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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Thinking Makes My Head Hurt

A fundamental difference between man and other life forms is man's ability to expand his endowment via programming.  This programming is primarily done with language.

Most life forms are instinct driven.  While man certainly has instincts, he has the ability to add, change,  and/or adapt this endowment in a plethora of ways.

Y naught?

On the 7th Day He Rested

What follows is only tangentially related to the above.

While this is only an abstract -   A recent shift from polygyny to monogamy in humans is suggested by the analysis of worldwide Y-chromosome diversity. - to the initiated it should provide edifying entertainment.

Humanzee also makes interesting reading.

I found this interesting -

"Some older references will include Y as a match between gorillas, chimps, and humans, but chimpanzees (including bonobos) and humans have recently been found to share a large transposition from chromosome 1 to Y that is hot found in other areas."

Others many not.

Another point of interest was -

"Looking back millions of years into early human history, current research into human evolution tends to confirm that in some cases, interspecies sexual activity may have been a key part of human evolution. Analysis of the species' genes in 2006 provides evidence that after humans had started to diverge from chimps, interspecies mating between "proto-human" and "proto-chimps" nonetheless occurred regularly enough to change certain genes in the new gene pool:
A new comparison of the human and chimp genomes suggests that after the two lineages separated, they may have begun interbreeding... A principal finding is that the X chromosomes of humans and chimps appear to have diverged about 1.2 million years more recently than the other chromosomes.
The research suggests that there were in fact two splits between the human and chimp lineages, with the first being followed by interbreeding between the two populations and then a second split. The suggestion of a hybridization has startled paleoanthropologists, who nonetheless are 'treating the new genetic data seriously."

Take this Brother and may it serve you well.

Friday, August 10, 2012


Goodnight moonlight Ladies -

Greens & Blues Are The Colors I Choose


And for many Suns and with it its Moon, Master Phat waited for the return of His Master.

What to do until the arrival of The Master?

Up The Down Staircase

It was not written but received, He by his father, and His father by His.  Everything must be kept ready for The Return of The Master.  To have The Master return and be found lacking would be sacrosanct.

And in each life there is a waiting, a delay, an Act V – Scene V.  In each life there is a yen for the return of The Master.