Frêsh Fish

Monday, June 25, 2012

Caetera Desunt

At any given time I am working on one or two super secret projects.  One of these Black Ops has to do with Milton’s – Paradise Lost.  What comes next is not The Secret of Paradise Lost itself, but interesting nonetheless.

Still among us.

Working on The Secret of Paradise Lost

In order to appreciate Milton’s – Paradise Lost you must know 2 things.

1.  Milton was a homosexual.
2.  Milton was pissed at being blind.

Several famous English intellectuals were homosexuals.  Two examples that come to mind are Sir Issac Newton and John Maynard Keynes.  To this list I add John Milton.

A good clue to John’s homosexual proclivity is that when he attended Christ’s College, Cambridge (1625 – 1632) he was called – “The Lady of Christ’s”.  Now that is a pretty good clue but there is more.

Milton married 3 times.  His first marriage to Mary Powell (1642) provides supporting evidence to the claim that John Milton was a homosexual.  Mary Powell grew bored with the life of a poet soon after the honeymoon was over and went back home and stayed there for 3 years.

Given that John Milton was a homosexual the interaction between Adam and Eve in Paradise Lost should be viewed with some caution.

Much tripe is written about how Paradise Lost is a veiled reference to The English Civil War – Oliver Cromwell vs. Charles I.  It is much more productive to read Paradise Lost in the light of an author who has gone blind. 

Milton’s eyesight was poor from an early age and in 1652 he went totally blind.  Paradise Lost was dictated between 1658 - 1663 and first published in 1667.  To one who thought he was working The Will of God, going totally blind must have come as a mighty blow, a Fall from grace, a Paradise Lost.