Frêsh Fish

Monday, July 04, 2011


Irritation, data, information, knowledge, WISDOM.

I am groping for the ASCENSION.

THE ASCENSION comes to all in their own fashion.

To this end there is THE CORPUS, that which is left behind, mine, as many bodies adrift, long in neglect.

When this blog was first conceived it was called WORM WHOLE SIGMA. The thought was to establish an interrelated network of thoughts, the nexus between thoughts provided by hyperlinks.

As mentioned elsewhere, there was a flaw in this conception, or at least I deemed such.

However, now at (t+1), critical mass has been achieved. T'is for this faithful scribe to provide the touch.

Vulgo - spread around/among the multitude; publish| divulge| circulate; prostitute.

Vulgo II

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