I am suppose to be but sometimes its kind of hard to tell, like yesterday.

I had a great time yesterday but I, no, yes I did, I fucked up, a lot.

Nothing new, I was juiced up and sloppy. I was GTG, good to go.

I had trouble with my camera.  I got all these wonderful shots but they didn’t record.  I am, and perhaps will always be, a bonehead.

Juiced Up & Sloppy

They say it is easy. I tell you it’s no easy. It’s no easy when all your love is in ….it’s a trip man…vane/vain/vein.

I was stepping into it yesterday, a little bit of the darkness, a little bit of the phun. I was at least 12 X and maybe more. Like a butterfly I flitted, here and there.

I got a pedicure about 2-3 weeks ago.  It was phun.  Pretty in Pink


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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Who Gnu?

This brightly arrayed little Japanese Lantern was actually a caterpillar that I spied the other day cavorting on a limb of one of the flowering quinces I have along the side of my house near the driveway. I had never seen a little one like this before and I was very taken by the coloring and the intricate patterns. I quick to camera did go and snapped away. Little one was the perfect model, moving neither hair nor limb the whole time. I should have poked the little pretty just to see what it would do but I am a kind soul.

I wonder what resides inside?  -  There are only two mantras, said Bernard.  Yum and yuk.  Mine is yum.  p.46 Still Life With Woodpecker - Tom Robbins - 1980

Yuck Inside. Stay Away.

I wondered about the Darwinian attributes of the intricate patterns and coloring. To me the little lantern was irresistible, moth to the flame, but perhaps not to others. I suspect that the little one’s main predators are birds. Birds see things a lot differently than humans do. Perhaps the intricate patterns and coloring in bird language say something like, “Yuck inside. Stay away.”

Who gnu?

If you scroll down you will see that I had some phun with this snap. In the second offering I cropped and posterized the original. In the third I forgot what I did but it is the second offering distorted. It is not intuitive that the fourth offering is related to the first three, but the fourth is the third offering after applying an impressionist brush.

I have been processing snaps in the digital darkroom for about a year. We have all heard it over and over again that digital pictures are just large collections of, arrays of little dots, pixels. But only after some extended exposure does it occur to you that any offering can be changed into any other offering by just rearranging the pixels. Do a doodle, rearrange the pixels, pow The Mona Lisa.

Know this, we are all great artisans. Your every move and gesture unique, never before and never to be again. I t has taken over 4 billion years for what you do to happen. Thousands and thousands of gropings in the dark just so you could pen to paper put. Your every work unique and priceless. Do and do now, wondo, and know that the magick is always in the doing, never in the done.

So the next time you create something and someone else isn’t that crazy about it, fret not. Just tell them that they can create whatever they want out of it, all they have to do is an array transformation, rearrange the pixels.

Array transformation is actually at the heart of nanotechnology, except instead of rearranging pixels you rearrange atoms.

Who gnu?

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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Japanese Lantern

The two works below came from this Japanese Lanter Poster.

Symbol of a Happy Spirit

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Into Thyne Eyes

Just goes to show that things are not what they seem.

Sucked Into The Void

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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Happy October

Dreaming in Fall colors.

Dreaming in Fall Colors

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