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Monday, January 30, 2012

Rod Stewart - 1974

While being here and there and everywhere, I came across some exceptional YouTubes of a 1974 Rod Stewart concert. This is required reading. Yes, this will be on the final exam.

The footage here is amazingly well done. Both video and sound are of high quality. For a live performance Rod Stewart - Ron Wood - et. al. - do a once in a life time performance on almost every song. (Note - There is a cameo appearance by Keith Richards on "I Would Rather Go Blind".)

If possible do these videos full screen.

If for some reason you don't like the first few songs, do hit on "You Wear It Well" and "Maggie May".

This is a concert I wish Big Time that I had had the privilege of attending.

What follows is all that is left but with a little imagination you can be there.

It's All Over Now

Bring It On Home to Me

I Would Rather Go Blind


You Wear It Well

Maggie May

Quoi Faire

One of the things I do every now and then is follow the market. It is like Twitter and Facebook for The Big Dogs.

It's 7:57 AM EST. Stock market opens at 9:30 AM EST. But the futures are rocking and here is what's up. Actually in this case down.

DJIA INDEX 12,535.00 -79.00 07:35
S&P 500 1,303.30 -9.20 07:37
NASDAQ 100 2,439.75 -16.50 07:35

The skinny here is - "The euro edged back from six week highs and global stocks were lower on Monday as investors turned cautious ahead of more crisis talks among EU leaders."

They have been yanking on this European thing for months - market down - market up.

My call - Whatever negative effect this European uncertainty is having will be resolved by either doing something (low probability) or delaying action until some future date (high probability).

However it's packaged, there will be some down to the market followed by an all clear resume of current market rally.

It is so reassuring to know that you have a group of 20 year olds, using Excel spreadsheets, playing around with your retirement.

What is first and foremost here? For those that need a clue, it is not you.

Jamais Perdu

What a sad state of affairs. Fresh Fish with the stench of neglect, and this being the only sin.

It was a slow descent.

First the ability to have links to the archives was lost. Pity. For the more industrious there are some Big Fish in the archives.

Then the Search This Blog function stopped working. One of the new improvements of Google buying out Blogger.

The finally straw was when many of my pictures and background images for the Blog were banished by The Fall of Yahoo's something - I forget the name now. Not really banished, but I was storing my images on a Yahoo server somewhere, The Cloud, for free and they discontinued the service. Tant pis.

What luck that I am one of the very few who use alt tags with images. So now where there was once images there are secret message. Who gnu?

Yes I could have done things about this. I did not. So be it.

It is frustrating to those who create to develop a tool and then to find that its replacement does less.

This Ain't Rock and Roll. This is Genocide.